Linseed hair mask at home with mustard, egg yolk, lemon. Recipes hair masks with linseed oil

To treat the hair suffering from the constant drying, styling, sun’s ultraviolet rays, you need to regularly. Flaxseed oil is a great base for homemade masks. They can be used to solve various hair problems, from dryness of the ends before rolling.

Useful properties of Flaxseed oil for hair

Composed of linseed oil – a lot of useful substances to the body. This primarily unsaturated fatty acids and essential vitamins: folic acid, Niacin, thiamine, choline. Flax oil deposited on hair shafts, restores their structure, and when rubbed into the scalp treats hair follicles.

Applying linseed hair mask at home, it is possible to solve various complex problems.

• Eliminating dryness and brittleness after a botched dye-aggressive chemicals. Folic acid smoothes damaged hair shafts, deeply hydrating the strands, and choline seals broken fragments, giving the hair a well-groomed appearance.

• Split ends on long hair due to the fatty acids. It restores structure of hair shafts, prevents their separation, makes smooth.

• Early graying. This unique quality, relevant to many girls after 30 years, gives Flaxseed oil Niacin.

• Dandruff and itching. Vitamins restore skin health, so after the hair mask with linseed oil disappear the symptoms of oily seborrhea.

To get the maximum benefit from the procedure, you need to correctly prepare and apply a nourishing composition.

Rules for the preparation of homemade masks for hair with flax oil

Natural linseed oil and other components that are included with homemade masks, are perfectly safe for hair. This is the advantage of such cosmetics compared to the store. But to mask acted, it must be applied according to certain rules.

• Since there are no preservatives, keep the solution is impossible. The remnants of the mask after application will be discarded.

• Prepared the mixture, apply to hair immediately after mixing.

• Flax oil oxidizes rapidly, deteriorates. This product cannot be used. If the oil has changed color, odor, a bitter, it’s ruined.

• Heat mask, which is honey or egg, it is impossible. The healing quality of honey when exposed to high temperature are lost, and the egg just rolled.

• For mixing the composition using a glass or ceramic bowl. Aluminum in the mixture are oxidized.

Flaxseed oil is very capricious. After opening the package it can only keep in a dark cool place, that is on the shelf of the refrigerator. Constant in the light or warm the oil becomes unfit for 2-3 days.

Rules of applying the hair mask with linseed oil

Proper application will enhance the healing properties of a hair mask with linseed oil. Do not neglect them if you want to get the result.

• Don’t do the mask more than 1 time per 7-10 days. Otherwise the hair will look dirty or oily.

• Apply mask to dry dirty hair. So it can penetrate deep into the scales of the hair rods, soak them, and will act better. In addition, with wet hair, the mask will drain, dirty clothes, and will not bring benefits.

• After application of make warming compress: wrap the head with foil, then a thick towel or an old handkerchief, scarf. The heat enhances the benefits of any oil mask.

• Keep it on hair for more than 40 minutes makes no sense. All the active components of the mask give for half an hour. With the exception of the compositions created from only the burdock and castor oils. They can be kept longer, up to hours.

After the procedure, rinse the mask uhodom regular shampoo. Apply the product on the hair type and gently Pat the strands. Do not RUB or twist them with a towel so as not to damage the structure. Dry naturally in air without using a dryer, otherwise lost the whole point of the procedure: the hair is again injured.

Recipes flax hair masks

Flax oil can be combined with honey, herbal infusions, other oils, dairy products, fruits, to treat brittle, weak strands. Linseed hair mask at home act instantaneously, but for long-lasting results, make at least 7-10 treatments.

With the yolk

A wonderful revitalizing effect gives a combination of flax oil and a raw egg yolk. Fresh chicken yolk suited to care for curls of any type.

• Mask: 3 table. tablespoons of flax oil, 3 table. tablespoons fresh lemon juice, cruisy yolk. Beat the components with a mixer until obtaining a lush mass with air bubbles. Apply on the roots and curls on all length. Keep no more than 15 minutes, so as not to overdry roots. If the scalp is irritated, citric acid will increase the burning sensation, so choose another recipe to nourish hair.

