Queen of youth – hyaluronic acid for face: at home!Homemade facial mask with hyaluronic acid

One of the most popular effective anti-aging tools is hyaluronic acid for the face, which can be used at home.

This so-called beauty shots or the elixir of youth.

Hyaluronic acid: what it is

Some women believe that hyaluronic acid is a medicine that is made for skin rejuvenation.

However, all the more interesting. This substance is a natural structural component of your skin and is present in connective tissue throughout the human body. Thanks to him, in epidermal cells maintained in normal water balance. In youth the body is actively synthesizes all matter and therefore up to 30 years of problems with wrinkles does not occur. The skin of the face feels natural hydration. But, unfortunately, youth is not eternal and with a sufficient amount of water in the cells is reduced, because the body does not have time to produce all the necessary substances in the right quantities. The skin becomes loose, dry, wrinkled. Innovation to combat this process has been used in cosmetology for more ensure the body’s hyaluronic acid by injection and the outer cosmetics and facial masks, cooked at home.

Hyaluronic acid for face at home: indications and contraindications

Hyaluronic acid is used both for medical and for cosmetic purposes. It represents quite a lot of benefits for the human body. You can even make your own products at home, to take advantage of hyaluronic acid. Such as:

• on the skin creates a protective porous film that retains water inside, and provides a reliable shield against microorganisms that enter from the outside;

• has a rejuvenating effect. Usually we cannot control the aging process, but the application, for example, masks with hyaluronic acid, carried out in the home, help to smooth wrinkles and expression lines, fill in folds on the surface of the skin. The skin becomes soft, smooth, supple and hydrated;

• the magic of the ingredient lies in the fact that he is able to keep the necessary amount of moisture in the body, even more than any other natural or synthetic polymer. Interesting fact: one gram of hyaluronic acid holds up to six liters of water! This is important from the point of view of aging, because one of the characteristics of a youthful skin is keeping moisture in it. With age, the epidermal layer of the skin begins to lose moisture, which leads to the fact that it loses its elasticity and firmness. Due to the increase of hydration, the skin becomes soft and elastic, control of moisture balance in the cells;

• thanks to its properties provides antioxidant protection from harmful influences and reduces inflammation, that is used to treat acne and pimples;

• it is scientifically proven that this substance can help in the treatment of ulcers in the mouth, commonly known as aphthous stomatitis;

• osteoarthritis – can help for your joints;

• eye health. Research produced by the science show that cataract injection with the specified substance have a positive impact;

• healing damaged skin. Some patients argue that the components of hyaluronic acid is able to reduce the time of wound healing and improve scar;

• and last but not least, why hyaluronic acid is so popular for a large number of commercial products for skin care. In addition to anti-aging effect, it will help your skin to stay well hydrated, moreover, it supports collagen production, and protein is very important to skin elasticity and cell renewal. In addition, this acid will protect the skin from damage caused by sunlight. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, experts say that hyaluronic acid is much more safe to use than collagen injections. In many cases, a substance is injected as filler for lips for aesthetic purposes. It also enhances the beneficial effects of other cosmetic products.

With all the advantages of this substance, there are significant drawbacks:

1. First of all, we are talking about addiction to a specific drug. The body may cease to produce the necessary funds, and the skin becomes dry and flabby.

2. You should avoid whey, which also contain alcohol, parabens, sulfates or other ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

3. Given that this is a very active biological substance that can be triggered by the worsening of existing diseases, e.g., infectious or systemic autoimmune diseases. Not recommend it and poor blood clotting.

4. It is undesirable to use during pregnancy and the lactation period.

5. It is forbidden to use after a deep peel, laser resurfacing (for a month) or if on face have inflammatory processes.

Hyaluronic acid for face at home how to use

Despite the ability to use masks with hyaluronic acid at home should do it very carefully. In cosmetics should be a very minimal amount.

First, you need to understand what types of hyaluronic acid:

• low molecular weight that are sold separately. It can be purchased in powder form or capsules. To apply must be strictly in accordance with the instructions. It is best suited for the preparation of anti-aging serum or gel at home. Excels at adding in your own favorite natural mask or cream;

• high molecular weight, that is, the size of the molecule larger and they prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin.

The most effective is low molecular weight acid, which sometimes can be used in combination with high molecular weight that will help to achieve an even better result.

It is also a substance added to the sunscreen to prevent skin dehydration. Effectively used in the composition of cosmetic products, helping to penetrate deeper into the epidermis.

At home hyaluronic acid is most often used in masks or on their own.

Facial masks with hyaluronic acid at home: recipes

For the manufacture at home of such masks must have the powdered hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate. These medications can be purchased at the pharmacy or order through the network online shopping.

In order to prepare your own miracle drug can help you with the following recipes:

1. With green tea.

What you will need:

1 gram of hyaluronic acid powder

0.5 Cup cold distilled water

½ Teaspoon glycerin

1 bag of green tea (a natural antioxidant)

3 drops of lavender oil

1 glass bottle (can be taken from a previous product for skin care)


1. Brew steep green tea in hot distilled water for 5 minutes and then let the water cool down. For rapid cooling, can be put in the freezer for a few minutes.

2. Then mix everything with powder.

3. Now add the glycerin and lavender oil, and pour it all into a glass container.

4. Shake well and place it in the refrigerator for one hour for the ingredients to gel together.

Now that you have whey, you can use it on the face morning and evening before applying your moisturizer. This serum can be stored for a month in the fridge.

2. The easiest.


Powder hyaluronic acid — 2 g;

Warm boiled water 30 ml;

Preparation: the powder to dissolve in liquid. Leave it to swell for one hour, then mix thoroughly to avoid lumps. This mixture should be enough for several treatments.

Method of application: before application cleanse face scrub. Apply to problem areas or entire face. At first you will feel like a thin gel film enveloped your face, but then the serum is fully absorbed and does not require rinsing. From above solution apply any anti-aging cream to achieve a greater effect.

3. With egg shell.

To prepare the eggshells from 5 eggs. This requires her to wash with detergent, to wipe and to separate the inner foil. Pour boiling distilled water to cover the shell. Leave to languish on low heat for 12 hours. If necessary, add boiled water. After the specified broth remove from heat, strain it. This will be the mask with hyaluronic acid, prepared at home. The resulting product should be applied on the face and neck and leave to dry (approximately 20 minutes). Then rinse everything with distilled water and DAB the face cream.

Facial masks with hyaluronic acid at home: the conditions for effective application of

One of the benefits of hyaluronic acid in the home is that it results to skin is noticeable immediately. This is its main difference from other natural remedies, which you must wait a certain period of time. Given a natural component hyaluronic acid and its excellent compatibility with skin, it is anti-Allergy drug.

But if you began to resort to its services in salons, you now have to use that procedure constantly through a strictly defined, but rather prolonged periods of time.

Using hyaluronic acid for the face, prepared at home, you have to understand that they will not be equivalent replacement injections in beauty salons. Cosmetics, unlike injections, will provide surface and not the underlying action. Don’t expect home use hyaluronic acid instant magic effect of rejuvenation. But for effective use you must:

1. To prepare the mask all the rules of using quality products;

2. Cleanse before applying a face using scrubs or other components;

3. Undergo home rejuvenation, which includes 7 to 10 procedures. It may or applying substances under the cream every day for two weeks or a mask about twice a week.

4. In the salon have to pass a test on tolerability. We recommend you to implement it, in order to avoid negative consequences. To do this, apply the drug on the outer side of the bend of the elbow and watch during the day, to avoid itching, burning and redness.

Hyaluronic acid lives up to his earned glory. That’s what we call multifunctional anti-aging ingredient!