Lemon mask for skin and hair – centuries-tested natural remedy. How to make a mask with lemon juice?

Beautiful hair has always attracted admiring glances. Have them every woman dreams. Lack of vitamins, various internal diseases, effect of heat and cold cause them to dry and dull.

Also, not the best way on the appearance of the affected hair wash modern shampoos, use of hair dryer and Curling iron for styling, as well as frequent colouring.

What should our hair in order that they glistened, were not brittle, not confused and did not have split ends? The answer is obvious — proper care. And this does not mean that you need to constantly visit beauty salons.

To care for hair at home, using simple and affordable means to strengthen hair. One of them — lemon mask, positive impact on the scalp and hair. About it and speech will go.

Mask with lemon juice — an invaluable benefit

The benefits of lemon know almost everything. One of the most popular exotic fruits we used to eat with tea, coffee, to use as a spicy addition to dishes.

Lemon, thanks to its composition of substances, beneficial effect on the skin hair. The lemon is a lot of organic acids, pectin, volatile, carotene, flavonoids, vitamins (including vitamin C) and other substances.

Lemon, when used as a mask, stimulates the growth of hair. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, effective in fighting infections of the scalp.

Lemon juice is a great source of vitamin b and C and also phosphorus, without which it is impossible to imagine a lush and healthy head of hair.

The benefit of using the lemon as a healing hair products is unquestionable. The use of lemon allows you to:

• to get rid of dandruff

• strengthen hair roots

• less skin to produce fat making the hair greasy

• strengthen the strands and make them resistant to external damage

• to receive the gloss and density

Lemon juice, usually used independently. But for greater effect, it can be used in combination with other natural products.

Effective lemon recipes masks for skin and hair

1. To make a decent mask based on lemon easy: mix freshly prepared lemon juice with water (in equal proportions). RUB your scalp and do not forget to handle the strands. But don’t dip in a mixture of the tips of the hair. They can posesja.

2. Honey, lemon juice, olive oil. This mixture will nourish your hair with nutrients, making them strong, soft, manageable.

Connect the honey — the most valuable product (4 tablespoons) with a tablespoon of mitigating scalp with olive oil. Mix. Add to the mixture the juice of half a lemon. Mix well again and put it where it’s dark for half an hour.

Use the mask only on clean, slightly dried and combed hair. Apply it evenly, wrap your head with cellophane and top with a towel. Keep healing composition about half an hour, after which all rinse with shampoo and water.

With regular use (at least 1 time a week) after a while you will be happy with the result.

3. Egg, lemon juice. Composition of 2 fresh eggs, a few drops of castor oil or burdock, which there are in the house, and the juice of half a lemon removes dandruff, improves blood circulation.

Mix all ingredients of the recipe and apply (rubbing movements) mixture on the scalp. Then wrap your head with cellophane and towel and keep for half an hour. In the end, rinse.

4. If you need not only to strengthen, but to lighten hair a couple of shades, apply this mask: combine half Cup of yogurt with 1 egg yolk. Mash and add to the mixture 2 tablespoons of vodka or brandy, a little shampoo and the juice of half a lemon. All mix well and apply as a mask.

In order to avoid too acidic smell can lightly grease the hair does a small amount of lavender oil.

5. To strengthen and give hair silky it is possible to prepare a mask, which in addition to lemon juice includes onion paste and vegetable oil (preferably burdock).

All of the components, taken a tablespoon, stir, apply the mixture on hair and wrap as usual and after half an hour rinse. In conclusion, rinse the head with water and vinegar.

6. Mask for oily hair removes excess fat, makes hair soft, pleasant to the touch. Combine lemon juice with honey and aloe juice, taken 1 tablespoon. Add the mixture of yolk (one), a strong decoction of oak bark.

All mix well and apply the mixture for half an hour on the scalp, and wrap the top with cellophane and a towel. Everything then rinse with shampoo and water and follow with an application of balm.

7. If you suffer from a strong loss of hair, use a proven method: prepare the decoction of burdock (2 tablespoons plant per Cup of boiling water). Add to the strained solution of a half Cup of fresh lemon juice. Before you wash your hair, massage thoroughly into the hair roots with this mixture and leave for half an hour, as usual, wrapped his head.

Use mask regularly and after a time you sweep, as the itching decreased, strengthened the roots and stop hair loss.

