Learn how to care for oily hair

Any hair require correct and careful maintenance. But especially in need of greasy hair, as by the evening after the morning wash they become groomed appearance. Experts say that you need quite a bit of effort to dry hair became beautiful, shiny and healthy.

Oily hair: causes and consequences

Holders of this type of hair know that oily hair is a consequence of the fact that the scalp actively produces sebum. It may depend on what you want:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • wrong functioning of the endocrine system;
  • oily skin;
  • a disturbance in the metabolism;
  • poor diet or antibiotics;
  • stress and any bad habits;
  • adolescence and so on.

But if you don’t find at any one of these reasons, and the hair quickly becomes too greasy, it is a reason to go to the doctor.

Care for oily hair

Most people, seeing that the hair is often dirty, try to clean them as often as possible. Previously, all the experts claimed that it is harmful and thus hair quickly becomes greasy, but now it came to the opposite opinion – it is better to have a clear head than to go unkempt.

There are a few rules wash oily hair and scalp:

  • wash your hair as pollution;
  • remember that hot water increases the production of sebum, therefore it is better to use warm water;
  • before the actual washing, brush your hair, thereby removing the accumulated dirt and dandruff;
  • shampoo is best applied on the scalp and hair;
  • after shampoo rinse the hair thoroughly to prevent the oil film from its residuals.
  • dry your hair naturally, using the dryer only in extreme cases.

Modern cosmetic industry produces a large number of shampoos for oily hair type. But do not choose him based on advertising, read the composition. If you choose the wrong shampoo, then from the problem to get rid of will not succeed.

Pay attention to the shampoos that are transparent, white, yellow. As is known, the presence of brightness means a harmful and sometimes dangerous dyes and other preservatives. Shampoos for such hair type needs be sure to include natural and herbal ingredients – herbal extracts, algae, zinc and vitamins A, C and K.

In addition, oily hair and often have a «satellite» – dandruff. In this case, the presence of tar, zinc, or sulphur will be a determining factor when choosing a detergent for the hair. Do not buy these shampoos where there is silicone, which will give excess fat to hair.

Care of oily hair with folk remedies

  • rinse hair immediately after washing with infusion or decoction of chamomile or mother and stepmother;
  • dissolve a tablespoon of mustard in 1 liter of water and rinse your hair;
  • use to wash your hair with eggs: beat one egg, apply your head and hair. After 10 minutes rinse with the following composition: shavings of baby soap mixed with boiling water, drain and pour alcohol or Cologne;
  • mix yolks two eggs with two tablespoons of honey, apply on hair and head and rinse after a couple of hours, but better to leave overnight for optimum effect.

Applying these simple rules, and getting rid of bad habits and improper nutrition can make your hair beautiful and healthy.