How to quickly grow nails at home: vitamins and folk remedies. Recommendations for beautiful nails

The pride of every woman is well-groomed hands with beautiful and healthy nails.

Dreaming of long nails, some women decide to develop them.

This expensive procedure is often not bring the expected result and affects the health of your own nails.

Knowing simple methods, you can very quickly become the owner of a superb manicure.

How to quickly grow nails at home: where to start?

Women who decide to grow their nails, often wonder where to start? Experts say that the length and the General condition of the nails is largely dependent on proper nutrition. Hands cannot be beautiful if the body is not getting all the nutrients. The nails grew rapidly, was strong and tight, enrich your diet certain foods.

Biotin (vitamin B7)

This vitamin is abundantly found in eggs, beans, lentils, salmon, peanuts, bananas and cauliflower. Its deficiency leads to brittle and thinning nails. If you regularly use these products, nails cease to exfoliate and become incredibly strong.

Omega-3 fatty acids

The lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the human body leads to decreased immunity and metabolic disorders. Consuming foods rich in omega-3, you will provide your nails beauty and rapid growth. So, acids are found in soy and Flaxseed oils, walnuts, spinach and eggs. You can also get them by eating fatty fish – sardines, salmon and mackerel.


The basis of the nail plate is the keratin. This protein repairs and strengthens nails. They have always been strong, the diet should include foods rich in proteins: fish, chicken, eggs, nuts and soy beans.

Vitamin A

This element is responsible for nail growth. It is therefore very important to ensure the intake of foods that are abundant contain vitamin a: carrots, cheese, melon, oatmeal, potatoes, broccoli, butter, peaches. Alcohol and caffeine destroy vitamin growth, so the experts recommend to abandon them.


Zinc is responsible for growth and formation of connective tissue. This element is very important for health of nails. It will help remove the inflammation of the cuticle and to reduce the number of white spots on the nail plates. Contains zinc in green beans, cashews, soy, dark chocolate, peanuts.

How to quickly grow nails at home: medications and vitamins

You should also pay attention of women who want to grow nails, special pharmaceutical preparations. Not always enough to follow the manicure and lead a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the reason for the bad condition of the nails may lie within the body.

If the nails have begun to crumble, become dull and not growing, it is possible that the body lacks keratin, vitamins A, E, C, D, group B, iron, zinc, calcium and iodine.

Symptoms of beriberi:

1. Lack of vitamins D, C and B7 is reflected in the strong lamination of the nail and brittleness.

2. Too thin and weak nails indicate a deficiency of iron, iodine, selenium, zinc, silicon or protein.

3. The large size of the white area of the nail plate says about the lack of folic acid, iron and zinc.

4. Numerous white stripes or spots on the nails is a sign of lack of iron, calcium and vitamins C, E and A.

Vitamin, Vitabiotics Perfectil

Part of the Bada consists of necessary for healthy nails vitamins and minerals. According to the manufacturer, the complex saves from breakage of the nail plate. To assess the impact of biological additives, it is necessary to drink a course of one month. Perfectil need to take 1 capsule per day.

Revalid Vitamins (Revalid)

This combination drug contains a rich vitamin and mineral complex that promotes the best synthesis of keratin. Indicated for use for the treatment of brittle nails. To restore the nail plate vitamins you need to take at least 2-3 months. Drink Revalid should one capsule during the meal.

Alphabet Vitamins Cosmetics

In testimony to the use of this complex does not say anything about the treatment of nail diseases, but the drug significantly improves their condition. For better absorption of useful components the manufacturer recommends to drink it, depending on the combination with each other. So, a day need to take three different pills. The interval between doses is at least 4 hours. The course of treatment lasts a month.

Special dragee Merz (Merz spezial dragees)

This multivitamin complex is widely used in injuries of the nails, which were caused by lack of vital vitamins and minerals. It contains the valuable extract of yeast and is designed to maintain the normal nails for malnutrition. Make pills should be for a month – morning and evening.

