The lunar calendar haircuts for July 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

The hottest month of the year is favorable for haircuts.

But for female curls summer – time is difficult.

To the sun the hair is easy to fade, so the painting you should be very careful. Not to spoil the color and texture of the hair, you should use the advice of the lunar calendar haircuts.

The July Moon is growing from the first to the eighth, and then from 24 July to 31 July. During this period, you can get a haircut, hold strengthening and therapeutic procedures. The full moon occurs on the ninth of July, the birth of the new Crescent – 23rd July. The melting of the moon can be observed from the tenth through the 22nd of July. At this point you can cut loose tresses: the hair follicles will be strengthened.

The ninth of July, on the full moon, especially a good procedure associated with taking care of curls. The lunar day is under the sign of Capricorn, which means, you can freely plan any treatments, and to treat the hair. The result of the haircut, they will be strengthened, will grow faster.

The lunar calendar haircuts for July 2017 – hair

Perm hair are most favorable, when the Moon is in the house of Virgo. This zodiac sign will mitigate the stress experienced by the hair under the influence of chemical components of the dye. Romantic waves and bouncy curls will turn out exactly as dreamed, on 26 and 27 July.

But those girls, whose tresses resist chemical perms, it is appropriate to assign a procedure on the 23rd, 24th or 25th of July. During this period, the companion of the Earth passes through the zodiac Lion, which enhances the natural ability of hair to curl. With the growing of the lunar disk professional perms do not damage the structure of the strands.

If you have thin hair, split ends or porous, the result of «Khimki» in the days of Leo can be too strong and traumatic. Planning a Perm during this period, you strongly risk. To get rid of the bad treatments will not be soon.

Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius and Scorpio are extremely unfavorable for perms. The hair would lose its Shine and strength, will start to split and break.

It is impossible to carry out the procedure in these July days:

• the third, fourth, thirtieth, 31st (Scorpio);

• tenth, eleventh (Aquarius);

• 21st, 22nd (Cancer).

In July, the Fish and the Moon do not occur. Stars recommend to do a Perm first, 18th and 24th: experiments with waves and curls on the strands will strengthen positive energy, lift your spirits.

The lunar calendar haircuts for July 2017 – hair coloring

Because of the July heat staining of the strands may be unsuccessful. On a sun-scorched hair coloring pigment may look completely wrong, as usual. Paint can quickly slip away, to buy ugly and even unnatural hue.

Therefore, you should follow the General recommendations for the care of hair. First, plan on staining the growth period of a new moon. Second, follow the advice of the stars to achieve specific purposes. And how can a change of tone curls:

• first, the 30th of July will give confidence and increase the attractiveness;

• third, when painting in natural tones and normalizes the emotional background;

• fourth of July: the use of natural dyes to improve relations with the chief;

• fifth, 13th July: dyeing with natural dyes have a positive impact on professional activity;

• sixth of July: attract money;

• ninth, the dark curls «hide» from possible trouble;

• the tenth of July: return;spiritual balance

• the eleventh of July: light and reddish tones will improve relationships with people;

• 12 July: it is necessary to paint curls in a tone that seemed the best days of life. So you can attract positive past to correct or improve the situation of the future;

• 16th July: to attract the right connections;

• 17-e: increase the abundance, if painted in natural color;

• 19th: successfully staining a dark color. This will help to get a new job or to please the current authorities;

• 22nd: radical change color curls will strengthen health and will fill your purse;

• from 26 th to 28-th: recommended staining only with natural dyes. In this case, it is possible to avoid quarrels, troubles, improve the quality of the business.

The seventh of July thirteenth, the negative lunar day. It is important to avoid staining for the day. Not the best day for changing or updating the color of the tresses 15th, 20th, 24th, 29th, 31st. these days the procedure can have a negative impact on all spheres of life, reduce performance, to attract negativity.

The lunar calendar haircuts for July 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

Trimming or shearing in July is favorable for sprouting hair on a growing moon, and to strengthen – in the waning. Thus it is possible to regulate the growth of hair, improve their structure, affect the appearance.

To hair grow faster, you need to get a haircut during the period of the growing moon: from first to eighth from 24th to 31st July. If you want to keep short hair as long as possible, to be cut at the waning moon: from the 10th to the 22nd. these days it is useful to shorten the strands that have lost density and power: the roots will be strengthened.

The moon is passing through Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Libra, to ensure an excellent result of any haircut.

Book a treatment quite fearlessly in these July days:

• first, second, 28th, 29th (Libra);

• eighth, ninth (Capricorn);

• 23rd – 25th (Leo);

• 17-e 18-e (Taurus);

• 26th, 27th (Virgo).

Additionally you can take into account the advice of the stars to attract positive energy in different areas of your life.

Much success can be achieved on the following days:

• first, 30th July: aggravated intuition, so goals can be achieved very easily;

• the third of July strengthened health;

• fifth of July: increase of tonus and vitality;

• sixth of July: there will be additional profit;

• seventh, strengthen health, increase intuition, there is a simple way to improve financial Affairs;

• 11th: a good day for radical change. It is not necessary to get a haircut, if changes are desirable;

• 12-e: boosts immunity, strengthens the respiratory system, increases the attractiveness;

• 14-e 15-e 19-e: aktiviziruyutsya inflow of positive energy that can be directed to a solution to any problem;

• 16th-17th: health strengthens, increases credibility;

• 22-e: increases charm and charisma;

• 23rd: increasing life expectancy;

• 24-e: increase faith in their own strength. If haircut short, your whole life can change.

• 25th: updated energy of the whole body;

• 26th: guaranteed financial success;

• 28th: aktiviziruyutsya creativity;

• 29th: healed disease, increased inflow of money.

Haircut can completely change the fate, and therefore should be treated with this procedure. Hair accumulate vital energy, are a carrier of information about the state of the human body.

The lunar calendar haircuts for July 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

Unfavorable for haircuts and for hair care are the days of Pisces and Cancer. Therefore, you need to very carefully trim the hair on 21 and 22 July.

Mowing could negatively affect the state of Affairs in those days:

• second, 31st July: increases the overall negative background;

• fourth of July: deteriorating health;

• eighth, the mood worsens until a steady depression;

• tenth, 13th July: reduced immunity, could seriously deteriorate the health;

• 18-e: to spoil relations with family, colleagues, possible fights with random people;

• 20-e 21-e: catastrophically bad mood, mental health is at risk;

• 27th: it is likely that the haircut will be completely ruined.

July brings lots of opportunities for a change in fortunes. The moon will help to Orient in this abundance of happy chance, and to avoid annoying the collapse of hopes and plans.

Hair care healthy does not only do curls. Miraculously strengthened health, updated the body, increases immunity. The moon has a huge impact on the human body, it is therefore important to use the lunar energy to hair care.