Best nail designs pictures and new – what is fashionable this season? Create the best nail design photo: new and original ideas

The General impression of the woman consists of many elements, including style of dress, hairstyle, body, aroma, important value in this list are beautiful manicured nails.

They can be minimally decorated, but always neat and appropriate to the situation.

In 2016, the design of the nails can be quite varied and range from basic monochrome to multicolored with colourful decor.

Any fashionista is simply obliged to know about the latest trends of the nail industry.

Best nail designs: pictures, news (recent trends)

In 2016 a special popular win decorative accents on the nails. To achieve a particular effect, applying different novelties of nail design:

Lucky with interesting effects. They can be mirrored, like cat eyes, with the effect of sugar and cracking. Particularly popular take on «space», magnetic and glow in the dark varnish. They are designed for both professional and home use that allows you to easily create a unique design.

«Caviar manicure» using micro beads. Became popular this type of decoration nail art recently, but has already gained huge popularity. To apply the decor on all the nails, and can only focus on some.

Transparent glitter. It was used previously, but now it is used in completely new techniques of manicure, gradient mosaic of large particles of glitter.

Wearing little rings on the phalanges and nails. They mimic silver and gold. This fresh fashion trend, which wins the hearts of many fans.

Rhinestones. Large stones adorn the evening manicure and small – everyday. Rhinestones make your nails Shine and sparkle in the sun.

Before you decorate your nails with the appropriate decor, they need to be varnished. The lacquer is also of special importance, and this year the best nail designs pictures and new items involves the use of different shades of varnish.

Remain fashionable now Burgundy, pink and all shades of red. Silver and Golden color is also not inferior to their positions. Combine them with other winning: black, red, green, and can be coated to that color the entire nail completely. It is interesting to see the mix of glossy and matte varnishes.

At the peak of popularity now natural tone polishes: Nude, pale pink, milky, transparent. You can use pale blue, peach, lilac and mint. These colors were in trend last season, but they will be relevant.

Best nail designs: pictures options for your

A major role in fashion for nails this season plays naturalness, so the current will be short manicured nails. Women who by occupation are unable to have long nails can afford to decorate the short length of the nail plate lacquer bright with interesting decor and it will look appropriate and creative. Latest fashion shows finally confirmed that compliance with the trends is possible only in a short length nails that do not extend beyond the edge of the finger or performed on 3 mm. to create the best nail design photo novelties is not only normal varnish but fashionable design, which can be:

French style remains popular and relevant this season, but the emphasis is on naturalness, so the colors chosen are neutral and calm. A classic is to be welcomed. The overall style can emphasize a selection of one or two nails more bright décor or varnish. Main trends the best nail designs pictures and new French nail Polish can be identified such:

1. The colors used when painting should differ from each other only in a few shades, that is too contrasting manicure will look too pretentious.

2. In the warmer months you can use bright shades, but do not need to allocate only one nail, is it worth it to paint everything in this color.

3. Smile line in modern French runs in a wavy or triangular shape.

4. Mix different colors of varnishes is not only possible, but necessary. Color-blocking is popular as ever.

Manicure by Dior, or simply the moon manicure has already become a classic due to the fact that ranks high for multiple seasons. The emphasis is on luecke of the nail, which can be made concave, convex or non-standard (triangular, square, wavy). In the trend is a combination of French and lunar manicure. Original performance design for short nails using metallic or gold would look gorgeous on an evening out.

Scotch design, made special tape is one of the favorites next season. Nails are made with strips of tape, which can be vertical, horizontal, chaotic, symmetrical, thick and thin, pastel and bright. The short length is especially decorated with vertical stripes.

Fashionable color combinations for the best nail design and pictures of new products you can see on the last shows. We will have the following options:

• black and white;

• silver and gold;

• bright hue combined with black or white;

• the combination of two bright colors with one more calm;

• blue, turquoise, pale blue in combination with white;

• the colors of the flags of different countries.

