Learning how to dry hair

Every girl would like to have strong and shiny hair without split ends. For that, you should pay special attention not only to wash, but with subsequent drying of the hair.

The hair is dried in two main ways: natural and with a hair dryer. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so one cannot say that any of them is correct.

Drying hair with a hair dryer

Do not dry the hair all wet, first blot them with a towel.

Lightly comb the hair with a comb, not a comb, so they don’t escape and get hurt.

Then gently separate the hair into strands and proceed to drying. Dry them with a Hairdryer from roots to ends, lifting. To do this, take a round brush, which will add a noticeable Shine to hair. Most hair dryers have different nozzles, so select one that is suitable for this procedure.

Most hair dryers include a function of how hot air and cold. You can use them.

Do not dry the hair until completely dry, leave them a little wet.

Keep the Hairdryer at a distance of 8 cm from the head, even better to tilt your head to the side or down so that hot air is less affected on the scalp.

For dry, colored and thin hair it is better to use a low temperature dryer.

Drying hair without a Hairdryer

Hair without additional devices can be dried in several ways: towel, fingers and outdoors. Not to say that this method best because to leave wet hair in the wind or under the scorching sun is not recommended.

If drying your hair with a towel, the first is to wet them, but not spinning to prevent breakage, and then tightly wrap. Use a towel, pre-heated the iron or on the battery, and change it as wet. If you cannot dry your hair until the end of the towel, use a Hairdryer.

Dry the hair well with your fingers. Pre-dry them a little with a towel and then in a fast tempo to pass through the fingers. This method will help to quickly dry the hair and give it volume. It is considered to be simple, convenient and, most importantly, safe.

Do not dry hair under the sun, it will make them brittle and split. Also avoid drying the hair, winding them on hair curlers to sleep. Wet hair combing is not recommended, wait for them to dry.

Every woman prefers your method of drying hair. If I had to wash her hair before going out, you can use a Hairdryer to quickly put. In another case, drying hair naturally is preferable, because it will not injure the hair and scalp.