How to swing a press, to remove the stomach. The impossible is possible: how to remove belly fat doing crunches and keeping a diet

Despite the fact that the beautiful figure in our time, there is only an insignificant number of people, I dream about it everything.

There are no such people who are satisfied with their completeness or conversely, lean body type.

Someone in this matter prevents laziness, others a lack of free time.

It would seem to clean the stomach enough to reduce your diet and the fat will eventually go away.

Actually the way it is, but it is unlikely you will be happy with the final result.

In place of fat will appear saggy skin and stretch marks, which is not so easy to get rid of. In this article we will discuss how you can remove belly fat by performing abdominal exercises.

General recommendations on how to remove belly fat with abdominal exercises

This section will be small, to far away from the main topic of the article. Without these General recommendations, you will not be able to see progress, even if you regularly carry out a training program for several years. They are as important as the training itself, so their performance rigorously.

First, it is necessary to follow a low-carb diet. You will not be able to get rid of fat, along with this re-typing it. Therefore, from the diet will need to remove everything that will not allow you to see progress – flour, sweet, fatty, carbonated beverages. Their use is of course permissible, but only in small quantities. And best of all eat them in the days of cardio to get rid of the calories.

Secondly, it is necessary to forget about alcohol. By itself, alcohol is the enemy of our body. Any alcohol is bad for us, and the main enemy of weight loss – beer. It is mastrogiannis drink, and that its negative effects do not end there. Beer always want to snack on something harmful and salty – negatively impacting your diet.

Give sufficient time for sleep and avoid stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes the body to store fats in the body. In order to fight with him, you need to sleep well and eliminate from our lives all the stress factors.

The most common mistakes

For those who are not really familiar with neither a gym nor sports in General, on this issue, will meet considerable difficulties. To correctly swing a press and remove the belly, you need to know the physiological processes in our body, as well as the anatomy of the body. But go into too much detail will not, here, we give only the main mistakes beginners.

1. To execute huge amount of exercise. It would seem that the more you do repetitions of exercises, the stronger the load the muscle will burn more calories, and you can see the press after a couple of days. Alas, this is the wrong approach. Let’s start with the fact that the abdominal muscles like any other muscle in our body needs to moderate loads. If you do high reps, you further injure your abs. In addition, the implementation of most of the exercises for the abs should not be regarded as a good cardio, which will make you burn a lot of calories. You will need to do about 10,000 sit-UPS to even the calories burned from an hour of running. So, if you want to know how to swing a press to remove belly fat – here’s your first clue: never need too hard to exercise!

2. Try to burn fat only in the abdominal area. What decisions does not come to girls and boys before the beach season. Daily workout press, wrap, belly massage etc. are All directed to specifically to get rid of fat only in the required area. Unfortunately, every such attempt is doomed to failure. The body in this regard is quite wise, and he tries to maintain a «natural» look of the body. If the fat is postponed it evenly throughout the body, if burned, then the same all over the body. Therefore, it is necessary to tell you that you can’t lose fat only on my stomach. To doing crunches you will sooner or later be able to see instead of fat-coveted «cubes», you need to combine exercise with diet and cardio.

3. Another most common mistake among beginners is that they do regularly. To perform the set of exercises it is necessary not just in a couple of weeks, and the next day. Only in this case the muscles will get a full load and the necessary impetus to their growth. At the same time as will increase your abdominal muscles, your waist will become more slender and toned. But initially you may not even see their muscles – for this, you will need to get rid of fat.

Some tips on how to swing a press to remove belly fat

So error talk now have to go to councils. There are certain nuances that can either halt your progress, or conversely, to speed it up. If you purposefully decided to take himself and his figure, then you must be willing to adhere strictly to the rules.

1. Training should be done only on hard and level surface. No sofa, no soft bed for these purposes will not work. The maximum you can use is a thin, rubber Mat. They are in any gym, but for home exercises you can purchase them in the store. Why is it necessary to do so? Soft surface during the exercise will be to bounce under you, that very strongly affect the effectiveness of the exercise. You don’t want to waste my time and energy? One should not do and on the bare floor, because you risk to damage the back.