Capsules of Migliorini from VIVASAN (Vivasan)

Vitamins from the Swiss brand created for the maintenance of health bone tissue. Their composition can be seen, soybean oil, lecithin, wheat germ oil. They perfectly enhance the nails and have proven themselves as a product for their growth. The duration of intake of the drug is 3 or more months. I subscribed to it 2 capsules during the meal.

How to quickly grow nails at home: folk remedies

To accelerate the growth of nails and strengthen them, using simple proven home remedies.

Nourishing mask

1. To prepare the mask you will need:

• honey – 1 teaspoon;

• calendula oil – 1 teaspoon;

• boiled yolk.

Mix the honey and oil of calendula flowers and heat the mixture. To it add the boiled yolk and stir until smooth. The mass is put on the nails and put on cotton gloves. Better to leave a mask on overnight and in the morning rinse with warm water. The procedure must be repeated throughout the week.

2. To prepare the mask, you will need the following ingredients:

• Linden blossom – 2 tablespoons;

• dried chamomile flowers – 2 tablespoons;

• olive oil – 1/3 Cup.

Preheat vegetable oil in a water bath. Add the chopped herbs. The resulting mixture boil for 15 minutes, constantly stirring.

Warm gruel apply on your nails and put on cotton gloves. After 15 minutes the mask rinse.

3. The following masks are as follows:

• nettle – 1 tablespoon;

• dandelion – 1 tablespoon;

• cottage cheese – 1 tablespoon;

• water – ½ Cup.

Chopped nettle leaves and dandelion pour 100 ml of boiled water. Add to the mix the cottage cheese and mix thoroughly. The resulting slurry was applied on the nail plate for half an hour. Remove remnants of the mask with a cotton pad. If you have wondered how to quickly grow nails at home, then you should try this recipe.


To prepare the cream: take the following products:

• black currant – 1 tablespoon;

• flour – 1 tablespoon;

• cream – ½ tbsp.

Mix all ingredients and neat massage movements put on your hands, paying attention to nails. Wear cotton gloves for 2 hours. Remove gloves, remove excess cream with a cotton pad.

Strengthen and baths

1. In a bowl pour a small amount of warm boiled water. Add a drop of essential oils of lemon, rose and ylang-ylang. Marigolds in such a bath should be kept for at least 15 minutes. The finger then blot with a towel and moisturize cuticles with a nourishing cream.

2. The condition of weakened nails perfectly enhances bath of sea salt. You will need 200 ml of warm water and one tablespoon of salt. You can also add a few drops of any essential oil. It should drip on the salt, and then pour water. Keep fingers in the water for at least 20 minutes.

3. Take 100 ml of any vegetable oil and heated it in a water bath. Add to it 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Thoroughly mix ingredients and drop in the mixture of the nails. The duration of the oil bath is 20 minutes.

Massage for nail growth

Self-massage for intensive nail growth can be carried out independently. The procedure is recommended before bedtime. For massage you can use any oil. Take a small amount and RUB it into the nail plate. Nails should be clean and free of Polish.


Another method that improves the growth of nails, is paraffin. The procedure allows to accelerate blood circulation and enhance the flow of oxygen to the nails. Can be used as cosmetic paraffin wax and natural beeswax. Heated in a water bath the substance needs a few seconds to lower the fingers. When it hardens on your nails, you should wear gloves. It is better to leave a paraffin mask for the night. After a week, you will be able to evaluate the result: the nails become healthier.

How to quickly grow nails at home: causes of failures

To avoid the failure on your way to beautiful nails, one should follow simple rules for the care of nails:

• every day, apply to the nails and cuticles with a moisturizing cream containing vitamin E;

• protect hands from low temperatures: in cold weather don’t forget to wear warm gloves;

• during homework use special rubber gloves;

• periodically let the nails to relax from the varnish;

• nail Polish remover, use a mild gentle products that do not contain formaldehyde and acetone;

• manicure use only high-quality sterile instruments.

If nature has not endowed you with beautiful and healthy nails, make them on your own. Now you know how to quickly grow nails at home. Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and regular procedure, described earlier, will allow you for a short time become the owner of a superb manicure.