How to wash off the paint from the hair at home without harm to their health. Overview professional washes paint from the hair

Most women at least once in my life dyed my hair.

However, it is not always the result meets expectations.

In this case, women in a hurry to dye my hair, exposing your hair to repeated stress.

Today we’ll look at how to wash off the paint from the hair home.

It turns out that there are more than a simple and harmless way of getting rid of unpleasant color.

Paint: types

Before you figure out how to rinse the hair with at home, should find out what are the coloring tools offered by modern market. Cosmetic products can be divided depending on the effect and impact on hair. Some of them provide lasting color, others paint strands only for a short period. The compositions of different colors affect the condition of the hair.

Resistant chemical paint allow you to achieve the rich colour of the hair, which remain on the hair for a long period. The basis of these remedies is hydrogen peroxide and organic compounds of different metals. Deep penetration of the pigments into the structure of each thread is achieved in the oxidation reaction that takes place during the coloring of the curls. The paints are available in a convenient package that enables women to carry out the procedure for changing hair color by yourself.

Bleaching powder paint choose those who care about the health of their hair. Lack of ammonia reduces the efficiency of fixation of the pigment on the hair, therefore, these tools usually require more frequent use.

Toning and tinting agents staining do not penetrate deeply into the hair. They quickly washed and are not used to drastic change the color of the curls. Also these products do not paint over the gray. In toning and toning conditioners, shampoos, mousses and balms do not contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, so they do not have an aggressive effect on the hair structure. With their help it is possible to saturate natural color and give it depth.

Natural paint is the only coloring tools, with beneficial effects on the health of curls. Among the most popular funds should be allocated henna, Basma and Ayurvedic dye from a mixture of therapeutic Indian herbs. Natural products are unstable coloured but leaves hair smooth and shiny, making curls beautiful and well-groomed.

How to wash off the paint from the hair home: purchase drugs

If staining was done poorly, the color is very different from the desired or lay down on hair spots, you can help purchase washes. Also they are very popular with fans often to change the image.

The modern market offers a large number of tools that can be safely used at home. Wash hair in its formula does not contain harmful substances such as ammonia, so remove unwanted tint very delicately. So, harsh products «pull» of tresses coloring pigment, but not clarified them. Get rid of the old color just a few procedures per wash taking two or three shades of paint.

Popular washes

If you’re wondering how to wash off hair dye at home, then will not be superfluous to mention the most effective, well-proven cosmetic products.

Tool Estel COLOR off from the Russian manufacturer allows you to gently remove even the darkest hair. The product gently removes artificial shade, keeping the natural pigment.

Spanish remover L’oreal Professionnel Efassor Special Coloriste is highly efficient. It gently removes hair from unwanted pigment without aggressive influence on the structure of the hair.

Remover Decoxon 2Faze from the Italian company Kapous is specially designed for the correction of undesirable hair color. Cosmetic does not cause harm to the hair and not lighten them in the «output» of ink pigment. After using product the curls retain their natural color. Use a wash is recommended immediately after the failed painting of hair.

Tool Remove Colorianne Brelil Color System from the famous Italian cosmetic brand Brelil Professional is also known as an excellent cleanser for hair. The artificial pigment is removed from the hair, maintaining their health and natural color.

Professional advice

So, how to wash off the paint from the hair at home to get the maximum positive effect? During the procedure, you need to be very careful not to violate the following rules:

• the product is applied exclusively on dry hair;

• after application, you should use a cap and warm towel;

• wash off the emulsion you need warm water and shampoo;

• after the procedure it is not necessary to injure strands of hot irons, hair-dryers, tongs or plates.

How to wash off the paint from the hair home: folk remedies

Less effective and more safe for curls are natural absorbents of colors. Folk remedies strongly not hit the pocket and are easy to use.

Mask-remover-based yogurt

The procedure for paint removers for hair based on the wonderful properties of fermented milk product, helps not only to lighten the hair, but to restore them. Also, using kefir means, you will strengthen the hair roots and give your hair a sleek look.

To prepare the mixture, you will need the following ingredients:

• fat kefir – 0.5 liters;

• vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon;

• salt – 1 tbsp.

All components are thoroughly mixed in suitable non-metallic container and gently apply on the entire length of dry hair. To achieve brilliant results to keep the remover should be at least 1 hour. To resort to this method experts recommend no more than twice a day and no more than three times a week. With this recipe you can easily lighten curls 2 shades.

Soda mask-remover

This tool can use only the owner of healthy strong hair. In badly damaged hair, dandruff and brittle soda mask is not recommended.

To prepare the wash, you need the following products:

• baking soda – 10 tablespoons;

• boiled water – 1 Cup;

• salt – 1 teaspoon;

• shampoo – 1-2 tablespoons.

The components are thoroughly mixed in a convenient container and apply to strands. The mask enough to leave on hair for 40 minutes. Then it needs to come off under warm water. To use this remover, no harm for healthy hair can be twice in a month.

Oil mask-remover

Mask of oil allows you to answer the question of how to wash off the paint from the hair home. If necessary, it can bring even black hair color. Without prejudice to the status of the locks can be lightened 2 shades.

For this wash you will need:

• any vegetable oil – 1 glass;

• margarine – 30 g

Mix the vegetable oil and margarine, and heated in a water bath to a temperature that will be for you as comfortable as possible. Apply on hair and keep for 30 minutes. Washed off the mask with shampoo.

Honey cleanser

Honey mask-apply to damp strands. Under this condition, it secretes a weak acid that gently brightening and smooths the hair color. Mask gives hair a nice Golden tint.

Before applying the miracle mask on my head adding to your favorite shampoo one teaspoon of sea salt or a pinch of baking soda. The amount of honey you take, depending on length of hair. Apply bee product on the curls and leave to act for 8-10 hours.

Other traditional methods for getting the hair color

• To eliminate unwanted pigment helps regular hair washing with lye soap. After the procedure it is necessary to use moisturizing mask or conditioner, because the soap is very dry hair.

• Slightly lighten your hair and give it extra Shine you can, regularly rinsing it in a decoction of chamomile or lemon juice, diluted in water.

• To remove the greenish tint of the paint when you rinse with aspirin. One Cup of boiled water should take 5 tablets of aspirin.

Rinse the hair with at home or repaint

After paint removers, some women have such problems with the hair:

• dry and brittle locks;

• loss of elasticity and Shine to the hair;

• split ends.

To get rid of these negative consequences, it is enough to properly care for your hair. To give the hair a healthy appearance will help purchase and homemade nourishing mask for hair restorative balms and conditioners, vitamin decoctions of medicinal herbs. Split ends, which appear after washing, it is best to shear off. So, regular maintenance will return to the hair attractive appearance.

Every woman should decide for herself, to wash her the shade of hair or just repainted. The fact that the use of washes suggests that you won’t immediately repaint the hair or tint them, and will allow the hair to rest.

Now you know how to flush the dye hair at home. In order to preserve the health and beauty of your hair, any experiment should be approached very responsibly. Pay due attention to their tresses. Nothing gives confidence in their own irresistibility as great hair.