How to tighten facial contours yourself using home remedies? Effective recipes pullup face masks at home

In the life of every woman there comes a time when you have to decide whether to fight for their beauty or to take the position? Most of us make the right decision and begins work on his appearance. Especially in the women’s Arsenal there are many effective remedies: homemade masks, compresses, massages.

Indications for use firming masks

After 35 years skin care of the face needs to completely change. In connection with the loss of the ability to produce its own collagen and elastin in same quantities, as before, the skin begins to SAG. Floats the shape of the face, formation of deep skin creases – wrinkles.

Of course, it is time to think about how to tighten face skin at home. You can certainly seek the services of professional beauticians, but it is expensive, after all, to care for the person now will have the time. It is much easier to learn to work with your face their own, especially since this might be needed sooner (e.g., after a severe weight loss at a young age).

If we talk about the indications for a facelift (lifting), lifting facial masks should be done regularly in the presence of the following problems:

• broke the oval of the face;

• the appearance of the second chin and flews;

• highly pronounced wrinkles from the region of nasolabial triangle, eyelids, forehead, lips;

• decreased tone of the skin (sagging, sagging);

• the appearance of overly pigmented areas.

The question arises as to tighten the oval of the face at home. The fact that many women are sure to save the situation only by cosmetologists, armed mezokokteyley, needles, lasers, and other wonderful devices. In fact, if desired, a lifting effect can be achieved independently. Of course, you have to work hard, and achieving a result, to continue to work.

The main means of combating age or «skinny» sagging homemade firming face masks. They are safe, cost a penny, give an excellent result. You can also use a contrasting washing, frozen concoctions of herbs or conventional ice packs on the basis of medicinal herbs (chamomile, lime blossom, lavender), cosmetic oil.

Most of the ingredients you can find in your own kitchen or in the refrigerator, although something at a symbolic price need to buy at your local pharmacy.

Homemade firming mask

Before using the lifting means handwritten cooking, you need to prepare your face for the procedure. No, nothing special to do not have. But to clean the skin from makeup, be sure.

It is important to understand the meaning of lifting. It is not so important to know how to tighten the face oval, how to ensure the proper conduct of the procedure. It is incorrect to apply the mask on your face and continue to go about their business. The fact that the lifting effect is provided by two indispensable conditions:

• proper (full and deep) penetration of active components into the dermis;

• complete immobility of the facial muscles, neck.

Talking to a friend on the phone, having smeared with a cream or strawberries, can be used only if mask is supposed to nourish or to whiten the skin, relieve dryness or oiliness, etc. If we want to obtain the lifting effect, you need to give the muscles a chance to relax and lock in position.

Therefore, firming face mask at home be carried out exclusively in a horizontal position. About facial expressions, for 20-30 minutes should be not forgotten nor wince, nor speak, nor even smile impossible. If you ignore these requirements, you can not pull up, and even more to stretch the skin, plus add a couple of fresh wrinkles.

It is important to choose components for a firming mask for the face depending on the skin type. Age skin usually dry. It will suit the recipe with oatmeal or honey.

Oats, smetana

One procedure will need half a Cup of Hercules (increase firmness of the skin due to high content of vitamin C), a tablespoon of thick cream (will saturate the dermis fatty acids) and a teaspoon of olive oil (moisturize). Oatmeal needs to be turned into flour, pour boiling water or hot milk. To connect with the other components and apply on face.


Very good for aging skin. You need to mix half a teaspoon of honey, the same amount of kaolin (white cosmetic clay) and a teaspoon of juice from a fresh lime. After the mask is washed away, it is necessary to impose on the person a cold compress (this will result).

For oily skin fruit acids and egg protein. They remove excess fat and simultaneously tighten the skin.

Protein and fruit

For this mask, well take a ripe persimmon. The fruit contains tannins (great lift) and carotene (degreases the surface of the skin). A tablespoon of mashed persimmon pulp must be mixed with one protein (raw) and a spoon of flour from rolled oats (optional saturate «rejuvenating» vitamin). After washing the face you need to apply morning or evening cream.