8. Nourishes and strengthens dry hair maskmade from castor and peach oil combined with 1 tablespoon combined with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on dry hair rubbing movements for half an hour before shampooing.

9. In case of partial baldness helps regular use of masks, which includes vodka (100 ml) and lemon juice (3 tablespoons). Connect the two components, allow to infuse in a sealed container for at least a week, then use as directed.

10. To treat oily hair , use for two months a mask of lemon juice and henna. To start, prepare a mixture of henna and water in the ratio 1:2.

Then, add the lemon juice and low-fat nourishing cream. The proportion should be such: 1:2:5, i.e. one part of the solution of henna, two parts lemon juice, 5 parts of cream. Mix well and massage directly into the hair roots.

Use the mask 1 or 2 times a week.

11. For all types of hair suitable mask with lemon juice cabbage, celery and spinach. This remedy strengthens hair, gives them the opportunity to grow faster, but also eliminates dandruff.

To prepare the mask, grind all the ingredients first, and squeeze the juice. Then mix all the components, taken in equal parts and add a little lemon juice (a teaspoon).

RUB a mixture into the scalp. Keep the mask, wrapped, for at least 40 minutes. After that rinse.

13. To hair was obedient and easier to fit in a hair apply rinse with lemon juice. 1 crush the fruit, squeeze the juice, stir in a liter of water.

Treat hair strained solution after shampooing. Ease of laying and Shine you provided!

Lemon mask to lighten hair

Lemon — 100% natural product, so when used correctly the bleaching will only benefit. To lighten hair every time after washing rinse strands with a solution of water and lemon juice or use the simple recipe of a mask described above.

As a result of regular treatments the hair will have a natural beautiful color and Shine, become soft and silky, it will smell nice.

However, do not forget that frequent lightening hair with lemon juice can cause dryness. Everything is good in moderation.

Some tips on lightening:

• Immediately before the procedure do not wash your hair with shampoo and do not use any synthetic hair products.

• If you wish to lighten the entire head — apply lemon juice on the hair. If your goal is to achieve the effect of dyeing, treat the individual strands.

• In the summer after clarification, stay in the sun, and in winter after the procedure, just cover your head.

• Lemon rinse the mask with warm water and soap, finishing the process of balm-conditioner.

• Use lemon as a natural tonic for already colored hair. Thus, you saturate the colour treated strands, will achieve a small clarification, prevent hair breakage.

Lemon mask for skin and hair: contraindications and precautions

Lemon is a useful product, which is composed of masks beneficial effect on the scalp and hair. But it is not without its own contraindications, which should not be ignored.

1. Lemon juice is a large number of biologically active substances. It can cause thermal burn of the head. And the hair is wrong when using lemon masks can become brittle, dry and lifeless. Therefore, apply the mask with lemon juice if you have:

1. oily hair

2. dandruff

3. frequent staining

4. normal hair type

Lemon is contraindicated when:

1. very dry hair

2. split the strands

3. the presence of fresh wounds, scratches

4. individual intolerance of the product

5. allergies to citrus fruits

However, do not be discouraged if you can’t use a lemon mask. Add a few drops of lemon juice in the usual means, or rinse hair after washing and a light lemon solution.

General recommendations when using lemon masks for skin and hair

Certainly, lemon, part of remedies for hair with regular use works wonders. But in order for your efforts not were in vain, follow some of the recommendations:

1. If you are the owner of dry hair, the masks always add fat components. This can be sour cream, cream, vegetable oil.

2. Do not leave the mask with lemon juice at night. Rinse it before you sleep. Also ensure that the hair does not remain the pulp of the fruit. While drying your hair will look unsightly.

3. If instead you use lemon essential oil, do not forget once a week to wash my hair all the special shampoo.

4. You should not get too carried away with masks based on lemon juice, if you want to keep your natural hair color. Remember that lemon lightens.

5. In addition to masks on your scalp, use lemon inside. But be aware that lemon is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

6. What is useful to one is harmful to another. Before applying any of the masks check how your scalp reacts to it, causing a small amount of product on hand.

7. When using lemon mask for colored hair is recommended to reduce the time of incubation of the mixture and not to do the procedure too often.

8. To the lemon masks add only fresh food.

9. Use lemon mask for oily hair 1 every three days, for normal — 1 time a week.

If you wish to achieve a stable result, then apply lemon mask to the scalp and hair consistently. And, of course, choose only one that suits your hair type.