Is it possible to wipe the face with ice – what gives? How to wipe the face with ice: recipes of solutions, procedure technology

The question is, can wipe the face with ice, causing much controversy. The use of ice has been known since ancient times: recognized beauties used it to give the skin elasticity, firmness and even color. Modern humans also have a great interest in the improvement of the cold. In this case, the alternative to a costly procedure, the cream, the lotion is a small piece of ice.

Use cold treatments for the face

The secret of the ice is that it stimulates the protective properties of human body, activating the immune processes. Due to this the metabolism of the epidermis is improved, it increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the regulation of water balance, stands out with a vengeance at the time of wiping the face with ice. Meltwater is absorbed by the cells from the surface and is retained inside for a long time.

The effect on the skin:

• maximum hydration;

• improvement of blood circulation;

• narrowing of the pores.

The skin becomes smooth and silky, loses Shine and matira. Ice, especially with special additives, has a good whitening effect, lightens freckles and fights pigmentation on the face. Scrubbing once a day (preferably in the morning) neck, face and chest area with ice can dramatically rejuvenate aging skin, toning it, to bring an attractive appearance.

Is it possible to wipe the face with ice? It is possible and even necessary. But this should be done, following the advice of experts and some of the rules of procedure.

Harm of ice cubes

Despite the popularity of the ice protyani, beauticians constantly remind the ladies that the low temperature can hurt even more than high, causing stress to skin. Cold promotes vasoconstriction. By repeated rubbing the face with ice several times vessels constrict and dilate, which gives an excellent therapeutic effect, but is bad for the skin. So the experts answering the question is it possible to wipe the face with ice, it is advised to observe moderation, as the result of frequent exposure to low temperatures on the skin of the face is:

• violation of blood flow;

• the appearance of spider veins;

• swelling;

• the effect of enlarged pores.

According to cosmetologists even washing with cold water is able to «weaken» the skin and cause vasoconstriction. Which leads to a decrease of sebaceous glands: on the surface of the skin produces less fat and sweat. The skin loses its elasticity, becomes flabby and dry, on the face appear early wrinkles. As a rule, women are too late to pay attention to this effect.

Rubbing the ice for different skin types

Especially carefully to the advice of experts should be listened to owners of dry facial skin, which is very sensitive to low and high temperatures. Under the influence of cold this the skin begins to peel off, pop the inflammation and micro-cracks.

Is it possible to wipe the person ice people with normal and oily skin? You can, but not often. From the procedure it is better to refrain in the cold season, when adverse external factors, in the form of low temperature and wind, harm the skin, drying and cooling her. Rubbing ice can afford a person having sufficient time for the procedure and relaxation of the skin after its completion.

Is it possible to wipe the face with ice during the warm time of the year? Possible, especially the residents of the southern regions. In spring and summer, in hot and dry weather, cold treatments will strengthen the skin, give it elasticity, a radiant and fresh look. The effect is due to increased blood flow under the influence of warm air to the ice-chilled skin.

Tip! Wipe the face with ice and preferably only once a day — in the morning. The procedure is carried out in the evening may cause sleep disturbance.

Cooking tips ice cubes

Despite experts ‘ recommendations, many women find that the ice cubes do more good than harm, instantly improving the appearance of the skin, which immediately after wiping fresher and turns pink. For them cosmetologists has prepared several recommendations for the preparation of structure at home.

1. Water should be boiled or purified.

2. You can freeze mineral water, rich in biologically active substances that help tone aging skin.

3. Making cubes of tea (black, green) or herbal decoction, it is important to monitor the concentration of the infusion. Too strong makeup can harm the delicate facial skin.

4. An effect has the ice made on the basis of a watermelon or any other fruit juice.

Ready the liquid is poured into special molds and placed in the freezer. Decoctions and teas you need to pre-cool.

The rules of procedure

Answering the question of whether to wipe the face with ice, cosmetologists pay attention to the fact that this should be done respecting a certain algorithm:

• the skin should first be cleaned using lotions, starbow and other things;

• for normal or dry skin before rubbing cause vegetable oil, sour cream or fatty cream;

• an ice cube, wrap with a cloth or towel;

• the ice precise and quick movements applied to the temples, eyes, forehead;

• quickly encircled in the contour of the face, neck and decollete;

• the moisture is not removed from the skin, drying out on their own.

You can do a little massage in the form of light taps on the face with fingertips.

Tip! You can not long keep the ice cube in one place. This may provoke a sharp contraction and expansion of blood vessels and, as a consequence, the formation of the capillary network.

Recipes cold-composition for cleaning

Ice from the mineral water does not require additional saturation, an excellent composition for rejuvenation of skin subjected to age-related changes.

Before freezing boiled or filtered water, the solution can be enriched with different ingredients, which include minerals and vitamins. It can be herbal teas, teas, berries or fruit juices.

Tip! Enriched ice should be used within 4-5 days of freezing.

— People with oily skin, use ice cubes green tea, contribute to the normalization of sebaceous glands. Simple recipe: one teaspoon of welding, pour a glass of boiling water and insist 1 hour. The filtered and cooled solution is poured into molds and frozen.

— For oily skin you can also prepare ice cubes with chamomile, celandine, calendula and schisandra. It is important to observe the proportions: 1 teaspoon of dry mix to 1 Cup of water.

— Dry skin well moistened cubes, are made on the basis of decoctions: peppermint, parsley, plantain, St. John’s wort or chamomile. Popular recipe of ice from Rowan. 2 teaspoons of dry ash to grind to a powder and brew 1 Cup of boiling water. After the infusion has cooled, it is filtered and freeze.

Mature skin needs extra nutrition, which can provide a mix of peach and cream. The composition is whipped and frozen in tins.

— To smooth wrinkles help ice mint or dandelion.

— The prescription anti-inflammatory ice to help get rid of acne is to mix a dry mix of chamomile and celandine. Two tablespoons herb pour 2 cups boiling water and insist in a water bath for 20 minutes, then strain and freeze.

There are many recipes of making ice to wipe face skin. It is important to choose the right ingredients for each specific case. Using the advice and recommendations of specialists, everyone can with the help of simple home treatments to regain a youthful, healthy and attractive appearance.