Kids ‘ haircuts. Fashion children’s haircuts for boys and girls 2015 — photo.

Kids should look well-groomed, understand this perfectly good parents so we aim not only to teach your baby from an early age to hygiene, but in time to mow the child. Typically, the first haircut of a baby is held in the home, when the hair starts to get confused and there are difficulties with brushing. Frequent haircuts are required after the baby is one year about three years this process is their own mom or dad, because the kid is unable to respond adequately to the hairdressers. Haircuts for older children, usually the simple (a child can not long stay in one place), comfortable and stylish. It is important that the hair quick to comb and does not spoil vision, drooping eyes.

Kids ‘ haircuts for boys

At an early age boys hairstyles are very simple and straightforward, but when the kids get older, the hair becomes stiffer and give the chance to create real masterpieces of hairdressing art. There is quite a large selection of haircuts for boys, however there are models that are particularly popular with parents. Traditionally in the lead remains a classic haircut with bangs or without bangs. The buzz cut is one of the most popular models, which has a history of over 60 years. The hair is short, so do not create unnecessary difficulties in hot weather. However, there is one caveat – «hedgehog» follows the shape of the head, it is relevant only if form is perfect when an unconventional form of the skull is better to grow hair longer. Popular haircuts for boys with medium length hair, they look very stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t worry, the hair will go into the eye and interfere with the baby, because bangs can be shortened, and strands of hair on the nape of the neck to lengthen. Popular model is beanie, however, she can be clear or smooth transition.

Kids haircuts for girls

Hair for girls is one of the main decorations, it is not surprising that the choice of haircuts and hairstyles for young ladies parents are paying a lot of attention. At an early age the hair of girls are very thin, so it is recommended to make short or medium-length haircuts, for example, Kara, Bob, cap, etc. If the girls hair is curly, do not experiment with bangs, provided that they are straight, the bangs can make her comb on the side or give asymmetry. Choosing a hairstyle for girls, you need to consider important points: little girls with a round face is better to give preference to the asymmetrical bangs, girls with narrow goes straight bangs. Also remember that too long bangs interfere with the child and can lead to strabismus. If little girls actual simple haircuts, in the case of the Schoolgirls models become more complex, the traditional «quads», «hat» and «Bob» are added ladders, cascades and asymmetric models.

Trendy baby haircuts

Fashion children’s haircuts and hairstyles, of course, is changing, but not very drastic, because there are moments that will always be popular: convenience, practicality, and restraint. However, some changes from year to year in this area still occur. Currently among boys and girls popular style, Unisex, sporty, romantic, avant-garde styles, military. In recent years especially true of the Eastern or Asian area. Always held in high esteem classic, which, incidentally, is often given preference (of course, at the insistence of parents). «>>», «Mohawk», African braids, different kind of patterns on the head are considered to be youth fashion, but for the kindergarten and school they are too slutty. Because the child’s mind is not very stable, and the reaction to the data model, to put it mildly, unusual, may have problems with adaptation in society, so that experiment is not worth it.

Short kids haircuts for boys

Short haircuts for boys are the most popular, as they allow the baby to feel comfortable and at ease: hair does not interfere during games and not cause discomfort. Sports haircut – the most popular destination. Hair almost the same length over the entire area of the head, they do not climb into the eyes, easy to comb and make the boys neat. The buzz cut — this model can not be called original, yet it is in demand, approximately every third visitor to the barbershop, preschool and school-age children asks a specialist to make it a haircut. The disadvantages of the «hedgehog» refers to the need to constantly update the haircut, because not too fresh hairstyle makes the child untidy. The main advantage of «hedgehog» — easy care, on the morning only need to comb and boy ready to go «into the light». However, it should be remembered that «hedgehog» can be done only children with a perfect skull shape.

Short kids haircuts for girls

Little girls want to look like a little Princess, this way you can easily create beautiful haircuts. Among the most popular short children’s haircuts for girls are very popular models of «Bob» and the caret, and the last option has many different forms. For example, four of a kind, wavy hair make this little lady a magical fairy. In that case, if the girl has straight hair, her perfect quads on the leg, this model does not require any special styling, the hair is cut in such a way that during the day are neatly and evenly.

For modern Schoolgirls very undesirable so-called «effect of a straight a student», the traditional braids and tails popular in Soviet times, has given way to short haircuts, which give liveliness to the original bangs (oblique, short, graduated, asymmetrical, etc.). However, we should not forget that bangs should not hang too much on the eyes because it will disturb during the study. Pretty weird on the children look melirovannye and colored hair, and hair permed. Hairstyle should be not only beautiful but also relevant, otherwise it will look awkward and spoil the whole look.

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