Lavender essential oil – useful properties and applications. How to use lavender essential oil in cosmetics.

Surely you heard something about essential oil of lavender. But can you answer, where applicable lavender oil than it’s valuable and how to use it? In the above and a number of other equally interesting questions regarding essential oils of lavender you will find answers in this article.

Preparation and properties of lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is in inflorescences of herbaceous plants of the family Yasnotkovyh – lavender uzkolisty. It is obtained by distillation of inflorescences with steam. Although lavender grows in many countries of Europe (and not only), the main producers of the essential oil from this plant are Italy, France, and Bulgaria, Russia and Moldavia.

In oil, also esters of alcohol L-linalool, contains acid, borneol, cineol, etc. lavender Oil can be colorless or have a yellow-green tint. Smell – floral with notes of wood. Lavender oil bitter to the taste.

What are the benefits of lavender oil

Lavender oil is considered antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, regenerating natural remedy of plant origin. It deals with the peeling of the skin, removes redness. Lavender oil will help to eliminate a number of skin diseases such as eczema, various dermatitis, it heals scrapes, abrasions. Since the oil has insecticidal properties, they lubricate the bites of insects. Another important action of lavender oil is immune stimulating.

Lavender oil eliminates dandruff. It is, moreover, gets rid of head lice. It is also wonderfully relaxing and calming relaxation tool. Lavender oil is an anti-depressant and analgesic. It can be used on wounds obezzarajivatei the injured surface and contributing to rapid healing of damaged skin.

Lavender oil: contraindications

In most cases, lavender oil is completely safe for humans. But still there are persons who have hypersensitivity to this product. In addition, lavender oil should be careful to use for people with some diseases of the gallbladder and increased acidity of the stomach. Its use is contraindicated under reduced pressure.

This essential product is not suitable for people with hypotension. Oil should not be used by pregnant women and epileptics. If you are assigned preparations, containing iron or iodine, it is also better to abandon the idea to make lavender oil.

The use of lavender oil

Lavender oil is used in perfumery. It is also used in the food industry. Especially lavender oil is popular in the beverage industry. Many soap manufacturers also like to use this material during the production of their fabulous products. In cosmetics lavender oil is often used for the manufacture of products intended for sensitive skin.

Lavender oil can take care of burnt skin. After applying to the affected area oil, you insure yourself from serious consequences, escaped with only redness, eliminating the need to carry out a skin graft. Also for a short time by using oil you will be able to get rid of the pain. It is still recommend to apply on the bruised surface. Oil is not forbidden to apply on cuts. They treat varicose veins, stop the bleeding.

Lavender oil relieves headaches, helps with neurasthenia, cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones, rheumatism, paralysis, sprains. This essential oil is necessary for people with high blood pressure. Its good to use for colds. Lavender oil is used in inhalers, which are directed against influenza infections, it is drugs myotropic/neurotropic activity. Lavender oil is able to stop attacks in patients with bronchial asthma. Diseased liver and spleen respond positively to lavender oil. They say that lavender oil can be used for the treatment of unhealthy stomach, it suitable for people with gastritis.

Lavender oil is not only suitable for sensitive skin, but also for any hair. Lavender essential oil is often used for improving the odor of various medications. It is also used in dentistry. With this oil serves inhalation, promotes the fastest recovery from pneumonia, laryngitis and rhinitis. Lavender oil can be used to correct female problems. It reduces menstrual pain and symptoms of PMS, menopause, being generic activities, to cope with postpartum depression, etc.

Lavender essential oil is often used in everyday life. Because its odor repels moths, and all sorts of bugs, ants, flies, then you can deal with these insects-tarakashki, pouring a little oil in the aroma lamp or by a special scented stones. This oil is also used as a deodorant (Shoe racks). It kills bacteria and neutralizes odor, such as cigarette.

do not add more than eight drops of lavender oil in a relaxing bath. For the manufacture of aromaceane enough three drops of oil. For the compress massage, it will take five drops of essential oil for 10 ml of base, for inhalation to ten. This oil can take a few drops three times a day by mouth, diluting the honey.

Lavender essential oil and skin

Let’s more in detail talk about the cosmetic effect of lavender essential oil. It can be used by women with any skin. Lavender oil relieves acne, rosacea, postakne, it heals resulting in skin cracks. This oil is also suitable for the treatment of herpes, skin diseases, ulcers of various kinds. This natural product helps with psoriasis, fungal and viral infections.

Essential lavender oil makes a save with frostbite, tissue scarring, chemical/thermal burns. Oil reduces swelling, irritation, itching mutes. To get rid of skin diseases, lavender oil is best to use along with other oils that are suitable for addressing relevant problems.

Getting rid of acne with essential oil of lavender

To even out the skin, prepare the application from the underlying and essential oils. You can take any essential oil that you like. But it is best to stay on the St. John’s wort oil or wheat germ. For preparing a single application will need a tablespoon of base oil and three drops essential.

To prepare the oily mixture should be in a glass or earthenware dish. Mixing oil is not necessary just a spoon – use a glass or wooden. The prepared mixture is necessary to lower a cotton pad or folded several times a bandage, not exceeding the size of a matchbox. The disk must fully absorb the oil, after which it is applied to the problem area and keep it for 15 minutes.

In performing such treatments with lavender oil, you really can get rid of acne. To remove roughness of the skin, it will take 2.5 months. The first three weeks to do three treatments over seven days. After that, the same amount of time to develop an application twice a week. In the last three weeks reduce frequency of procedures. After two and a piece of months you can defer the bandages with disks and apply the oil mixture directly to the face. A week later you will appreciate how beautiful, clean and smooth was the skin that had recently not particularly healthy.

Some girls say that you can get rid of acne for a month and a half, spending three treatments each week for 21 days, four application – within 14 days one to seven.

Lavender oil for acne

Let’s prepare oily acne medication, which should only be applied to the site of inflammation. You will need a tablespoon of lavender essential oil, two drops of rosemary oil, thyme and tea tree. Still need a drop of oil of chamomile. All the oil poured into a small bottle of dark glass and leave it for the day.

Before applying the oils on the pimples the bottle should be shaken. As such remedy for acne is sufficiently concentrated, don’t apply it all over your face.

Mask with lavender oil for damaged hair

To prepare this invigorating, restoring, cleansing masks for the curls need the following essential oils: lavender, rosemary, sweet orange and oil Bay. They should be diluted with base oils. Therefore, for making the funds will still have to buy coconut and argan oil, and avocado oil.

In a glass bowl add a tablespoon of coconut product, tea – avocado oil. Don’t forget about argan oil. It need ½ tsp. To the base oils, add several drops of essential. The mixture is heated on a water bath and apply to clean, wet hair. On the head is worn a cap to prevent the spreading of the mask and to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Washed off the mask after an hour. To remove oil from the hair, wash the tresses with shampoo and warm water twice.

Lavender for insomnia

If you can’t get to sleep, use a calming lavender essential oil. You can add 5 drops of oil in the aroma lamp. After 20-30 minutes you will begin to overcome drowsiness. If you don’t have on hand any burner, be sure to take a soothing bath.

The first thing to look for sea salt. Take a handful of salt in a bowl and dilute it with a little water. Now you can add lavender oil. For relaxation you will need 5 drops of oil to one water procedure. Pour oil and salt mass in water and slightly stirred it, take a step to relax. So, the insomnia vanished, enough to lie in the water for 20 minutes.

before you take a bath with oils, you need to bathe. Drain the used water, type new – clean and definitely warm, but not hot.

Beautiful you hair, skin, good health and harmony. All this will give the lavender oil!