How to remove double chin without resorting to plastic surgery?

In order to become beautiful and younger women would do almost anything. Lately all of the fundamental «flaws» appearance is commonly addressed through plastic surgery. Such defects includes the so-called double chin. Absolutely wrong to think that this «trouble» can sometimes be exclusively from full and older women. Double chin can also appear in anyone. However, according to doctors, to resort to plastic surgery is absolutely not necessary. There’s a different approach to solving this problem. The main thing – to stock up on perseverance and patience.

So, how do you remove double chin without resorting to plastic surgery?

First and foremost you need to do during the month, a number of regular exercises.



1. Slowly raising your chin, bend your head back, straining the muscles of the neck. The exercise is repeated 5-6 times.

2. Putting a little effort, pull back 5-7 times lower lip so that were visible lower teeth.

3. To put fists under his chin and, overcoming the resistance, try to open your mouth (repeat the exercise 7-10 times).

4. Tilting his head to the left, move jaw to the left shoulder. Five times, the same is repeated for the right side.

5. Tilting the head back, push the lower jaw forward and upward, while the bottom lip to reach the tip of the nose (the exercise is repeated for 5 times).

6. It is necessary to press a palm to his chest in the collarbone area and pull downward. It should tightly compressed lips, rounding them into a tube. Fixing this position for a few seconds, relax. The exercise is repeated 10-20 times.

In addition to these exercises, do not neglect the skin creating a lifting effect, it is not only the face but also the neck perfectly shows the age of the woman (or her ability to care for themselves).