You can perform French or lunar manicure using Scotch tape. The smile line and lunula will stand out clearly, and the nail will not go beyond the boundaries that often happens when effective them with a stencil.

Manicure using sliders become very popular due to the specifics of the application, which is incredibly simple and its qualities, not inferior to a salon manicure. The finest stickers are the ideal decoration for short nails and variety to a plain manicure.

Trend in 2016, as in the previous, it will be shellac. It is much easier to create different designs on nails and lasts quite a long time, allowing you to apply it once every 2 weeks or even less frequently. The best nail designs and the innovations created with the use of shellac.

Fashionable short nails will look great with a vertical image, but large or too small frequent drawings unprofitable emphasize a neat manicure.

Best nail designs: pictures of new products for the long

No less popular than short, will long fingernails. But their length should not be prohibitive – only a small overhang of a finger. Actual colors are the same as with short nails, and equipment design are not too different, but there are several types of manicure, which will be beneficial to emphasize just long nails.

Incredibly popular will be to use neon nail Polish. Allowed to combine different intensity and shade options are bright and juicy colors. And the executed design can be completely different styles on one hand. The main thing here is not to overdo it and to withstand the line at which making can be ridiculous. And also do not forget whether this manicure in a given situation.

It should be noted that long nails are fashionable, but to sharpen them is not recommended, better to withstand a square or slightly almond-shaped. These nails are decorated with numerous bands of zigzags. Geometry is a trend, which is particularly suitable for long nails. Well this design will fit into the image of girls who prefer minimalism in everything. You can always brush it more new accents.

Long nails – it is fashionable and best nail design photo novelties you can recreate at home. The only women over 40 need to comply with the measure: especially bright and overly decorated nails can cause confusion in others. But on young girls to decorate nails according to your wish, but according to the event, had done a manicure.

The best nail design tips professional

Many come for the beauty of nail art in the salon to the professionals. But to create the best nail design photo novelties don’t make much effort at home, just need to know a few little secrets that will help to make nails quickly and efficiently:

• Can be used for printing on the nail plate gel pens of various colors. To do this, first apply the nail base color, let it dry, and then by drawing the handle to create the desired decor.

• To create an abstract pattern on the nail used ordinary Scotch tape. It is glued in place and the free space of the nail is painted in the desired color. By staining individual sections of the nail, you can create interesting and unique version of the manicure.

• Marble effect on the nail can be achieved by procrasti first one color and then, without waiting for drying, others. After must be applied to the fresh coating of crumpled plastic wrap. Touching the nail, the film leaves the picture, he should be allowed to dry and cover with clear varnish.

• For French manicure does not necessarily have special stripes-stencils. You can use an ordinary elastic band which by stretching, applied to the nail and free edge to paint in the desired shade.

• A small piece of lace fabric can become the basis for a beautiful manicure that is perfect even for the bride. You just need to paint the nail with required color, applied to the nail the lace and painted a contrasting shade.

• A popular type of manicure, the gradient is created like an ordinary makeup sponge or a simple sponge. The Ombre effect can be supplemented with a thin claimi tapes that focus on nails.

• Fan-shaped makeup brush – an indispensable tool to create a rainbow manicure.

• To make a manicure last longer you need before applying base coat to treat the nail plate with vinegar. It will degrease the nails and remove unwanted dead skin particles.

• Nails rasp the shape of the cuticle to prevent breakage.

• Daily rubbed into the cuticle nourishing oil will make the nails hydrated and prevent breakage and splitting.

• To resuscitate the regrown nails, covered with gel Polish base can be covered with sequins. And free from varnish of the nail will not be seen, and you get a trendy manicure that will last for some time.

Create the best nail design photo novelties you can easily and it does not matter the length of the nail. Now in a fashion naturalness combined with originality and brightness, which will look equally acceptable both on long and short nails. Every girl in the upcoming season can choose a manicure for the soul, whether she’s a fan of the classics or a fan of rebellious style.