Leading beauty experts shared the secrets of female beauty

Famous beauticians and makeup artists shared the secrets of how conventional cosmetics — lipstick, eyeshadow, blush replaced by other, primenyaemye women a completely different purpose.

  • Sweet lips

Famous Hollywood makeup artist Joanna Slip working with models and Actresses revealed the secret of the care of their lips instead of lipstick she put them on dry packaged juice. This «lipstick» long lasting, moisturizing and they create the effect of berry lips.

  • Dtodoran and T-zone

Joanna also recommends that in hot weather instead of matting napkins deodorant. And on the T-zone to cause the solid talc-free deodorant. Warns makeup artist: daily resort to this method impossible.

  • Natural beauty

Interesting way of makeup offered makeup artist Bobby brown: she admitted she was used my mother’s lipstick and blush, and then washed them. Thus was created the effect that she painted. Such a minimum may create the effect of natural beauty.

  • Chapstick as makeup base

Is chapstick can be applied not only on lips but also on the eyebrows. Thus, instead of a special gel to lock the hairs making the brow smooth and even.

  • Lip gloss as eye shadow

As it turned out before fashion shows makeup artists instead of the shadows applied lip gloss. Lip gloss can also be replaced lipstick hygienic, the main thing – do not get in eyes.