How to take care of skin in winter season

The skin in the winter time becomes more sensitive, as its natural protective barrier is destroyed by dry air and icy winds. To keep it healthy, you have to find the right way winter care.

If the skin is oily, then taking care of her, no need to apply your usual alcohol-based lotions, since the sebaceous glands in the winter are not as active as in the summer.

So, using such means, there is a risk of dry skin. Before going out, be sure to apply on the face layer of protective tools such as nourishing cream. And of cosmetics fit skincare.

Winter skin care depends on skin type. But if you use tools that do not suit you, then spring will come imbalance. In this case, you have to visit an experienced cosmetologist.

If you do not suffer skin rashes in the form of acne, black spots or even freckles, the use of tools that will «work» as a preventive measure, should not be. Remember that this will only harm your skin, since its natural balance under the influence of specialized tools strong directional effect can be broken.

He washed the face, you need to use the usual soap, but more gentle means. In addition, try as often as possible to replace the plain water boiled or non-carbonated mineral water. The cream should be applied only to thoroughly cleansed skin, and apply them recommended about half an hour before leaving the house.

Very useful to wash with frozen herbal decoctions, which not only moisturize, but also heal the skin. Chamomile solution helps to deal with inflammation, Linden blossom will save your skin from peeling, and St. John’s wort helps with redness. Even if your life is a constant rush, anyway, try not to wash continuously with tap water, as this can lead to inflammation or peeling of the skin.

Do not neglect special masks that give your skin the vitamins needed in winter. Taking care of skin, you’ll not only beautiful, but also healthy.