How to remove shellac at home quickly and safely (photo). Step by step instructions to remove shellac at home

The undeniable benefits of shellac already appreciated by many women.

Resistant coating manicure can last two to three weeks without any corrections.

Nails due to gel Polish, look beautiful and well groomed.

Modern technologies allow to do this type of manicure yourself.

Today we will learn how to remove shellac at home and not spend time visiting stores.

How to remove shellac at home: required items and tools

Shellac is a gel Polish. He prefer those who loves lacquer manicure. The design of the nails are not chopped off and are not lubricated for a long time. In addition, the coating dries instantly and is odorless. Among the advantages of shellac are:

• duration of use;

• resistance to chipping and scratching;

• no need to zapilivanija own nails;

• rich colors;

• does not require special nail care.

Professional masters of nail art remover shellac using the following accessories and tools:

1. Oil to soften the cuticles. Well-proven grape seed oil and jojoba oil, and almond oil. They are well absorbed and prevents the appearance of cracks and dryness.

2. The liquid for dissolving the gel-Polish (very disappointed). Among the most popular tools include:

• Kodi Tips Off;

• ADORE Gel Remover;

• F. O. X Gel Remover;

• Cteative Nail Design;

• IBD Artificial Nail Remover;

• ORLY GelFX Gel Remover.

Most of these tools are enriched with vitamins and other useful components that minimize the harmful effects of corrosive substances during removal of the coating.

3. Foil with sponges.

4. Orange stick.

5. Nail file for polishing nails or buff.

At home with this professional set, which is used in salons, you can replace the materials at hand. Instead of a special foil nail Polish remover you can use regular household foil and cotton pads. Disposable orange stick can be replaced by a metal or plastic pusher. Liquid for dissolving shellac replace conventional highly concentrated liquid Polish remover or acetone. A great alternative to cuticle oil any fatty cream.

How to remove shellac at home: a step by step guide

Here are a few ways of removing gel Polish at home.

Using the foil and acetone

1. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water.

2. For convenience, a cotton puff should be cut to obtain 2 paludica or quarters. The foil sheets must be cut into small pieces. Their size should allow you to wrap the tip of your finger.

3. Wet the sponge with a liquid for removing varnish and applied to the nail. Be careful and make sure that she did not get on the skin.

4. Around each nail with a cotton pad wrap the foil.

5. Leave wraps on for 15 minutes.

6. During this time, without removing the foil, easily massaging the nails.

7. Remove the foil with a cotton swab with each finger separately in the same order in which imposed.

8. The softened remnants of the lacquer coating are removed whole film. In places where the lacquer is removed is difficult, it is possible to remove a nail with a spatula.

9. Any residue again treated with acetone and remove.

10. After the procedure, use bafikom, giving the nails desired shape.

11. After polishing the nail plate should be treated with oil or cream. This will help to avoid dehydration and exhaustion.

Restoring nails after removal of shellac

Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the nails after removal of shellac bath with iodine. In order to do this you need to type in any bowl of warm water and add few drops of lemon juice and iodine. Keep your fingers in the liquid for about 15 minutes. Then let the nails dry naturally.

Before bedtime is recommended to lubricate the nails a mixture made from iodine and sea salt. This mask makes nails stronger and more elastic.

How to remove shellac at home without acetone?

If you did not have at hand acetone or you for some reason would not want to use it, then it can be replaced with isopropyl alcohol. It can be purchased at any hardware store. With this tool, like acetone, should also be careful. Alcohol has sharp odor and can cause irritation on the skin. Keep on nails with cotton pads soaked with alcohol, have no more than 15 minutes.

How to remove shellac without foil?

A great alternative to foil for removing paint in the home can be a normal food film. It is good that is not breathable, which may adversely affect the time of removing the shellac.

Some women for removing gel I use another way:

1. Any non-metallic container pour the cleanser to remove shellac.

2. The area around the nails treated with oil or nourishing cream.

3. Every finger wrapped with a bandage.

4. Immerse nails in the tub for 10 minutes.

5. Now you can remove the patches and using an orange stick to remove the coating.

6. Do revitalizing bath for the nails.

7. Rubbing movements lubricates the cuticle oil.

Using a liquid for removal of shellac at home, no need to use a metal pusher. Metal can start with very disappointed in the reaction that will negatively affect the health of nails.

How to remove shellac at home and does not damage your nails

Not only to ease the process of removing the shellac, but will also significantly reduce the harmful effect on the nails will help the recommendations of the professionals:

1. The gel varnishes of some manufacturers it is easier removed from the nail plate, if the pre-removal procedure with a nail file or nail buff to remove the top layer of the coating. Removing the layer of top gel, you can begin to wrap. Thus it is possible to significantly reduce the time of soaking of shellac and refuse to zapilivanija nails.

2. Experts believe that shellac is harder to take off if the room is low temperature. Softening gel Polish occurs more difficult if the woman during the procedure, cold hands. To remedy the situation, the master is recommended to heat the wrapped fingers. You can use the UV lamp or Hairdryer. Immediately before applying the foil you should also warm your hands.

3. Removal of shellac will have a high damage on the nails, if, during the application of varnish to use a tool «Restructure» from Kinestic. The drug not only reduces the harm of acetone, but also solves problems such as poor nail growth, splitting and thin fingernails. A tool for healing contains a complex of vitamins and minerals. It acts as a natural keratin, filling voids and strengthening the nails.

4. Shellac is removed easier if take care of it during its application. So, prior to coating the base lacquer to the middle of the nail are advised to apply regular nail Polish. It needs to cover about 50% of the area of the plate. After drying lacquer should be applied to the gel.

5. If you plan to re-apply the gel Polish, no need to remove the base coat and expose the nail plate against the harmful effects of acetone. In this case, the top gel and the colored layer are removed by mechanical means, i.e. with a nail file.

Before you learn how to remove shellac at home, many women are trying to find answers to the following questions:

1. What is the difference between professional tools for removing shellac from acetonaemia liquids? Common liquids dissolve the coating is much longer than a professional, which is only 10 minutes to the varnish disintegrated into crumbs. As part of the specialized products contain nourishing ingredients that do not desiccate the nail plate and cuticles. Experts note that after applying acetonaemia liquid nail surface doesn’t look perfectly clean and shiny. It can’t be used all the time, because over time, the nails become dull and brittle.

2. What will be the condition of nails after removal of shellac? According to experts, the technique of applying gel Polish is one of the most gentle. Even grinding plate for better adhesion of the shellac does not bring great harm to the nail plate. The composition of the varnish does not contain the aggressive component, such as formaldehyde. After removing the coating the nails remain in very good condition. Between the periods of wearing the shellac is recommended to take short breaks. Nails will be able to rest and fully recover.

3. Can I use shellac to strengthen weak legs? To this question no single answer. Some women say that shellac has allowed them to grow nails to the desired length. Other women say that the gel Polish worsened the appearance of their nails.

Now you know how to remove shellac at home. A simple procedure will be able to make every woman. Only half an hour of free time and your nails are once again ready to be covered by the charming glitter.