No less effective mask of a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, orange, lime or other citrus. Juice to mix with protein and a teaspoon of honey. After rinsing, apply required. This firming face mask at home to keep less than everyone else. Fifteen minutes is enough, otherwise the acids can burn the skin.

For young skin, which sagged after sudden weight loss, you can use these recipes.


Blend one small fresh cucumber, cut off the skins and removing seeds. Mix the ground protein and a teaspoon of olive oil. The mask is not only tightens, but also whiten your face, smooth out incipient wrinkles and give a fresh, healthy look.


Dill finely chop or crush with a mortar. Teaspoon dill puree to mix with the same amount of Flaxseed (fresh, not rancid) butter and oatmeal.

The mask on the basis of starch and gelatin

Alone in the home Facials are starch-gelatin firming facial masks. The fact is that they have a high ability to simulate the oval, and therefore are especially effective.

A very popular homemade «gelatin lift». Gelatin it contains in its composition substances that are very close to native human skin’s elastic and collagen. So with regular application of gelatin mask literally erase wrinkles, return the skin elasticity, make the face more fresh.

Gelatin kefir

The classic version of the mask suspenders oval suits all skin types and includes a teaspoon of powdered gelatin, and some water (manufacturer’s recommendation), a teaspoon of wheat flour, a tablespoon of yogurt. Gelatin should be soaked in water, wait for swelling to dissolve in the fire. Then add other components to hold on the face for half an hour, rinse. Will remain, apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Gelatin glycerin

A wonderful mask that will instantly tighten the face, consists of a teaspoon of gelatin powder, a teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon of glycerin (available at pharmacies), the same amount of rye flour. Gelatin according to the instructions to fill with water. Mix the soaked grains with honey, glycerin and flour, heat in a water bath until the mixture becomes homogeneous. To drink slightly chilled with a mixture of woven cloth and apply on face.


Starch is also one of the most popular tools for making firming masks. Many compare the result from using this wonderful home remedy with Botox. You will need a tablespoon of ordinary potato starch and 600 ml of water, fresh carrots and a tablespoon of cream. Of this amount, the components get the size, which is enough for 2-3 days.

Carrots need finely grate and measure five tablespoons of puree. Starch dissolved in half a glass of water, then pour the remaining water and thicken the solution on low heat. When cool, add the carrot puree and cream. Apply on face, rinse and enjoy a stunning result.

Warm and cold compresses

Not only the masks you want to include in the permanent care of aging face that has lost elasticity. Cosmetologists know how to tighten face skin at home, and therefore suggest to include in the care contrast wiping frozen ice cubes or at least contrasting washing. You can simply alternate the temperature of the water (one hand warm, the other cold) 5-7 times.

Works great on age skin pharmacy chamomile, calendula, Linden blossom, mint, sage. Dried raw materials needed to brew, cool, strain, pour into molds for ice and freeze. To use frozen healing the ice in the morning, the skin got toned and tightened. Pores are narrowed, and the complexion is considerably improved, becoming smooth.

A great way of tightening herbal compresses. How to tighten the face oval this way? Boil the herbs, drain. Heat the broth, soak the cloth made of natural fabric (will fit the bike, folded several times cotton, flannel) and apply on face for five minutes. When the cloth cools, soak it again in warm water and repeat the procedure 4-5 times.

Teas for warm compresses can be prepared from rose hips, plantain, birch bark, parsley or dill. Excellent cold compress will happen if you mix half a Cup of cold water and three tablespoons of aloe juice. Soaked part of the cloth is to be applied on the face, top cover with plastic wrap and keep at least ten minutes. Instead of aloe you can use the fresh juice of Apple or cucumber.

Apply masks and packs to obtain a pronounced firming effect you need at least three times a week. If not lazy, then home care may be as good as the professional.