Intimate haircut at home. The stages of

To decorate your body not only can a piercing or tattoo, but a beautiful intimate haircut that was popular in Ancient Egypt. Already trained in this wisdom slaves did the waxing and dyed hair in bikini area.

This decoration can be done in salon or at home, where the majority feels much more comfortable. Nothing complicated do not plan for first or second time using a simple pattern and the most basic tools you can find at home or in the nearest supermarket.

Do not expect that the first time you get a masterpiece, but given the fact that the hair in this area is growing fast, soon an unfortunate pattern can be corrected, and to get the hand.

In order to perform simple pattern you will need:

  • mirror
  • tweezers
  • medium and small scissors,
  • black pencil (for eyes),
  • shaver,
  • hair removal cream or wax strips,
  • the picture that printed on the stencil (start with the simplest),
  • any antiseptic (eg Miramistin).

The stages of work

Actually nothing complicated in the process of hair removal bikini and drawing no millet in the salon from the master is «Packed» with hand, plenty of stencils to create an individual image, as well as enough funds for a perfect shaving. But, at home you can surprise your loved one, so.

Define pattern – it can be a simple geometric figure or picture, based on the same figure. For example, a card suit, peak, Tulip, butterfly, triangle, heart or oval.

Draw the figure on paper in the size you need, cut it and use it as a stencil.

So the process was more comfortable and less painful it is recommended to take a warm bath, to steam the skin to open the pores to make the removal of hairs was not as noticeable. You can take pain medication and begin. By the way, if in the next few days according to the schedule shall be monthly, the haircut is to give, the process will be very painful.

Trim hair to 1cm or a little less, apply a stencil and trace it with a pencil. Combed hair and look at those that are out of the picture so they didn’t ruin anything, they just cut it, all that is below the picture sbivaet or pull out.

To remove the extra hairs can razor, though you will need to act carefully not to touch the picture, you can use a pair of tweezers, but the procedure is very painful, and it takes a long time. Easier to use a cream or a wax strip, they can be cut, making the desired size.

After the procedure, when done, the treated skin with antiseptic before shaving or plucking should also be improving.

It is worth Recalling that after waxing a few days you should refrain from swimming in the sea or river (an infection of the damaged skin very easily), and also from Hiking in bath and sauna, where hot air may appear severe irritation.

If the form is «hair» like, the younger hairs just adjust and straighten. If the result did not like it, you can just shave it all and wait until the hairs grow back, then you can retry.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna