How to straighten hair with a Flatiron and what it needs. Tips for girls who don’t know how to straighten hair with a straightening iron

A real woman is rarely satisfied.

There is always something to improve and improve, and logic has no place here.

Therefore, holders of straight strands I love Curling, and girls with wavy hair are always trying to straighten.

How to straighten hair with a straightening iron?

Here the question of the century that just need to know the correct answer.

How to straighten hair with a straightening iron: do I need any tools

The procedure of straightening is not as simple as it seems. It’s in the old days it was possible to brush the wet strands in the hope that they will lose their waviness or spritz your hair with water, trying to tame their rambunctious. Now all not so.

Manufacturers of cosmetics are trying to swing, offering consumers shampoos, conditioners, balms, sprays, lotions for smoothing hair. But for full control you need a special Curling irons for hair straightening. Before you figure out how to straighten hair with a straightening iron, you will have to buy the device.

A choice will have to be done between several types of rectifiers: with ceramic or tourmaline coating with ionic-ceramic or metal plates. Metal irons are the most dangerous for the hair. They burn hair shafts to make strands dull, and the tips split. Curls can suffer after 1-2 applications.

Ironing with ionic and tourmaline coated roads and are often used in professional styling. Ionic radiation gives strands Shine, minimizes damage from overheating and restores. Ceramics at home is preferable. Use of such a device easy hair it does not hurt. However, it is heated for a long time, but evenly.

What else you need to pay attention:

• the presence of the thermostat (for women with brittle thin natural hair this is especially true);

• work surface width (the wider it is, the more number of hairs can be treated simultaneously);

• the presence of additional functions (for example, the form of wafers, allowing podivat curls at the tips, or tips included).

In any case, choosing a suitable pad, not worth saving. Health and beauty hair important. Besides, you never know how much it will cost the restoration of the damaged yarn.

How to straighten your hair utjuzhkom: prepare the hair

The main rule of procedure is to work only with pure strands. No fat, residues of styling products or freshly applied Polish! Therefore, before the straightening irons they definitely have to wash with shampoo suitable type.

There are shampoos and conditioners that promise incredible smoothness fluffy hair. And all would be well, but such tools often make the hair heavy and deprived of volume. This feature must be taken into account.

Conditioners are applied to hair ends, so that the same type straightens effect hard to find. But smoothing the mask does make hair more elastic, docile and easier to extrude.

Pure tresses you need to use thermal protection cream, foam, spray, mousse, serum, gel. They provide an additional effect, often fixing. If hair shafts are thick, durable, and long hair, you can use the cream (a small section of the tool will zirnite, as if the head is not myta). All other means universal.

Important after applying thermal protection to comb the hair with an ordinary flat comb with a few teeth to distribute evenly. Now you can start drying. Good to dry the hair using the round brush a special round brush with hard bristles. Strands should be brushed with smooth long movements it roots to ends, directing a jet of air simultaneously from the top down.

To straighten hair with a straightening iron until they are dry, you can’t. High temperature will ruin the wet hair shafts, destroying their structure.

How to straighten hair with a straightening iron: the sequence of actions

First of all you need to heat the pad. Temperature is important to control. If the hair is soft and manageable, it is enough to 120°C. If the curls cool, hair shafts tight, hard, temperature can be made higher, but not more than 200°C.

How to straighten hair with a straightening iron? Process first one side of the head, then the other.

We must act as follows:

• separate a section of hair from the nape;

• unwanted hair pin barrettes-the crabs, in order not to interfere;

• pin crimper at the roots and glide down through the entire strand to ends;

• repeat pulling the second time;

• go to the next strand.

If your hair is very thin and need volume, you can leave a few strands at the roots nephrotomy. They give the hair the desired volume, and the hair will look mirror-smooth.

After treatment of the strands completed, the result must be fixed with varnish, wax or spray (if hair is short). It is important not to overdo it: the hair should look alive and not dead varnished. For fine hair with a strong fixation is not suitable.

If it is important to obtain a large volume, the hair must be lifted, and apply hairspray to the roots. In addition, you can use a professional tool for basal volume.

How to straighten hair with a Flatiron and what not to do

Hair straightener allows you to get a wonderful, deliciously smooth curls. However, it is important to know not only how to straighten hair with a straightening iron. It is equally important to understand what to do, you should not.

1. To use the flat iron every day. Twice a week is the maximum which will preserve the health of the curls. More frequent use will quickly ruin the hair. They are brittle, fall out, lose lustre and elasticity.

2. To handle the dirty strands. First, the pad will emphasize the dirtiness and made spoil all the impression of hairstyle. Secondly, the plates will be worse hot.

3. Conducting plates on the right, can not be delayed. The speed of pulling should be the same, but the movement is smooth gliding.

4. If the plates are Teflon-coated or made of iron to use on the hair indelible heat or skincare for hair is impossible. When heated, they stick to metal and can damage the device.

5. To use a straightener on wet hair. The structure of the hair is destroyed from this, and the scalp can seriously burn.

If your hair is brittle, is to opt out of the use of Ironing. In an extreme case, be sure to use a strong heat protection, the heating temperature set to minimum. For fine hair, the high heat – too much stress.

Regular use of the rectifier requires a constant high hair care products. They need revitalising face masks, balms, good (preferably professional) shampoos. Definitely once a month, split ends of strips to cut. If the structure of the rod is damaged, to refuse the rectifier should be up to full recovery of hair.