In three hours of the day, women should not look in the mirror

Experts from St Tropez determined the time when women do not consider their own face in the mirror. Exactly at 15:30 women look the least attractive. This fact is explained by scientists as follows: at this time, the peak external job stress, dramatically reduced level of energy due to the fall in the concentration of sugar in the blood and starts to affect cachexia.

As a result, the bags under the eyes become larger and your wrinkles deeper. Says Anthony Savva, a human face changes throughout the day. Contrary to popular belief, most people look better in the morning. Besides, in the period from 10 am to 12 days increases the oiliness of the skin. But the night is the most wonderful time. The body during rest is ridding itself of toxins, so it absorbs moisturizer applied to the skin. During sleep, the skin is smoothed and looks younger.

By day the situation is changing. Man touching face, smiling, frowns, the word expresses a variety of emotions, this is why wrinkles appear stronger. We should not forget about the negative effects on the skin conditioners, sun and adverse environmental factors.

All this was proved by an experiment in which a woman was taking pictures of his face for the whole day. In 15-30 sounded «test call». To maintain a healthy appearance of the skin specialists recommend to clean the face, do not abuse alcohol, be mindful of the snacks that must contain sugar and drink plenty of fluids.