How to strengthen nails at home? Methods and recipes to strengthen nails at home: effectively

Some people have nails strong, smooth, shiny, and others suffer from their fragility, thinness and generally unhealthy looking.

Why? A lot of reasons.

Here and genetics, and eats, and living conditions, and health problems.

Anyway, there are many options for how to strengthen nails at home, without going to the salon.

Anyway, try to do it.

To strengthen nails at home.

If you do not take into account diagnosed or hiding of the disease, the negative impact on the condition of nails have the following factors:

• constant wearing of extension of nails;

• use household chemicals without protection (protective creams, gloves);

• deficiency of vitamins (especially vitamin E, A, D, C) and minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, silicon);

• permanent mechanical injury of the nail plate, improper care, use of poor quality nail varnish;

• bad habits;

• constant exposure to weather, environmental conditions at work or at home (high or low temperature, humidity or dryness of air).

Obviously, the problem of breakage and delamination has internal physiological and external causes. For example, in the spring, during avitaminosis and after a cold winter, nails deteriorate in many people. If the nails have started to exfoliate after self manicure, it’s possible you just hold the nail file correctly or using too coarse a brush.

How to strengthen nails at home: methods

Is it possible to fix the situation? Not only possible, but necessary, especially if the breakage and flaking is a sign of nutrient deficiency. How to strengthen nails at home? To get guaranteed result, we will need to move in several directions, inside and outside.

• Constantly protect the nail plate. Doing homework, be sure to use household rubber gloves. Water from the nail plate swell and delaminate, and harsh chemicals aggravate the situation.

• Rasp the nail from the edge to the center, moving the nail file in only one direction. This will prevent delamination. For home use is a glass nail file with abrasive 220 grit. To keep it must be strictly perpendicular to the treated surface of the nail.

• In addition to skin funds must be used revitalising face masks, and baths. There are many recipes and you need to find yourself a course that will be efficient and won’t disturb you.

• On the eve of the summer season, be sure to drink a course of vitamins, specially selected to strengthen nails and hair.

One of the reliable methods of strengthening weak, brittle nails – cover plate of the nail with Biogel. Usually the procedure is done in salons. However, many girls now prefer a regular manicure lasting gel Polish done at home on your own, and acquire a domestic UV lamp. The device can be used for strengthening nails bio-gel. This is very beneficial and convenient.

How to strengthen nails at home with the help of the bio-gel? You will need not only gel, but also a primer, degreasing liquid, the topcoat. Typically, these tools are sold in kits to the lamp.

What you need to do:

• to lead nails in order (to make it a regular manicure);

• degrease the nail plate;

• apply primer, allow to dry in the lamp (exposure time indicated in the instructions to the device, usually two to three minutes);

• apply bio-gel to dry;

• if you want to, apply a second layer of gel to dry;

• wipe nails with liquid Polish remover without atsenton;

• apply finish, dry.

After you will only RUB the cuticle in a drop of olive oil or any means to supply nails. Under a layer of bio-gel, which includes a lot of proteins, the nail will feel cozy and warm. After a few months of this treatment he will strengthen, relax, get healthy.

A good, proven method for strengthening nails – the use of pharmaceutical cosmetic preparatuV. This may be an oil solution of tocopherol (vitamin E) and retinol (vitamin a), sealing wax, and also numerous remedies, which are applied to the nails like a regular nail Polish.

And still the main method for strengthening nails at home – it is special baths and masks. Depending on the severity of the impact can be applied or several times per week or once per month.

How to strengthen nails at home: recipes

The most common components to restore the strength and beauty of the nail plate is sea salt, lemon, honey, natural vegetable oil, gelatin, glycerin, herbs, and even iodine.

Sea salt

The simplest tool – a bath of sea salt. A spoonful of product should be dissolved in half a liter of very hot water and immerse fingers. The exposure time is fifteen minutes. Then wet skin, brush hands nourishing cream. Quickly to strengthen the nails allows the course of ten daily treatments.

