Lamps in nail salons is recognized as harmless

It is well known that the risk of skin cancer associated with ultraviolet radiation, however, until recently it was unclear whether this something to do with UV lamps used at nail salons. A new study claims that these lamps not carry this risk.

In the study, researchers considered three widely used UV lamps for drying nail Polish. They measured the radiation from the point of view of its possible carcinogenic effects and calculated the «UV dose» that will get the user within 10 minutes drying nail Polish.

Not all ultraviolet lamps are the same. For example, there are lamps, which cured the psoriasis, and studies have shown that the treatment is «narrowband UVB» only slightly increases the chance of cancer of the skin, compared to the more harmful rays of tanning beds.

As for the lamps for drying nail Polish, a new study has shown that it will take 13000-40000 sessions drying nail Polish that the person received the same UV dose received by a patient with psoriasis during treatment ultraviolet light. This is equivalent to what you once a week will do a manicure for 250 years.

These findings mean that using these UV lamps «does not give a clinically significant increased cancer risk,» as the researchers write.

Scientists had previously considered this question. So, in 2009, the researchers came to the conclusion that the UV lamp manicure was a risk factor for two women who on the back of the hands developed skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma. However, as noted by the authors of the new study, in 2009, scientists have measured the ultraviolet radiation lamps.

«Dermatologists and doctors of primary health care can convince the patients to the relative safety of these devices,» the researchers write in their article that appeared in the journal of Investigative Dermatology.