2. Training is best done in the morning. First, in the morning your body is exhausted 8-hour absence of food. At this time, it is prone to maximum fat loss. Therefore, it is in the morning held all the cardio and other workouts for weight loss. Secondly, on an empty stomach is much easier to perform the exercises. If, during any crunches or sit-UPS your stomach will any food, you will feel a strong discomfort, which will affect your General attitude to training. Besides, getting up 15-20 minutes earlier and giving it time training, you will receive a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day.

3. The exercises should be done at a slow pace. Muscles must be good to feel the load. Those sit-UPS in fast mode is hacks. This method allows you to perform the exercises due to the inertia and not muscle. But your goal is not to do exercise for show, and that they benefit. Otherwise you would not read this article.

4. In addition to the time you allocate for training, you should also adopt another very useful technique. It should be kept in mind and is to run continuously – in the morning and before you go to bed. Only this method you can significantly reduce the volume of the abdomen a few inches after a couple of weeks. What is this incredible technique? It’s pretty simple – you should keep your stomach sucked and tight. The fact that many people go with large, bulging bellies are not always problems only fat. In most cases this is because the abdominal muscles lose their tone, and stretch under the pressure of the stomach. If you are constantly going to go straining his stomach, then soon you will be able to seek the return of tone to the muscles, and significantly reduce the size of the waist.

5. During the exercise you will feel a burning sensation in the abdomen. The pain of this feeling becomes unbearable at times because of what people are doing themselves a favor in the form of a reduced number of sets or repetitions. Force you to endure the pain and to do it through the strength we can not, however, necessary to do so. If you give your muscles a rest, lose a significant proportion of the effectiveness of the training. Muscle must be supplied until such time as you are not physically able to perform the repetition. But it is worth repeating, we are not talking about hundreds and thousands of repetitions. Trust me – a properly performed exercise, even in the amount of 20-25 repetitions will make you experience a huge range of sensations.

Exercises by which you will be able to remove belly fat and pump up the press

There is a huge variety of different exercises for the abdominal muscles. We tried to select for you the most effective and useful gathered in one complex.

For starters I want to say about the two undisputed leaders. These exercises are a little different from standard techniques to press for its relative ease of implementation. They can handle even a beginner.

Exercise # 1 – the vacuum. This exercise was developed by one of the builders of America, which was awarded the title of «Miss Olympia» for the relief of your physique. And the press played a huge role. This exercise allows you to achieve tone the transverse abdominal muscles and achieve a flat stomach in a very short time.

The exercise is performed in the following way. Starting position – standing, hands on hips. Then take a deep breath, fully filling your lungs with air. Then, slowly and controlled exhale, at the same time as pulling in his tummy. Hold in this position. After this, take slow breaths, even more pulling the stomach inside so I had a feeling that it almost touches spine. Then return to the starting position. One such repetition should be 20 to 30 seconds. This exercise can also be performed sitting or lying and on all fours, but standing variation is most effective.

Exercise # 2 – plank. Also a very good exercise in order to achieve a flat stomach. Adopt the prone position. Then, stand in a position to have your body rested on my elbows and the toes of the feet. The body should be a straight line, without any deflection. During this exercise, pull your stomach in and tense your abdominal muscles. After a few seconds you can feel the tension throughout your body.

Exercise # 3 – twisting classic. Take supine position, knees bent, hands behind head. From this position, lift the body up, as if twisting the abdominal muscles. The important thing when performing is to have your body twisted, and was not raised like a straight line.

Exercise # 4 – the bike. Sit on the floor, hands behind your head, legs extended forward and hang above the floor. Then, bring your right leg bent at the knee, to the body, at the same time touching her left elbow. Then switch arm and leg.

Exercise # 5 – leg lifts. The supine position, legs and arms lying on the floor. Lift up to vertical position first one leg, then the second. Also, alternately, put them on the floor and repeat the exercise.

Exercise # 6 – stretching the legs. Prone position, hands under the waist, legs drawn up and bent at the knees. Pull the legs forward and upward, then return to the starting position.

Exercise # 7 – side twisting. The supine position, legs bent at the knees, arms on the floor stretched forward. Twist the side muscles of the body to touch left hand to left toe and Vice versa.

In this article, we briefly told you how to swing a press, to remove the stomach. But reading is reading, and to get rid of fat in practice not so easy! So, do not waste your time and try to put into practice their new knowledge!