• The mask for fast hair growth: mix two egg yolks with 3 table. spoons of Flaxseed oil, whisk with a fork until smooth. Brew a tablespoon of fresh mustard powder two or three tablespoons hot water until a state of pulp. Add the mustard to the mixture and stir. Massage with gentle strokes in the roots, then massage into hair.

• Mask for dry, split ends: two egg yolks, 3 table. tablespoons of Flaxseed oil, two tablespoons of brandy of good quality. Mix the ingredients. Apply the mixture to the ends first, then the strands.

With cosmetic oils

For hair restoration are used burdock oil and castor oil. If you mix them with linseed oil and add extra ingredients, turns out great strong and effective tool that accelerates ROS and regeneration of hair.

• Mask against hair loss: 2 table. spoon of oil of flax and burdock pour into a bowl. Grate half a large onion. A piece of white bread soaked in four tablespoons of milk, then mash. In oil-based send bread and onion paste, and stir. Thick paste apply first to the scalp, rubbing the follicles, then the strands. Bow burns, so keep the mask no longer than fifteen minutes.

• The mask for fast hair growth: a tablespoon of dry mustard, 3стол. spoon of oil of burdock and linen, table 3. tablespoons heavy cream, preferably homemade. Mustard zaparte boiling water to state of pulp, leave for five minutes. Mix ingredients, apply the mask on the roots and curls.

• Nourishing, restoring smoothness and elasticity mask: 3 table. tablespoons of base oils (burdock plus flax) warm over the steam from boiling water. add one pharmacy capsule of vitamins E and A. First, RUB oil on the roots, then massage into hair using a comb with frequent teeth.

• Mask for active hair growth with tincture of red peppers: 3 table. spoon burdock oil and Lina, 2-3 table. tablespoons of the tincture (available at pharmacies). The composition can be applied only on the roots, so as not to burn the tips. Keep no more than fifteen minutes.

• Mask for very dry, lifeless hair with glycerin: 3 table. tablespoons of Flaxseed oil, the same of castor oil, 2 table. spoons of glycerin, raw egg yolk, two dessert spoons table 9% vinegar. Whisk, apply on the roots stretch along the entire length.

• Mask for dry, dehydrated hair lacking luster: 2 table. tablespoons wheat germ grind in a blender or a mortar, pour in 4 table. spoons of castor and linseed oil. Carefully RUB into the roots, then pull through the hair. Keep fifty minutes.

• Deep cleansing, stimulating the growth of hair mask: mix half a Cup of yogurt with 2 table. tablespoons of flax oil and same quantity of castor oil. Thoroughly massage into the follicles, treat hair.

Masks with fruits

Vegetable acids and vitamins found in abundance in fruits, help to restore health to dry, damaged curls. Hair mask with linseed oil and apricots, kiwi, grapes, avocados not only give beauty, but also return the youth: they have a lot of antioxidants.

• After restoring «Khimki» and the hair-mask: transform into a puree pulp of two apricots, mix with 2 table. tablespoons of flax oil and a raw egg yolk. Apply only to damaged strands, careful not to touch the roots.

• Mask for oily hair: large ripe kiwi crush them with a fork, add half a Cup of kefir or yogurt and 2 table. tablespoons of Flaxseed oil. Apply on the roots and curls.

• Mask to preserve color and nutrition coloured hair: crush a bunch of grapes to get 4 table. spoons juice. Mix the juice with 3 table. tablespoons of flax oil and a raw egg yolk.

• Universal mask for treatment of the roots and strands, restoring smoothness and Shine: 5 tbsp of the flax oil and the same of castor oil, a dessert spoon of liquid honey (you can melt), pulp of one avocado, mashed to puree. All mix, apply the mixture on the onions, spread on the hair.

Linseed hair mask at home is a simple and quick way to beauty without unnecessary costs and health risks.