How to steam the face for cleansing with steam, compress and mask. How to steam the face for cleansing: is it safe?

Cleaning is a popular procedure that can help at any age to have beautiful smooth skin. But before you begin cleaning, dermis (top layer of skin) you need to steam. For what it is and how to carry out this procedure home?

Why you need decoupling

About the need to seriously face rashes, inflamed areas, grey, comedones. This problem can appear at any age, though most frequently resorted to cleaning young girls and young women. At their age skin secret stands out is active, the pores become clogged, clean them often need. Otherwise – alas: black dots, endless pimples, acne.

But women after 30 need from time to time to carry out deep cleansing of the dermis. Leather in any case suffers from street dirt, cosmetics. Add the factor of chronic stress and a bad environment – and now, on the face visible all the intervening years, and sometimes five to ten extra.

What’s steaming? The relationship is straightforward. To remove grease tube, zakupivlyu pores, they need to soften. This can be done with the help of heat treatment, i.e. heating. Moreover, the pores will expand, and therefore, will not only easily give what they have accumulated, but also to absorb the active nutrients in the process subsequent manipulations. That is why it is important to know how to steam the face for cleaning.

The decoupling used in the following cases:

• before deep-cleaning, which implies the scrubbing;

• before an acid peel;

• before applying the mask with a nutrient or therapeutic composition;

• to remove the purulent content of the pores, pimples and blackheads;

• if you are hypersensitive cleansing cosmetics (masks, peels, scrubs, etc.).

Steaming, which has become a regular procedure when conducting deep cleansing of the skin, allow to forget about the pimples and ugly, enlarged pores and comedones. Knowing how to steam the face before cleaning, any girl will avoid injury to the skin and prevent infection of the skin purulent secret.

To steam the skin is recommended before waxing or shaving. According to steam, and then well programirovanii the leather easier slip blade, scraper, and head of the epilator. Pain from the procedure and the likelihood of ingrown hairs is minimal.

How to prepare your skin for the steaming

If contraindications to thermal warming of the skin, you can start steaming. But first and for this procedure to be better prepared. Much depends on the type of dermis. It is important not only to understand how to steam the face for cleaning, but why dry or oily skin require different methods of preparation.

• If the skin is dry or very dry, then before the procedure it is necessary to soften, causing the cream or fluid. It is important that for this type of skin steaming need not so often, for oily or combination. The pores on dry small, walk slowly, so three or even two times a month would be sufficient. Besides, to steam dry skin you need longer than five minutes.

• Combination and normal skin before steaming, you just need to moisturize. First rinse with water, blot with a clean towel, then apply a light moisturizer. Repeat the procedure of decoupling can be every ten days, procedure time is not more than ten minutes.

• For oily skin more common mode decoupling: two times a week. The skin should be exposed to steam or thermoactive at least 12 minutes. Before you start steaming, the skin is oily you need to wipe lotion.

Important: before you start steaming, the skin should remove all cosmetics. Water for washing should be warm, cleanser, familiar and soft. It would be good to make an easy homemade scrub by adding in a cleansing gel or lotion sleep a little ground coffee and honey. Pomassirovti the skin, the composition will need to wash, apply on face remedy for skin type and begin the actual procedure of steaming.

Skin steaming the face over hot steam

How to steam the face for cleansing? There are three methods, it is suitable for the home procedures:

• steam over steaming herbal bath;

• hot, moist compresses;

• the use of chemical warming mask.

Bath with hot steam is the easiest, budget and safe method of steaming. You need to prepare a bowl or small pan for hot water, a large towel. It is convenient to do the steaming on a special reprivatised, which is designed as a mini sauna for your face.

How is the procedure:

1. a container of hot water set on the table;

2. sit down and lean over the bowl;

3. cover your head with a towel to create the effect of the bath.

Beware of hard to lean over the hot steam in the first few minutes: you can get burned. And can suffer not only the skin, but mucous a nose. You can focus on the sensations: the steam must not burn.