Sea salt and oil

The procedure of «sealing» the nail with sea salt is one of the most effective for exfoliating, weak nails. In a teaspoon of coarse sea salt it is necessary to drip a little warm, not necessarily boiled water. Grains should not dissolve and become a scrub. Apply salt mass on the nail plate and a few seconds to RUB a cotton pad or soft cloth. Salt to clean and apply the nail a mixture of the following composition: a piece of natural beeswax (pivchaynoyi teaspoon), melted in a water bath, three drops of evening primrose oil and the same amount of grape seed oil. RUB the mixture into the nail remains dry. Regularity – twice a month.

Sea salt and lemon

Has a firming effect mask and bath of sea salt and lemon. It is the lemon is one of the most essential products for healthy nails. It perfectly strengthens and whitens nails. The first version of the mask: mix in a glass Cup, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and two pinches of sea salt. Apply on the nail plate for ten minutes.

Honey and lemon

Another option for a great nutritional home remedies based on lemon and honey. Both components mixed in equal proportions, apply the composition on the nails and cuticles for fifteen minutes. Curative means by which the nails cease to exfoliate, get a natural Shine, strength and health.

Tools nail care with lemon is to use no more than once a week, as the yellow fruit has a high activity. To use a fruit can be, both independently and in mixtures with vegetable or cosmetic oils, warmed in a water bath.

Vegetable oil and tomato

To accelerate growth, strengthen nail plate can make a mask of olive oil and almonds (one teaspoonful), four drops rosemary (epilogo) oil and one finely grated tomatoes. Such a strange composition to lubricate the tips of the fingers to hold the mask seven or eight minutes. After rinsing massage the fingers and hands with a nourishing cream.

Gelatin and oil

Gelatin mask for nails are also very useful. You can use the product independently or to mix mortar pharmacy vitamin E, And oils, or any cosmetic oils. To prepare the base trays should half big spoon of gelatin to dissolve in one Cup of hot boiled water, cool slightly and dip the tips of your fingers for about fifteen minutes.


To prepare this invigorating bath you need to mix equal parts of chamomile, burdock root and St. John’s wort. Two tablespoons herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water, infuse for half an hour, drain and put it in infusion fingers for about twenty minutes. Then wet skin, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.


There are many applications of iodine to strengthen nails at home. This method may seem too radical but it works! The first option is to simply cover the nail with one layer of a solution of iodine with a cotton swab. You can do it at night. Repeat the procedure is often not recommended, a maximum of once per month.

Bath of sea salt and iodine is a very effective way to quickly put in order fragile, thin nails. To dissolve a spoonful of salt in a Cup of boiling water, add five anything of iodine and hold the tips of your fingers in this solution for twenty to thirty minutes.

Very effective mask of one tablespoon olive oil, heated in a water bath, half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and four drops of iodine. Composition to impregnate the nails, skin pads, cuticle, hold for fifteen minutes, then remove residues with a dry cloth.

How to strengthen nails at home: causes of failures

What to do if bath, pharmacy funds, and even bio-gel does not work? How to strengthen nails at home in a situation where the effectiveness of traditional methods is close to zero? First of all, to revise the diet. In addition to vitamins should be included in food products rich in vitamins and trace elements: a marine fish, butter, milk, spinach, broccoli, cereals, nuts, seeds, apples.

Now it’s time to analyze your habits and way of nail care.

• If the nails break down and deteriorate against the background of Smoking, expect them to strengthen not necessary. Nicotine adversely affects the condition of the nail plate, so you’ll have to choose: either cigarette or beautiful hands.

• You can unsubscribe from nail varnishes and the use of funds for their withdrawal on the basis of acetone. Try for one or two months to replace the decorative covering on treatment and for removing the old layer to apply bezatsetonovymi funds.

• Brittle nails can be caused by calcium deficiency. It can be filled grandma’s way, that is ground into the dust eggshell. Three times a day before meals to eat a small amount of powder (one third teaspoon). If you do not want to mess with the shell, buy pharmacy drug calcium.

If you care about the condition of nails, you dream of a beautiful manicure will become a reality. Even the most weak, brittle, parched nails, you can reinforce at home.