Infection, gangrene, mutilated nails: secrets of manicure

Beauty salons that provide nail services in recent years began to appear like mushrooms after rain. However, experts warn that such services are quite hazardous to human health. Non-healing wounds, twisted nails, and in some cases even amputation of fingers – here is a partial list of what threatens poor quality nails.

The opening of the nail salons are regulated quite difficult. Therefore, to organize them can be almost anyone. The result of the master of manicure and pedicure, qualifications are sometimes in doubt, use tools that do not pass the required sterilization and treatment.

Shocking cases of women who are passionate about caring for your nails has occurred in the UK.

A resident of London, the 41-year-old Anna Cowie for several months experienced severe pain. It turns out, poorly done pedicures, caused caused significant infection: the physician during the procedure accidentally cut the foot of women, the wound is dirty. In the end, Anna had surgery. However, even six months later, the wound heals with difficulty.

The 35-year-old compatriot Anna Becky Ashton nails after the manicure started to flake off. As a result, the fingers of women were mutilated and this defect will remain forever.

Doctors warn that such cases are fraught with gangrene, and in neglected and amputation. All women wishing to make a manicure or pedicure, doctors recommend before going with the fat to see the level of qualification of experts, and find out if there are plans for clients of any insurance.