Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

We used to take the main energy source the sun. And rightly so. However, the Earth’s enchanting the mysterious Moon is much closer to the planet, and therefore has on our bodies the stronger the impact.

She can take or give energy, enhance sexual desire, to give the joy of motherhood.

It is therefore not necessary to be cut and to expose the hair effects on the waning moon. This can badly affect health. The body will be forced to spend more energy to recover, and filling with energy difficult.

During growth of the disc the faster blood flows, metabolic processes are accelerated. This resulted in quick growth of hair.

Therefore, if the goal is to grow very long hair, it needs to get a haircut on the growing moon.

Moon in April 2017, growing from the first to the eleventh, then from 28 th to 30th. the full Moon is coming the 12th of April the new moon of the 27th.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2017 – hair

Perfect get a Perm done in the period of Virgo. This zodiac will give the hair the force to recover from aggressive chemicals. The hair will curl beautiful hair lose luster and elasticity.

In April, the maiden stays in lunar house the eighth and ninth numbers. No danger to the structure of this hair is not, therefore, to plan or Perm.

To abandon the «Khimki» have in the days of the power over the Moon Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius and Pisces.

In April, these unfavorable days are many:

• 13th,14th (Scorpio);

• third through fifth (Cancer);

• 20th, 21st (Aquarius);

• from 22nd to 24th (Pisces).

Mixed results will give a Perm, if the moon visits Leo. The sixth and seventh of April, the impact of «chemistry» may be too intense.

Remaining completely neutral. However, in such an important matter, such as chemical perms, you can only trust real professionals. No experiments! To restore burnt hair is very difficult.

the permed hair is very fragile, their structure is broken. In order not to aggravate the situation, you need to forget about the Hairdryer and dry your hair naturally.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2017 – hair coloring

Hair coloring is recommended in the growth period of the moon. The dye will lay down smoothly, won’t ruin the curls, and the color will turn out as close as possible to the desired. In April to paint you can freely 14 days, and the Moon in the middle month of spring grows twice.

It is impossible to hold staining in the 13th lunar day. The result is not the one I wanted. Other unfavorable for refreshing curls days:

April 2: increases the risk of unpleasant family or workplace conflict;

April 4: lower self esteem;

April 17: break emotional stability;

April 22: will it harm relationships with others;

April 26: will cause financial difficulties, conflicts.

Good days for painting in April, much more than bad. It is sufficient to carry out the procedure in any safe day, and the result is more than positive. However, if there is a need to change something in my life for the better, you can schedule the procedure with a specific «eye»:

April 5: natural dyes will help to remove a negative;

April 6: you can improve relations with the chief;

April 8: will attract cash flows;

April 11: repainted in dark colors, you can make yourself invisible to the negative energy;

April 13: light in color and reddish shades to help make up after a major argument, improve relationships with family, friends and colleagues;

April 16: natural dyes will help to achieve consensus with the business partners;

April 18: light shades will attract helpful people;

April 21: help to find work or like the head;

April 24: radically changing the hair color, you can attract money energy and enhance health.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

The haircut will turn out ideal, if you hold it in the days of the influence of Virgo (8th, 9th), Capricorn (18th, 19th), Taurus (27th, 28th), Twins (1st, 2nd), Weights (10-12). These Zodiacs will give the hair exactly the qualities that are needed: the splendor and Shine to weak hair, smoothness and gloss too airy and light.

Favorable days in April of 2017 are:

April 2: speed up the recovery;

April 3: enhance your intuition;

April 8: bring a good income;

April 9: will help to solve financial problems;

April 13: can dramatically change your life. So, if you are satisfied, to get a haircut on this day is not worth it;

April 14: increase the attractiveness, strengthen the respiratory system;

17 and 21 April: fill positive energy;

April 24: make a very charismatic;

April 25: may make life longer and healthy;

April 26: a short stylish haircut can completely flip your life;

April 28: will help the body to date.

April 29: attracts money.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

A negative impact on the haircut can have Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio. If they control the Moon, it is better not to risk and to postpone the date with a wizard the other day.

In April, the haircut should be abandoned:

• 25, 26 April (Aries);

• 20, 21 (Aquarius);

• 13, 14 (Scorpio).

Unfavorable from the energy point of view the following days:

April 4: can attract someone else’s negative energy;

April 6: bad influence on health;

April 10: which may lead to depression;

11, 15, 16, 27 (new moon) April: bad for health;

April 20: can ruin relationships with people;

On 22 and 23 April: will bring psychological discomfort;

April 30: a haircut can completely fail and it’ll ruin the mood.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2017 – conclusion

Lunar calendar is very important for hair care. Haircut, Perm or coloring in the «correct» day, which will deliver not only fun, but also to strengthen energy. Not by chance after a successful visit to the salon, the woman feels as if reborn, renewed and happy.