Lighten hair with the help of spices

We all know that spices are used in cooking to make a dish of original flavors and give it an attractive appearance.

Many people know that spices are also used in medicine.

However, not everyone knows that with the help of some spices can change the color of the hair, for example osvetli them a few shades. And if in ancient times, spices were a truly unique product that is valued higher than gold, today home procedure clarification they will help you for almost free.

Brightening spices

All of you must have heard about such classic spices like vanilla, cloves, turmeric, saffron, rosemary, cinnamon, etc. Three of these will help you to lighten hair before she fires from the use of harmful purchase products. Want to know what spice is capable of doing?

To spice the clarifiers are: cinnamon, turmeric and saffron. Cinnamon can not only make blonde hair lighter two shades – it still washes well faux paint, giving the strands a natural color. Turmeric and saffron will suit girls with light brown head that want to brag to your friends curls straw-honey hue.

Cinnamon – clarifier strands and harmless cleanser

Let’s start with the main color of cinnamon. This spice is made from the bark of an evergreen tree that belongs to the Lauraceae family. The finished product is a stick is a bundle of several (6-10) layers of thin inner bark. However, the European market is the cinnamon most often comes not in the form of sticks, and already ground. This spice is widely used in the manufacture of confectionery products (bear in pastries, chocolate). It is used in the production of alcoholic beverages, tea, etc. And it is popular not only today. Cinnamon has been popular, even with 2700 BC, And in 1566 in Ceylon was even introduced «brown tax», under which all representatives of the stronger sex upon reaching 12 years were collected annually 28 kg of spice. In the end, the norm has increased to 303 kg/year.

Well, we’re not boys, who lived in Ceylon in the sixteenth century, on which lay the mission: to collect a mountain of spices. Our goal is to get a bag of ground cinnamon and start bleaching. To dark blonde curls lightened a few shades, you need to prepare the mask from the following ingredients:

cinnamon — one mask you will need 2 tbsp of powdered spices;

— honey (3 tbsp) – you need only natural product (if you have already bought a good med, but it has thickened, it is possible to melt the sweetness in a water bath);

— hair conditioner – use a proven favorite products to which the hair used to take about 7 tablespoons of balm.

Let’s talk about how to prepare the mask. Mix together cinnamon and honey in a glass container. Stir these two ingredients need to the time until the honey fully incorporates cinnamon. Then to the mixture add the conditioner, and again, all this well mixed. Lightening the vehicle is ready. This mask is also used for washing old paint from any type of hair.

Spread the cinnamon-honey mask over the entire length of the curls with a brush to paint the hair, then roll the strands. The hair is not broke, you can grab the bun at the base of the silicone rubber. Then put the cap and wrap head with a towel. About 40 minutes later, a towel along with a hat or a bag of polyethylene can be removed. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to wash off. Still have three hours to delay bathing of the head.

Note: your remaining hair the tiniest bit of spice is easy to comb massage brush.

Attention: please be reminded that this mask can only lighten brown hair, including dark shades. Brown hair or brunette, most likely, will suffer failure in the lightening of the strands. In the best case, changes will come, but they will be hardly noticeable.

do not use the above-mentioned mask more often than once in two weeks.

Honey color due to the saffron

Even today saffron is expensive spice. It is normal that he is not worth a penny, because to produce one pound of spice this classic will need 200 thousand flowers of saffron seed. As the price of saffron is very high, many market substitutes. For example, safflower (wild or American saffron) and turmeric (Indian saffron). But if safflower is primarily used as a harmless yellow or red pigment, turmeric is not only a dye but also a great spice.

If you have the opportunity to buy real saffron, you should try to lighten dark blonde hair with it, giving curls noble gold or honey color. Can’t afford to spend money on saffron, buy substitutes, such as the safflower.

Be careful today under the guise of saffron often try to sell it to safflower, which is cheaper, is inferior to the first in coloring properties and has no pronounced flavor.

Thinking out loud: when confronted with the cheating it is a little sad that now the fake saffron is not buried in the ground and do not burn, as it did with a dodgy offenders in Germany.

So, in order for the hair to lighten, and received a beautiful and long lasting shade, it is in your interests to look for saffron. Besides, they not only transform the locks. Saffron can be applied as a preventive measure against cancer and prolonged depression.

I now proceed to the preparation of the clarifier of saffron:

1. Take a few tablespoons of herbs and place them in a pan pre pouring her two glasses of water.

2. Place a container on the stove and bring the water and saffron to a boil.

3. Set aside the broth for 20 minutes – let marinate.

4. Strain the liquid and soak it in clean hair.

5. Wear a head cap and a towel.

6. Rinse your hair with shampoo after 30 minutes.

To improve the result: the broth will be more useful if you add the saffron chamomile.


To change the color of the strands is easy with a decoction of turmeric. It is the same as the clarification agent from the saffron. The reason why it is better to buy turmeric – inexpensive cost of the latter. Minus the lightening means of cheap spices – not always possible to paint hair in a noble mild flavor. Because of turmeric, you risk to turn into a yellow chicken.

Interesting: some girls are afraid to use turmeric for coloring strands since read that it is used for products that slow the hair growth on the body. First, no serious research about what this spice slows the growth of hair, was carried out. Second, to say goodbye to unwanted vegetation women try not using the decoction of turmeric – they use a thick mask made from it.