Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

In June, the lunar disk will wither and gain weight in accordance with the cosmic laws.

And we will continue to care for the curls and strands of hair, totally unaware that the Moon has an impact on the results of salon treatments and home care.

Growing the disc in the first summer month will be from 1st to 9th and then from the 26th to the 30th.

On June 10 there will come a full moon and 25-second drive will practically disappear from the sky will come the new moon. Waning Moon reigns in the night sky from the 11th to 24th of June.

Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2017 – hair

Salon perms made with strong chemicals that harms the health of the hair, no matter how gentle nor was the composition. Therefore, after aggressive tresses can become lifeless, dull, ugly. The moon will help to choose optimal days for the procedure. Perms this period will allow to preserve the health and beauty of curls.

The most favorable period occurs during a meeting of the moon with the Virgin. When the disc is in this Zodiac sign, it is safe to plan a Perm in a salon – the result will delight, and hair will suffer minimal. The virgin dominates the sky at the beginning and the end of June: the first to the third number, and then the 30th and the 31st.

Unpredictable results may disappoint, and delight in the days of Leo. It is not excluded that the Perm will turn out too strong on 27 or 28 June. But if none of the «Khimki» does not take the hair rests on them, to curl should be in the «lion» days.

But in the period of Scorpio and Aquarius, Cancer and Pisces chemical processing is not necessary. Protection of hair these days is minimal, so the chemical components especially devastating effect on keratin hair protection.

Does not plan to «Khimki»:

• from the 6th to the 8th (Scorpio);

• 14th and 15th (Aquarius);

• 16th and 17th (Pisces);

• 25th and 27th (Cancer).

Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2017 – hair coloring

While the Moon grows, the coloring is completely safe for curls and gives predictable result. In June of opportunity to change the natural colour, or refresh already caused many a fashionista 14 days at the beginning and end of the month.

To unsubscribe from staining better on the thirteenth lunar day – this day in June 2017 falls on June 7. Color will be either too intense or completely not what I wanted.

A positive effect change the tone of hair on mood and fate in those days:

• 1st: will do, especially pretty, will return confidence;

• 3-e: natural color will improve the mood;

• 4-e 5-e 14-e 19-e: natural dyes will help to establish friendly contacts with the head, will help in solving business issues;

• 6-e: attract money energy;

• 9-e: the dark hair will help to avoid trouble;

• 11th: red tones, you should choose those who need to improve relations with relatives and colleagues;

• 12-UOM 13: days of magic. You can re-attract good luck, if to be painted in the color that you wore in the moments full of happiness and success;

• 16th: bright colors attract into your life the right people;

• 22nd: full image change to health and financial areas.

Unfavorable for salon and home coloring 24-e 30-Jun e : you can provoke conflicts and financial problems.

Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

Perfect haircut happens during the occurrence of the moon in the Zodiac Virgo (June 1 – 3), Capricorn (11 – June 13), Cells (21, 22 June), Twins (23, 24 June). Hair will be exactly the way you want: lush, or smooth, strict or Flirty-wild. Hair will lose luster, strength, beauty.

You should pay attention to the following June days:

• 1-e: enhance an intuitive understanding of a situation to achieve their goals the best and fastest way;

• 5-e: nourish life energy;

• 6-e 27-e: become a financial success, will help to gain a substantial profit;

• 7-e: improve health and financial situation;

• 11-e: good for those who need to completely change my life. Everyone else should think: do I need to change that suit?

• 12-e 13-e 16-e 17-e: favorable for health, enhances the attractiveness;

• 15-e 19-e, 26-e: attract positive energy;

• 22nd: give a lot of charm, charisma increase;

• 23rd: extend the life and strength;

• 24-e: short hair cut can completely change the life.

• 29th: will give inspiration for creativity;

• 30-e: will return health, attract financial energy.

Hair trimmed in the period of Leo will be thick. So if the curls greatly thinned out, cut them in lion lunar day. In June 2017, 27 th and 28 th day.

Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

Is to abandon the idea of cutting the hair in the period of Aries (18 – June 20) Aquarius (14, 15 June), Scorpion (6 – 8 June), Sagittarius (9, 10 June). The haircut will turn out absolutely not the life I wanted. Moreover, the scissors can ruin your hair and the curls will lose their power and beauty, will begin to behave in an unpredictable, fast, dirty and even break.

Adverse can be the effects of a haircut in those days:

• 2nd: will attract negative energy, destroy the plans and harmony;

• 4th: bad for health;

• 8-e 20-e 21-e: facing depression;

• 9-e, 10-e, 14-e, 25-e: adverse to health;

• 18-e: it can provoke quarrels.

Hair care should not only daily, but also reasonable. Do not neglect the advice of the lunar calendar. They will not only make your hair style perfect, but also to improve mood, relieve depression, regain physical and mental health, bring good luck.