Available magic smooth – how to tighten pores on the face. Tightens pores on the face — homemade masks and other tools

How often dilated pores cause a bad mood?

We can say with confidence that this problem worries a lot of women.

Really it is impossible to get rid of that reflection in the mirror caused a smile, not a bitter disappointment and dissatisfaction.

When and how to appear enlarged pores

As a rule, enlarged pores is a consequence of hormonal changes during the transition period and rebuilding the body of a teenage girl. The skin at this time becomes more oily, sebaceous ducts become clogged due to the deformation, prolonging the skin, forming an uneven surface similar to orange peel. In the process of life skin condition and the size of the pores can vary. It depends on lifestyle, nutrition, genetic inheritance, time spent under direct sunlight, bad habits, diseases of the body, the quality of the cosmetic products, the correct care of the skin. The porous skin is often greasy, dull, with a grayish tinge. Looks thick and groomed. Black dots create an overall unhealthy appearance, and inflammation that often appear, turn into the new time, again and again, testing the nerves of their «mistresses» for strength.

As narrow pores on the face accents, causes, tips

In order to see positive changes on your face, you need to reconsider your lifestyle and diet. Welcome to you Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages? Do you like oily, salty and spicy food? If at a young age we needed to start the right skin care that would lead to the alignment of the skin on the face, the older we get, the more we have to think how to narrow pores on the face more effectively and efficiently?

Please reconsider your diet. Eliminate products that cause the skin to actively «work» on the allocation of the excess fat. Limit your intake of fats and carbohydrates.

Remove the habit of Smoking or drinking alcohol, because these «stimuli» are contributing to changes in the vessel walls, destruction of collagen in skin cells, imbalance and damage to the subcutaneous fat, which leads to deformation of the skin.

Keep track of time spent in the sun. Possible skin burns can cause changes in the sebaceous glands.

The health of all internal organs is another option to keep your facial skin smooth. Very often, the pores appear on the cheeks, cheekbones, chin. This may indicate the problems of the gastrointestinal tract. And some exterior treatments the skin can not be saved from the grey species and inflammation.

As narrow pores on the face beauticians

It is no secret that modern cosmetology and medicine offer a variety of treatments to improve the skin. I think each of the women that are faced with the problem of porosity of the person thought about what the doctor or the beautician to trust the solution to your problem.

And if plastic surgeons all clear, cosmetologists, has something to surprise us. Some names of procedures are worth. In short, analyze every.

Acid peel or biological exfoliation is done by using enzymes that affect the skin carefully and gently. Therefore, the effect will be visible after five or six treatments produced once a week at most;

Microdermobrasion is unique in its effectiveness and content of the microcrystals of aluminum oxide procedure. It deeply cleanses the pores, smoothes the porous wall changes, removes the Horny layer cells contribute to the regeneration and smoothing the skin’s surface.

The procedure is directed for delivery into the dermis vitamins, nucleic and amino acid compounds. They are made under the skin in microscopic amounts, using a syringe with a special needle. Cocktail injection selected individually based on the needs. Work directly with the problem.

Cryotherapy (cryomassage) is subject to the needs of the skin. The procedure involves local exposure to cold. Liquid nitrogen, on the basis of which the procedure is performed, not applied to the skin, and works due to the close contact with the face. Metabolic processes in tissues are amplified, which leads to smooth porous surfaces.

The use of laser, due to its antibacterial effect on the skin, allows you to remove the visible signs of inflammation, smooth out scars and pores. At home to make this procedure impossible.

Available analogues of the procedures of cosmetic Cabinet

Is there a replacement beauty salons? Is it possible to produce the best treatments at home with affordable products cosmetology? Consider the ways in which narrow pores on the face at home, simple and effective.

Each of the procedures involves several preliminary steps: cleansing the skin with special creams or solutions, steam bath for the face, the pores were opened (five minutes is enough for normal, oily skin, and two or three for the sensitive), or a warm compress. After the steam bath or compress is recommended to rest for a while. Enough twenty minutes. The skin needs to calm down, to go redness.

Masks and compresses applied to the skin, excluding the eye area, lips, thyroid for 15-20 minutes. Washed, contrast in temperature, the vitamin solution, or water.