In principle, steam the face just above the boiling water. But for the greater good treatments needed herbal broth – about a liter. You can brew any herbs: calendula, chamomile, mother and stepmother. Gulf raw boiling water, he should be given five minutes to infuse. To enhance the therapeutic and relaxing effect, you can use essential oils (two drops per liter of broth).

What are the possible combinations (grass plus an essential oil):

• Dry skin: lime blossom or chamomile for the decoction and essential oil of grapes or roses. If the grass is dried, per liter of water it is necessary to take a glass if fresh – half a Cup.

• Normal skin: blend of sage, lavender and nettle (in broth) and rosemary oil to enhance the effect.

• Oily skin: calendula or thyme in combination with the Emir of lemon or mint.

After steaming, you need to narrow it down to «close» the pores (if there are no more procedures like cleansing or nourishing masks not provided), or to continue to care for the person. If the steaming was carried out as a separate procedure, the skin should be wiped with a rough towel (get mechanical cleaning) or wipe the powdered tablet streptotsida. Then rinse the skin with warm water and RUB a cube of frozen water. Ice works instantly: pores narrowed.

Steamed compress

This method of action is similar to steam, but instead of water vapor, hot water is used. How to steam the face for cleansing with this method:

• several times the folded natural cotton fabric (you can take an old, soft cotton or flannel) and make something like a napkin so that it covered the entire face and neck;

• boil the herbs according to skin type, leave them to cool slightly (the hand has to endure the temperature quiet);

• dip a napkin in the decoction, squeeze;

• immediately hot, put on your face and lie down;

• when the cloth cools, soak it again in hot water.

The procedure for the imposition to repeat three more times, until the skin acquires a bright pink color. After blot the face dry with a towel and start cleaning.

Mask depairing effect

Hot pack – another easy and effective answer to the question how to steam the face for cleaning. In the salons use professional chemical compounds that the beautician puts on your face. Such, but for household purposes, sold in beauty shops. In their composition usually includes extracts of their plants (cucumber or strawberry, dog or tomato) and minerals (zinc).

Are these compounds the same way: they create between the dermis and the film applied vacuum. This creates the conditions for the deep heating of the skin up to the deepest layers.

But you can steam the skin in another way: just apply it hot to the part, which is to use the chemical and thermal decoupling principle. Well established these homemade masks:

• yolk-honey;

• oatmeal;

• Mann.

For the first mask you need to mix one egg yolk with a spoon (dining room) of honey, mix and heat in a water bath. The composition should be hot enough, but nice for the face. Strengthen the nourishing effect of this home remedy, add to honey and egg yolk and another teaspoon of vegetable oil (not flax, as by heating linseed oil deteriorates).

Oatmeal mask is boiled in water oatmeal, which is not added no milk, no salt, no sugar. To master cleansing properties, can be put in boiled gruel a tablespoon of baking soda. Similarly (but without the soda) is preparing semolina mask. They need to be applied very hot, but not scalding.

By applying masks from the hot grits, the pores open, grease tube SAG. After rinsing compositions can begin cleaning. An additional action that will have a such mask, whitening and nourishment.

Who steaming is contraindicated

The procedure associated with heating of tissue, you can do not all. Decoupling might have a negative impact not only on the skin, but in General the health of the person. The hot air saturated with water vapor that do penetrates deeply into the skin and affect the cellular processes, the lungs and the circulatory system. If you have any chronic diseases associated with these organs, the risk is not worth it.

Steaming is contraindicated in the following diseases:

• acute period of SARS;

• high temperature of any origin;

• bronchial asthma;

• hypertension;

• pneumonia and bronchitis;

• diseases of the heart;

• diseases of the blood vessels.

Interestingly, steaming before cleaning, dry the skin, not fills it with water molecules. Hydration after the procedure is not worth waiting. That is why you should not ignore preparing for the steaming, especially if the skin is dry or sensitive.

With rosacea, which often appears on the cheeks and nose area, not only do the steaming, but also to visit bath or sauna. If the vessel is weak, it is strictly prohibited to carry out the procedure often. This can cause the appearance of rosacea.