How to wind the hair on curlers and Curling irons: user guide. All the rules of winding the hair on curlers and Curling irons

Gorgeous curls, romantic curls, bouncy curls – the dream of long-haired beauties.

To curl straight or wavy strands from nature without the help of a hairdresser, you need to learn how to use simple homemade devices: curlers or Curling irons.

How to wind the hair on curlers and Curling irons: prepare the hair

Before starting the procedure, prepare the curls. Otherwise, it is correct to wind the hair on curlers and Curling irons will not work.

1. The first rule: you can only curl freshly washed hair. In order that the curls held for a long time and was supple, elastic, and use a special foam or mousse. If you put these tools on dirty hair, hair will be obviously oily and ridiculous.

2. The second rule: after a thorough (preferably secondary) washing the hair on them to apply a nourishing conditioner, again rinsed and slightly dried with a towel.

3. Rule three: if you plan to Perm hair in curlers, to dry the curls with a Hairdryer is not necessary. The strands must remain wet to dry in the desired position. But when you use Curling irons, hair should be completely dry.

4. Rule the fourth: if you need a guaranteed long-term effect, hair should be covered by a special means. If you use Curling irons it should be a good thermal protection when you wrap in curlers – retaining foam.

Prepared hair is better protected from damage, and after Curling look fresh and healthy. Before you learn how to wind the hair on curlers and Curling irons, you need to choose the right tool for Curling. This is especially true for those girls who are eyeing curler and plates.

How to wind the hair on curlers and Curling: choose the tool

The main problem that occurs with frequent use of the tools for Curling, is split ends, breaking hair shaft. The burnt tips also cause a lot of problems, and to get rid of them only radical ways. Therefore, the Central criterion for choosing tools, must be safety.

As for the curlers, the best option is a foam «boomerangs». They are committed safe and comfortable so that they can even sleep. Good also plastic rollers, covered with polyurethane foam or rubber. Professionals use velvet curlers: they work gentle and allow you to get a variety of curls.

Metal curler electrify the hair, which causes their section. Wooden quickly get dirty themselves and Granat hair, giving them a groomed appearance and fat content. Hair rollers-Velcro easy no clips and rubber bands for fixing, as well as fast drying out of the locks due to patient diameter. However, very long hair they can be very confusing and damaging.

Fastest working hot rollers: hair can be done in just 15 minutes. However, due to high temperature cannot be used continuously, with a maximum of once a week. It is very important to know how to wind the hair on curlers and Curling irons.

Curling is even more dangerous: a wrongly chosen regime irons will burn through the hair. Curling is also better not to use the bowl one or two times a week, definitely giving curls to rest and recover. As for the types of Curling irons, they are different in size (the smaller the volume, the smaller the curl will turn out), power and material. The last is the most important factor. Regular metal Curling irons mercilessly burning hair, as the metal heats up unevenly. Frequent use of such a device leads to brittle, dry, section hair.

More secure are the devices with ceramic, titanium and tourmaline coating. They affect the hair gentler, more evenly heated, and tourmaline prevents the formation of static electricity.

How to wind the hair on curlers

Conventional curler allow three to six hours to create beautiful curls or tight curls. Will have to Tinker and longer (compared to Curling) wait for the result, but the curls will last much longer, and the damage will be less. If an urgent need to curl, it is ideal to use hot rollers.

If you need large curls or waves, you will need curlers big diameter. Accordingly, for small curls need rollers of small diameter. How to wind the hair on curlers and Curling irons? The technique is roughly similar, but there are important nuances. If you use the curler, the hair must be dried after washing. Clean, dry strands but be sure to moisten, sprinkle with water.

• Apply on hair cream for styling.

• Separating the hair into strands, each front screw-on comb. Strands should be the same, so distribute them to gently and uniformly.

• The correct winding the hair on curlers and Curling – with the crown inside.

• Put the tip of the strands on the roller, making sure the strand is not bent. If you miss this point, the hair will stick out in different directions.

• Install the lock inside, working hard enough, but pulling the hair. Hold the strand during the winding have perpendicular to its growth.

• Short strands of wind from above.

• Strand needs to hold on tight, but excessive hair (especially if they are pulled, are pulling) are capable of causing harm to follicles lead to hair loss. Pain – a signal the wrong wrap.

• Wrapped up before the end of the curl to lock the device, which is equipped with rollers (rubber, plastic clip, etc.).

Normal curlers hold until dry, which usually takes three to six hours. If the cushions are foam and not interfere with sleep, it is possible to twist at night and remove curlers in the morning. To speed up the process with a hair dryer is not: it leads to overheating of the hair, ruining its structure.

Remove the curlers need very carefully, unwinding the curl in the same direction. To pull, to tear the hair, to accelerate the process, in any case impossible. Once the rollers are removed, let hair recover. It would be difficult to comb them. After using hot rollers must pass twenty minutes before you brush your hair.

How to wind the hair with a Curling iron

Curling irons before applying to be heated to the desired temperature. In the instructions to the device be sure to set the heating time. If possible, adjust the heat so that the hair harm was caused is minimal.

In order to properly wind the hair on curlers and Curling irons, they need to prewash. But when you use the Curling strands of hair must be completely dry. If after washing hair should be done quickly, you have to dry your hair. The procedure will need a foam with thermal protection to best protect the structure of hair post from destruction.

Technique caught in a Curling iron the next.

• Wait until the heating device.

• Carefully comb the hair.

• Divide them into six or eight strands, fixing each with a hair clip.

• Take the bottom strand, razor styling or protection from overheating.

• Gently, in a spiral to wind the entire strand of hair on the Curling.

• When the curl is wound to horses, lower the clip.

• To warm up the pinstripe by more than fifteen seconds.

• To raise the clip and gently pull the curl from the rod of the irons.

• Repeat the procedure for the remaining strands.

• Bangs is processed last.

• The resulting curls to draw in the hair and fix the varnish.

Suitable for beginners tapered Curling iron, so named by a special web form. It is no different from a standard device, however, coned to remove long curls much easier.

When using the Curling iron most important thing is to preserve the health of the curls. Make it easy, because in any case terminarse big. However, to know the basic safety rules when using a Curling iron is a must. If you need a tight and well-formed curls, heat them to the maximum allowable time.

However, to create easy voluminous updo style is a little bit sloppy waves, the exposure time can be reduced through the use of so-called triple Curling device provided with three terminals.

In this case, with a Curling iron is wound only the tip of the strands. Warm-up time – no more than five seconds, then lean forward so that the curls acutality before my eyes. Sprinkle the roots with varnish or tool to create volume to the roots and straighten up, tossing the curls back. Will only slightly beat the hair with your hands, place it and fix with varnish already.

If Curling is used regularly, you should not skimp on the cost of the device. Quality irons are expensive compared to a classic iron, but they pay for themselves in terms of further hair care. The consequences of poor iron will be dull, lacking life and Shine to hair. To restore burnt hair, need a lot of time and money on skincare.

It is important not only to wind the hair on curlers and a Curling iron, but do not forget about the health of the follicles and the hair shaft. Any mechanical and thermal stresses potentially dangerous to the locks, therefore it is necessary not only to observe the wrap, but the curls to give sufficient time for natural recovery. During these periods, should no longer be using a hair dryer, use a comb with natural bristles or wooden toothpicks, to make nourishing oil or a hair mask, to avoid Curling and sophisticated styling.