Keratin hair straightening: an effective method of dealing with the boring curls

Women’s logic it became a proverb, and the contradictory desires even gives piquancy to the nature of the weak half. Maybe the lovely ladies and love? Why, for example, the owner of curly hair dreams of perfectly straight hair? Inconceivable! But, anyway, dreams, so makes great efforts and spends a lot of time to straighten wavy hair.

This is usually done with the help of Ironing, however, such short-lived straightening, and hair quickly when you first. High-quality alignment can be performed using the recently introduced technique Brazilian or keratin hair straightening, which is a worthy replacement laying using a flat iron. Figure out what kind of equipment, how effective is it and what is the expiration date.

What is keratin hair straightening?

For damaged, frizzy curly hair «Brazilian straightening» is the most gentle option. The procedure is quite complex, however, regarded for the ability to cope with any type of curls. Curly hair usually have dry structure. Soaking with keratin, they become more soft and manageable. Actually, the hair is 80% keratin, the amount of which depends on the condition of the hair as a whole. This procedure may appropriately be considered as a good remedy for hair care.

Temperature, ultraviolet and chemical effect on the hair due to decrease the amount of natural keratin makes them lifeless and brittle. For this procedure you need to use almost pure keratin, which is a kind of liquid form of hair. After application to the surface of the keratin penetrates the hair shaft, in the subcortical layer, and fills it. In the end, improves the condition and appearance of hair, lose their porosity.

The methodology of keratin straightening

Clean your hair with a flat iron with silk ceramic nozzles are sealed into the hair keratin. A very important temperature – 230 degrees. The whole operation takes about 2-3 hours. It should be remembered that after three days you can’t use the clips and wash the head.

The procedure keratin straightening will make your hair shiny, smooth and even. It can be used for any hair type, even the last Perm or coloring. Thanks to the «Brazilian straightening» the woman gets the opportunity of four months to forget about straightening wavy hair. Keratin has one feature – it accumulates in the hair shaft, so with every treatment their condition will improve.

Today in the market you can find products of low quality. To protect yourself from fraud, you need to buy drugs in checked, preferably branded, stores which are representatives of a specific brand name and to check the presence of the certificate on the cosmetic products. Among the most high quality products can be called Kadavu Brazil Cocoa from well-known companies Cadiveu and keratin Brazilian Blowout company. To check the quality and the effectiveness of the impact, it makes sense to first purchase a tester.