Jewelry will tell you about the character of women

People rarely think, what are your favorite jewelry and accessories. But they can tell a lot about the character of their owner. Some ladies prefer only gold, while others believe that it is possible to confine no less worthy jewelry and thereby save.

Psychologists have found how the selection of jewelry is associated with the nature of women.

Why ladies love jewelry?

A woman wants to add in decorations under the influence of certain motives:

  • The desire to defend and protect yourself.
  • The desire to add an image of prestige.
  • The desire for sexual stimulation.
  • Thirst for beauty.

Precious metals

Gold jewelry prefer nature balanced, but conservative. They appreciate elegance and restraint.

Silver choose romantic and honest lady.

If in a woman’s wardrobe there are diamonds, it speaks of her high self-esteem, rationality and emotional independence.

Bright accessories

If the lady is with great pleasure that wears shiny and bright ornaments of noble metals or their «substitutes», so it is a brave man. A woman prefers to be the center of attention and has good will power. Bright accessories show that their owner is confident and not afraid, not to please others. She enjoys life and is independent from the opinions of others.

Fans of spectacular jewelry important feelings in the relationship.

Unusual jewelry

If the lady chooses big earrings, so she’s not influenced by other people and it always has its own opinion.

Rattling bracelets , and original pendants prefer women who love to provoke people. Besides, they always want to be the center of attention.

Artsy and creative decoration characterize the creative nature of their owner. These women are unpredictable and don’t want to be.

Piercing has always distinguished man from the crowd. Girls who pierce the nose, eyebrows, lips and other parts of the body, subconsciously rebel against social norms. This decoration reflects the personality of the person who doesn’t care what people think about other people.

Layered bracelets, necklaces hide flimsy lady defects of appearance. With their help, the woman wants to draw attention to a particular body part, to distract from other parts of the «imperfect». In the soul of the owner of such jewelry always listens to his heart and is trying to show himself in a more favorable light.

Fans of retro accessories are sentimentality and femininity. This way they are trying to give your image a beautiful and touching look.

Classic jewelry

Ladies choosing classic jewelry, have good organization and discipline. They value career achievements. Many of them are constantly striving for perfection.

Pearls choose women who adhere to traditional values. They love elegance, classic and style.

Decoration of plastic are open and practical ladies.

Wooden accessories like the inquisitive women with a flexible mind.

Glass ornament love windy, but a Flirty person.

If a woman doesn’t like jewelry, she may not believe in love, disappointed in men, was deceived by them, or makes high demands to the representatives of the stronger sex.

Features of wearing jewelry

To understand what characteristics are inherent to a lady should look, she wears jewelry.

  • Chain that rims the ankle — a sign of a sexually liberated nature.
  • The ring on the forefinger expresses the will, initiative and the desire to lead.
  • Ladies with a ring on the little finger of the capricious and peculiar.
  • Bracelet wearing above the elbow, is intended to draw attention to the bust, and characterizes the passionate character of its owner.

Any decoration is designed aesthetically to decorate a woman, and therefore it is necessary to properly combine with the clothes and other accessories.

Text: Svetlana Ahi