Japanese method of weight loss with a towel as a way correction. The main advantages and principles of slimming with a towel

Japanese method of weight loss with a towel began to enjoy popularity recently.

This is a special gymnastics, which positively affects the General condition of the body and of the body. Exercises as simple as possible, which is hard to believe in the effectiveness of this method for weight loss.

However, the positive reviews prove the weight loss with a towel really possible when you consider all the details and to follow the basic rules.

Japanese slimming with a towel: key features of methodology

1. The exercise teaches you to listen to your body, concentrate on the sensations – the only way classes will give the desired result.

2. Proper breathing is an important aspect. It should be smooth, slightly slow, then it will contribute to stimulating internal processes in the body.

3. The spirit and the body should be in harmony with each other. For this reason, weight loss with the help of a towel should be accompanied by proper nutrition.

Japanese weight loss are two quite original methods, which are ideal for those who don’t like strong physical activity. A unique method of weight reduction allows you to forget about what «fat ballast». To lie and to lose weight – what could be easier?

The advantages of way to lose weight with a towel

1. Easy. Does not require a lot of time and space in order to exercise your body.

2. Accessibility. Don’t need to buy expensive sports equipment. All you need is a bath towel, which is everyone in the house.

3. Security. Japanese slimming with a towel is far safer than fasting and other grueling diet.

4. Activity contribute to the strengthening of the entire musculoskeletal system, prevents the development of scoliosis and other ailments related to the back.

5. Leaves the stomach. Regular sessions with a roll of towels to help get rid of belly both in men and women. Also, reviews prove that the hips are also reduced in volume.

6. Corrects posture, gait is correct.

Benefits really a lot. Techniques relaxation techniques for weight loss with a roll of towels as simple as possible. To try is not difficult, you only need to focus on the results.

Health slimming with a towel by the method of Fukuzumi

The technique received the name of the name of its Creator. The Japanese doctor did some research and made a very interesting conclusion – the discrepancy between the pelvic and the femur can lead to increased waist size and weight gain. Based on this information, we developed a truly unique exercise that allows you to restore the normal location of the bones and to stimulate better functioning of internal organs.

The author has published a book describing his method of weight loss, which instantly became popular. Released 6 million copies were sold out in record time.

To begin losing weight with towels, you will need:

• just 5 minutes of your time daily;

• simple towel;

• a small rope, you can take the lace (will need in order to make the cushion);

• solid surface, smooth (a hard couch or the floor).

The towel should be of such size that it turned out to roll a tight roll, which will meet the individual width of the human body.

The right exercise method Japanese slimming with a towel

1. Starting position – sitting on the floor. You must first properly place the roller. It needs to be back across the body, roughly where the small of the back.

2. People need to slow down on his back, from the prone position to adjust the cushion of towels. It is important that it was on the level with the navel, otherwise the effect will not be achieved.

3. The legs should be spread shoulder-length apart. Next stops are positioned so that the heels remained on the floor, and thumbs are in contact with each other. To lock the position, from top to put a small pillow.

4. Hands are got by the head, palm flush to the floor, with little fingers touching. The first time may be hard not to bend the elbows, but not to worry, a few days would be easier.

5. In this position, you must hold out for 5 minutes. This is not as easy as it seemed. It is important to relax, but to little fingers of hands and toes remained clenched.

6. To stand up abruptly with towels is impossible. Be careful to roll over on its side, rest for 10-15 seconds, then stand up completely.

Weight loss with a towel by the method of Fukuzumi contrary to common sense. However, the regular classes do give a great result. The spine stretches and gradually return to the correct anatomical position. This reduces the waist, abdomen out, the figure takes on a beautiful terrain.

Wellness exercises with a towel: methods Imabari

Power sports in Japan absolutely not popular. Women prefer other methods of weight loss. If in the previous method, the towel has been used as a cushion, then Minato will have to use as a expander. This is a great option for morning exercise. Simple exercises energize for the whole day, allow you to develop muscles, reduce waist volume.

Gradual Japanese slimming with a towel by the method of Imabari

1. You must grab the towel ends with your hands and stretch it as hard as possible to hands were at chest level. So you need to stay for 10-15 seconds, because to return to the starting position and do another 5-6 reps.

2. Starting position – standing. As in the previous case, you need to stretch the «expander» hands. Only now, the hands raised above the head and are the slopes on the sides. This charging method allows you to remove waist extra inches.

3. To improve your posture can stretch for 5 minutes a day towel behind.

4. For strengthening abdominal muscles and hips need to take the original supine position, grab foot cloth and pull the towel over herself.

Japanese method of weight loss with a towel – this is a great opportunity for untrained people to bring the figure back to normal. Exercises Imabari is very simple, but effective. The whole complex of morning exercises a lot will not take long, but positive results can be noticed after only a week. Just 5 minutes a day and eating right (small portions 5-6 times a day) will allow you to get a beautiful waist posture, forget about cellulite in the hips.


Slimming with a towel securely, but there are some nuances that you need to know before you begin classes at any any technique.

1. If a person has back problems, be sure to consult with your doctor before undertaking an exercise to reduce waist size and lose weight. In some cases, the method use towels for classes is strictly prohibited.

2. You can’t stay on the cushion of towels for longer than 5 minutes to achieve the best result. It would be dangerous even for a healthy spine.

3. Exercises according to the method of Imabari and Fukuzumi involve the interaction of body and soul. For this reason, it is very important to do in silence, no one was around. May turn on soothing music.

4. It is impossible to do on a full stomach, because then maybe the bloating and feeling of heaviness. It is recommended to exercise within an hour after Breakfast or half an hour before a meal.

5. It is necessary during the day to drink plenty of fluids, as without water the body normally will not function, slowing down the process of fat burning.

Weight loss with a towel – it’s easy and accessible for everyone. Important – if there is a desire to achieve a good result, it is necessary to practice regularly and not to forget the main rules. Japanese method of weight loss with the use of towels, even recently practiced, but already boasts a large number of positive reviews of satisfied people.