Lost weight? Do the lift stretching the skin

Overweight prevents many women and how it is nice and happy when he leaves (through a tedious exercise or diets). Increases self-esteem, I want to sing and dance, but only as long as you carefully consider your body in the mirror. Stretching after weight loss skin SAG and appear unsightly creases, the body looks loose and is associated with jelly. How to be in this case? There are some tips and recommendations.

Correct lifting

First, it’s worth pointing out that if intentional weight loss (diet, sports or something else), you need to do everything with the mind. Weight loss should be slow, with the obligatory presence of exercise, so that the skin can recover its elasticity and return to its customary state.

Because the process of losing weight individual, to predict the number of kilograms of the past is impossible, and therefore very difficult to plan the load and the power. Of how to tighten the skin, if you managed to lose weight on more pounds than expected? Must adhere to the following rules.

  • Cream. Not going to convince them that corrective means will help 100%, but the benefits are there. They moisturize the skin and make it more elastic, its ingredients are (a great action produce vitamins A, E, and caffeine and aloe) are able to penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and increase the amount of elastin and collagen. In addition applying a cream is a gentle massage that positively affects the skin.
  • Scrub. Regular use is mandatory, the optimal number – twice a day, this will allow the skin to recover faster due to exfoliation and removal of dead skin particles. In turn, this process will stimulate the growth of new cells. As a basis we can take natural ingredients such as brown sugar, crushed grape seeds, coffee (leftovers after cooked) and even sea salt.
  • Food. Healthy diet – healthy skin and well being. Some foods retain the elasticity of the skin (water), others increase the amount of elastin and collagen (group of fermented milk products). Everything else necessary consumption of greens, seafood and ingredients that are rich in protein (nuts, salmon).
  • Massage. It can be done at home and you can visit a specialized salon. There are two types of procedures: facelift (removes toxins and tightens the skin) and anti-cellulite massage (relieves not only unsightly orange peel, but also oxygenates the skin and restores its tone). Also in the salon you can use the stimulation means based on therapy current.
  • Sport. It is recommended everywhere. Daily exercise is beneficial not only affect the skin but also on the General condition of the body, the muscles and wellbeing. It is best if training takes place under the guidance of an experienced coach who is aware of the problem and will be able to adjust the load on certain body parts. The most effective classes are those where you use dumbbells, Hoop, swings a press and performed the exercises in aerobics. Excellent tool for tightening will be swimming.

Only full and regular complex of the above tips is able to produce significant results. However, according to doctors, these complex works in the case of minor alviani skin and only if it is still elastic enough.

There are situations when the person significantly loses weight and his skin is not able to recover to the desired extent in this case, you may have to resort to abdominoplasty is the removal by surgery hanging wrinkles (most often performed in the abdomen). This method is an extreme measure and no serious evidence to use it is not worth it.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna