Long-term blow – a fashion trend and a seasonal necessity

In the coming season, the coincidence of 2 factors make long-lasting styling one of the most important trends «autumn-winter». First, the traditional weather conditions and the need to wear hats do not leave a chance to the root volume, and «sleek» head is not for everyone. Secondly, fashion trends 2014, demand is voluminous hairstyles.

How to survive the autumn-winter bad weather without compromising fashion image will tell the stylists of the center of beauty of the Noble Manor.

Of course, you can resort to the help of styling products, but, unfortunately, with sleet and other weather disasters will cope not all of them. In addition, conventional styling always takes time, skill and constant availability of the hand tools themselves.

In this case, comes to the aid of a long-term styling, or carving. It is based on the same means, by means of which the Curling of the hair, instead of curls, the stylist will give Your hair the desired alternative shape. Just imagine: what would be the snow You miss, what sport do, You will just slightly loosen the hair and it will turn out as expected without any hair dryers, Curling irons, mousses, gels, etc.

The most fashionable in the coming year be long-term options for styling, giving the hair:

  • Extra volume at the roots
  • Soft waves along the entire length
  • Partly wavy texture.

The best tool for carving can be considered a composition for biological iron. Unlike chemicals it will not harm the hair will change their color and structure. Another nice bonus of biokavango is the solution to the problem of fine and thinning hair. For some women is a real lifesaver. You will not only get rid shining through the sparse hair of the scalp, will be able to attach the missing volume to the hair, but also able to undergo hair treatmentwithout fear that after the treatment, the head will look awful.

Of course, creating spectacular dolgovremennoi stacking requires skill and professionalism of the stylist. In our beauty centre we use unique techniques and special stylers to give your hair the desired shape. If You want to wear my hair like the picture of fashion magazine, please contact the experienced beauty of the Noble Manor, and even then inclement weather will not spoil any plans or mood.