Dream remove double chin at home? Mask, massage and perseverance will help: remove double chin at home

What would be great would not it be face, but the appearance of double chin always causes a complex of self-dissatisfaction.

The most insulting that this defect appears not only in people suffering from obesity, but have them small, adding a few years to age.

The reasons for the appearance of fat under the chin can be a few most importantly, there is a solution, and remove double chin at home, with regular implementation of complex measures.

Remove double chin at home: is it possible?

It is impossible to eliminate the defect without knowing the reason for it.

— Of course, the older the person becomes, the less elastic the skin, therefore here without auxiliary exercises not to do.

— Obesity does not decorate the person as the «swing» of weight loss and weight gain when the skin that stretches from the fat, it sags.

— Perhaps your ancestors in the third and the fourth generation had a double chin, then there is a heredity, but it is not a barrier to achieving the perfect oval face.

It is difficult to get rid of double chin, if:

• people are constantly slouching when walking or sitting at the computer which he spends most of the time;

• you sleep on the pillow placed vertically when the chin rests literally in the chest;

• your meals are unbalanced and you are a supporter of junk food.

Eliminating three of these deficiencies, you will soon notice how transformed the state of chin.

How to remove double chin at home: a set of measures

Agree that the disease is easier to prevent than to win, and the appearance of fat deposits on the chin, you can prevent or get rid of it by starting in advance a set of measures.

The most simple exercises, performed regularly, call it a rant «charging» will be able to keep the muscles of the chin in shape and impede fat storage. Help these manipulations remove double chin at home, and in that case, if it is already manifested.

The uniqueness of this complex is that it can be done at lunchtime at work, at home, sitting in front of the TV or computer. Only 5 — 10 minutes three times a day can work wonders.

1. Pull the lower lip to the teeth, feel the taut skin of the chin, and start quickly, very gently patting the back of his hands across the surface of the lower face for one minute. Don’t forget about this exercise when applied morning and evening cream.

2. Let us meditate, presenting that to the very tip of double chin hung a whole load of our problems. Lowered his head and slowly lifted this huge weight, straining the muscles of the chin, until, until you feel the back of his head back. Enough 3 to 5 times.

3. The uniqueness of the following exercises that can be done everywhere and always. Chin slightly put forward forward and begin to keep a wide smile, it is advisable to really smile, it fills the body with joy. 5 – 7 smiles will lead to muscle tone.

4. «Funny,» the exercise you do when no one sees you, only 15 – 20 seconds can always be found. We will work with protruding tongue, which draw numbers, letters, or just reach the nose. Happened?

5. Open your mouth wide and lower jaw turn your mind to the bucket, now «get» him his favorite treat, which is under «terrible» ban.

6. Now we will pull the neck, improving the state of chin. Standing, keep your shoulders with fingers around the edges. Breath, nose reaching for the sky, but the shoulders pull down. Stomach! Exhale. Try during the day to do at least 3 sets, moving from room to room if there is no other time.

7. Want along with chin to improve posture, tighten the belly? There is nothing easier, put the book, just do not take a huge encyclopedia, hands – on waist, and walked with the gait of a Queen. Maybe at first it was just to stand up, then begin to walk slowly but don’t give up, so after some time you perform this exercise standing on tiptoes.

Training in the gym helps strengthen muscles of the back and neck, which in turn improves and enhances the skin tone of the face and chin.

Sagging, sagging skin will not go away by itself, and in a week you might not see visible results, but more importantly, make the decision and go for their goals with confidence that everything will work out!

Believe me, over time you will be proud of yourself, your stately gait and disappearance of the double chin will be seen by all. Just a few minutes a day and you are a Queen!

How to remove double chin at home: massage and mask

The complex of physical exercises is effective on its own, but massage of the chin must be included in your daily face care, not forgetting about the neck.

Massage of the lower part of the face can be done separately when applying the cream.

For intensive effect on the muscles of this part of the face do not require a special place or time.

— Stroking in any massage is required. The back of the hands make gentle stroking 5 -7 times the middle of the chin to the bottom tips of the ears.

— Rubbing performed by the thumbs, resting the other four fingers on the cheeks, starting to RUB from the tip of the chin to the neck, pulling the skin to the ears. Perform direct and circular movements.

— Kneading. Vozdeistviem intensely on the muscles of the face exercise, simulating a shave. Put your hand in a fist and the knuckles are starting at a fast pace 5 times to «shave» the edge of the chin with one hand, then with another, doing 3 sets on each side.

— Warm up the hands by friction and put on the affected area.

Close your eyes and fall in love with yourself, for you are smart, beautiful and all you get.

— Warmed skin chin start to sting, but without pulling. Grab the index finger and thumb, a piece of leather and press it to the bone in 1 – 2 seconds. Work from the middle of the chin to the cheeks. «Draw» below another line and work the same way with her and so on to the neck. Have finished this exercise, pomassirovti neck, gently patting from the dimples on the breast to the chin and returned via the carotid artery.

— Pat, we have already been doing, performing exercises, the back sides of the hands.

Do not forget that any impact on the skin of the face and chin, including a massage, we carry a cream, gel or vegetable oil, not causing allergies.

Warmed up after the massage the skin of the chin is the ideal basis for applying masks that help to remove double chin at home. The basis for masks can serve anything you have on hand.

Be sure to clean the skin of the chin of the cream is to mixed with other ingredients, it has not caused allergies.

— Buy a pack of yeast (dry), take them to the state of sour cream and apply on the neck and chin for 25 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Now, apply a rich cream, which remains dry after a while.

— 2 tbsp boiled potatoes thinned with hot milk to gruel, will be the perfect mask for the chin and neck.

— Clay (white or black) purchased at a pharmacy based on the condition of your skin, will facilitate the preparation of the mask, because its enough to stop in a slurry and applied to the skin of the chin.

— Take a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, sea salt, add it in a glass of water, stir. Water in this part folded several times gauze and apply to the chin.

— Surprisingly, sauerkraut is more vitamin C than the lemon, perhaps this explains the lifting effect of cabbage brine, used as a mask that helps to remove fat deposits on the chin at home.

Summer egg and cucumber always at hand. Whisk egg white and add to it gradually a pulp of the cucumber and ½ tsp of any liquid oil, sunflower, olive, or coconut, RUB to a cream and apply it on the chin and neck. This mask keep for half an hour and wash off.

How to remove double chin at home: causes of failures

Seemed to do everything right, but no result. Let’s try to understand why, and there may be several.

Every body is unique, someone enough to do a few exercises and see the result, someone and after a month nothing happens, and the reason may lie in the inconsistency and irregularity. To achieve results it is necessary to perform the full range of measures, exercises, massage, mask, working every day and not one month.

The inner world of the body is very thin, and if we do not set ourselves specific tasks, they are not executed. Look at yourself in the mirror, move your hand under the chin and decide how decrease body fat in a week. The task set clearly so that it was doable.

— Remember that in any program addictive, so you should from time to time to take breaks, do massage 10 – 15 sessions while the skin is resting, the mask is replaceable, but exercises performed daily, increasing the intensity and load.

Food and drinking regime also affect the end result, want to look good, please go to the healthy way of life and to drink clean water at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. Water should be drunk in the morning 2 cups before eating the glass, but in any case not to wash down her food. After a meal is not recommended to drink pure water for 2 hours.

Tune in to the end, be sure a positive result, and you will succeed!