Ice and beauty: what you can do useful cubes

Ice is a tonic, it wakes up the body (because washing with cubes recommended in the morning) and refreshes the face and body.

All this is due to the fact that during cooling of the skin her blood flows, pores, stimulates metabolic processes. The skin becomes more supple and fresh, for those who do not have natural blush like washing will give easy rotovisco on his cheeks.

Washing takes place at a rapid pace, the ice glides over the skin, both face and neck and decollete. Procedure twice daily will give you not only cheerfulness, but the freshness and firmness of the skin.

Beauticians suggest after a cold wash, not wipe and allow skin to absorb the liquid. So the ice was even more to freeze not only water, then with absorbing liquid in the skin penetrate and useful minerals.

We offer several options for «stuffing» vitamin-tonic ice.

The composition of the ice beauty

  • Mineral water will be a refreshing effect to the skin, it is very useful for the body and make it possible not only inside, but outside as remedies for cold washing.
  • Has toning properties and green tea, brew a strong brew and pour into molds. In the morning you can enjoy a refreshing effect and flavor of the tea on my skin.
  • Cleansing property is the silver water. Silver coin drop into the water and leave for a day, then freeze and enjoy. Silver has disinfecting properties, so this wash suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.
  • To get rid of age spots and to lighten skin, use treatment rice water. To do this, rinse with a small amount of grits and boil until full of cooking, drain and refrigerate the liquid. Every three days make fresh broth.
  • A calming effect has a Bay leaf. It is also necessary to boil, and the liquid to freeze. By the way, these cubes can be used after cleaning the face.
  • Lemon juice not only has a wonderful collection of vitamins, but also capable of skin rejuvenation. To make citrus juice of half a lemon squeeze out the liquid, connect it with a glass of water and freeze.
  • Another bleaching agent is grapefruit, the juice out of it to push is not necessary. It is enough to clean the cloves from the skin and film and freeze.
  • Tonic has a watermelon ice. Squeeze the juice and freeze it, freshness and energy to the skin is guaranteed.

Ice beauty can be done not only from fruits and spices, but of herbs. Examine their effect on the skin and prepare medicinal teas.

In conclusion, it is worth Recalling that in the cold season to wash the ice is not worth it, at least, before going out on the street for sure. Do not use ice if the skin is inflamed or you have expanded the blood vessels, such treatments can only aggravate the condition of a person. If in doubt about this procedure, consult your beautician.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna