How to win the fight against unwanted hair?

In search of the perfect tool for removing unwanted hair women since the days of Mesopotamia tried 1000 and 1 method. In the course went and the stones, and scrapers, and the threads that tied the individual hairs, and wax, and caramel, and a special secret compositions. Nefertiti and Cleopatra, ancient Roman women and women from the East felt smooth skin mandatory component of attractiveness and grooming. Modern women there is no need to expose yourself to long procedures of plucking individual hairs or try to remove unwanted vegetation extravagant ways like opaline fire (Yes, this method was too!). Now the aesthetic medicine offers many ways fast enough to achieve smooth skin and long. One of the favorite of many women techniques is laser hair removal – hair removal method is selective photothermolysis.

The principle of operation of laser is based on the characteristics of the structure of the hair. In General, each hair consists of a visible nadkarni part (stem) and the part that is under the skin – the hair bulb or root. Many methods of hair removal (sugaring, a razor, wax) deal only with the visible part, and laser hair removal affects root and follicle (the hair bag, which surrounds the root). That is why it provides the long-term effects.

The laser beam penetrates to a certain depth determined by its length. The light from the flash is absorbed by the pigment melanin, contained in hair and defines their natural color. As a result of absorption of light, the hair is heated and transmits heat energy into the root, thus destroys the follicle. After some time, scorched the hair shaft falls out, because he did not have communication with supply vessels.

Difficulty for laser hair removal are light colored hair, because they do not contain melanin, which can absorb light in a flash laser. The procedure is not performed on tanned or dark skin, for the opposite reason – an excess of melanin it can cause burns. Perhaps the only downsides of laser hair removal compared to other methods of hair removal.

IPL requires more treatments to achieve long-term effect and the higher the probability of burns in connection with a larger area of the treated surface.

Electrolysis involves the exposure of the discharge current to each individual hair, the result is pain and duration. Besides, there is always a risk of scarring and scars.

Waxing or sugar wax, using a razor give only a temporary effect. And this is their main drawback.

And laser hair removal and epilation treatments of the exchange rate, which is associated with the life cycle of the hair, in which it is possible to allocate three stages. The first is an active growth, the second transition or intermediate, and the third rest period. The duration of each stage may vary in different people due to their individual characteristics. Are subject to removal hairs that are in the active growth stage and at the same time it can be up to 30% of the total hairline. Therefore, to achieve a lasting effect of laser hair removal should be done by course with defined intervals between sessions.

Laser hair removal is a safe and painless method of hair removal. In modern cosmetology offers a variety of devices for carrying out this procedure. The «gold standard» is considered to be the alexandrite laser which very accurately targets the follicle, has a system of cooling the skin with water to decrease the sensitivity of the procedure and demonstrates high efficiency. In all the centers of laser and aesthetic medicine «Laser Doctor» is used by these applications. The cost of the procedure in centers – from 500 rubles.