For washing will fit the following, made his own vitamin cocktails:

1) Pour boiling water over any useful herbs (chamomile, thyme, mint, calendula flowers, sage, etc.). From one or more. Cool, wash or wipe the face twice a day or after special procedures;

2) In purified water (1 liter), add a teaspoon of baking soda and lemon juice;

3) Water in which boiled vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, spinach) is very useful for the face.

Acid peel at home can be done by using the acids contained in certain fruits and berries. They dissolve dead cells on the skin’s surface, contribute to smoothing. Improve the complexion. Here are some recipes possible peeling of masks.


1) 20 g of white clay, 1 ml – lemon juice 25ml – strawberry juice or strawberries;

2) Half grated Apple + a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar + half a teaspoon of honey + teaspoon orange or tangerine oil;

3) Juice the berries of viburnum mix with beaten egg whites of one egg;

4) Two tablespoons of juice of a sour Apple, beaten egg, teaspoon starch (corn, potato);

5) Spread five large strawberries with one teaspoon of lemon or orange juice. Apply to the face. If necessary, cover with a paper towel.

Fruit and vegetable. Vegetable

1) a Dessert spoon of yoghurt or sour yogurt, a tablespoon of dry yeast, one teaspoon of olive oil, orange juice, carrot juice, lemon juice. If the skin is too oily, then the oil in the mask need not be added.

2) one Protein beat eggs in a foam, add two tablespoons of grated on a fine grater cucumber. Or whisk everything in a blender. Apply to skin, cover top with paper or gauze pad, the composition did not flow down the face;

3) sauerkraut Juice (25 ml) mixed with a tablespoon of yogurt, add a teaspoon of oat flour.

Protein-lemon, yolk-lemon

1) the Protein of one egg whipped with one teaspoon of lemon juice;

2) the Yolk of one egg RUB with a tablespoon of lemon juice.


1) a Quarter glass of hot red wine, dilute one tablespoon of radish juice, add a teaspoon of honey and ground oatmeal. For oily skin it is better to use a dry wine for normal – dry or dessert;

2) tablespoon of red wine add in the mashed berries of a black currant or red ash. Pour half of the whipped egg whites. If the skin is normal, not oily, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil, preferably from citrus fruits.

Each of the masks is removed from the surface of the face massage in a circular motion, as it helps the composition to remove dead skin cells, thereby smoothing the pores.

The microdermabrasion at home

Ingredient that will help to partially replace the tiny crystals of aluminum oxide can be considered soda. It is worth noting that the effect of adoption is not that bad and can solve the eternal question: how to tighten pores on face at home?

1) On wet face, apply baking soda, rubbing in small circular motions for 5-10 minutes. Wash off at first warm, then cool water;

2) half a teaspoon of baking soda mix with the same amount of fine salt. Apply to wet skin, except around eyes and lips. Rinse with contrasting temperature solutions.

After applying the soda peeling be sure to moisturize with a light cream. To rest the skin.

Pets, meso — and cryo — therapy

To call such procedure homemade difficult, but you can try to saturate the skin with nutrients that will contribute to the normalization of the sebaceous glands and will help to reduce the appearance of pores or to warn them. Finish the procedure, contrasting bells and whistles. Use wrung out from boiling water and removed from the freezer a damp cotton cloth. They will contribute to the contraction of the pores.

1) Boil the carrot and turnip, chop to a puree, apply for fifteen minutes. After removal to make contrasting gadgets, applying alternately a very hot napkin, and then from the freezer.

2) Mix a teaspoon of condensed milk and any fruit puree (peaches, watermelons, plums, etc.) applied to the skin.

3) a teaspoon of clay mixed with three tablespoons of sorrel, fruit and leaves of mountain ash, spinach, chopped by blender or a meat grinder, added a few drops of water to make a thick sour cream. You can superimpose the mask and on the neck. Enough to hold twenty-five minutes.

Describes the procedure and ingredients for them, simple and affordable. Make time for your beauty! You will experience the magic of smooth skin and the question of how to tighten pores on face at home will lose relevance.