What hair color best suited to brown eyes. Choose a new way: the impact of skin color in choosing the right shade

Ladies of different ages often ask, what color of hair for brown eyes?

Just want to note that the women in his brown eyes which twinkle mystery, can afford various options of shades and styles, because the brightness and attractiveness given to them by nature.

But the correct hair colour will be a sort of frame for the face, emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

The highlights of the selection

Choosing hair color for brown eyes it is important to remember that the hairstyle must be in harmony with the iris. In this case, the image of a brown-eyed Charmer is unique and unforgettable.

The main points on which advice to pay attention to professional stylists:

• skin type: dark, pale, with freckles or without, etc.;

• eyebrow color — natural;

• oval face: round, elongated, etc.;

• and of course, the color of the iris.

Don’t forget that brown is a warm color that require a certain balance of all the components to create a simple and stylish image, help the fair sex to Shine with natural beauty and enticing femininity.

The recommendation of a stylist for brown-eyed women

Swarthy women professionals are advised to look closely for such hints, like «eggplant», «Burgund», «chocolate», «cherry», «red wine». Bright hair dye in this case can erase the expressiveness of the eyes, focusing on the skin color.

For example, owners of a smooth matte skin tone should look at the red shades: from honey to copper-red. But only if the face has no freckles, spider veins, redness. Red hair will accentuate these disadvantages.

Cognac and brown shades, including coffee with milk, accentuate the porcelain clean face white-skinned beauties.

The most natural image can be achieved by using one little secret. You need to take two ornaments: one Golden, the other silver. Attach each one to the person, determine which of the precious metals, the skin looks better. If silver jewelry is more suitable, then You have cool tone skin. It fits to a gold — warm. Based on this, finds the best hair color for brown eyes.

1. Women with warm skin tone should choose wheat, toffee, caramel, honey hair dye.

2. Women with cool skin tone will emphasize the beauty of the eyes using red, red, brown, dark brown paint.

Let us consider in more detail the conditions of choosing the most suitable hair color for brown eyes.

What color of hair you choose and brown-eyed darkie

Dark skin, brown eyes and hair having a shade of brown to dark coffee — the perfect combination, which like a magnet attracts men’s views! All the details complement each other: brown hair set off the beauty of the eyes and skin, which acquires a gloss and velvety.

But if a woman does not want to dress in dark colors, stylists offer to make the weave, adding caramel, honey, light walnut strands. So hair color is not only suitable for brown eyes, but also emphasize their expressiveness and softness. Another advantage of this procedure is to ensure that the hair is layered and volume.

Dark brown shade with smoothly flowing coffee with milk or chocolate milk, just gorgeous set off Golden skin and dark brown eyes. But in this case, preferably the eyebrows painted in the most suitable color, because it’s blue-black eyebrows darkie can disrupt the naturalness and harmony of the created image.

Brown-eyed darkie is not worth the risk, coloring the hair in bright colors. You can try dark or dark Golden blond, which is more or less natural look with dark skin. But such a procedure stylists recommended only to women with light brown eyes. Owners of dark-brown, almost black eyes it is better to refrain from such experiments.

A curious combination of light brown eyes, dark skin and reddish hair! These women are literally shocking the strong half of mankind in their appearance. Red-haired, brown-eyed darkie appeared on the street or at a party, immediately attracts the attention of almost all men in this case. But when choosing paint damsels should remember that the lighter the iris, the less vivid should be the color. For example, for the amber eyes suit honey color diluted with reddish strands.

Perfect color curls for ladies with brown eyes and light skin

Women with brown eyes and light skin, a shade which is close to the dairy will not be mistaken if will choose to dye hair light brown or milk chocolate color.

Answering the question what color hair for brown eyes and light skin, the stylists did not hesitate to answer: not too dark and not too light a shade of brown, preferably organic. Choosing a color a few shades darker than the natural, fair-skinned, brown-eyed woman risks being unbalanced. But gold and copper tone in the hair will reveal nobility porcelain white skin and focus on the warmth of the eyes.

Hair color is coffee beneficial to set off fair skin and terracotta eyes. Volume and dynamics of hairstyle can be added with strands of milky color. They are a little calm brown color and create a heartwarming and feminine image.

Unique hair color for brown eyes can be achieved by using coloring, reservation or highlighting. Iris, milk or copper strands will give the hair volume and fluffiness. Makeup with dark eye liner will highlight the eyes and make the look bright and complete.

It is important to remember that the hazel eyes for any skin tone, the most profitable will have curls caramel, gold, amber and reddish hue. Too dark hair, almost black, will adversely affect the expressiveness of the eyes, which in their background will lose its brightness and expressiveness.

An unusual way for brown-eyed beauties

Choosing hair color Burgundy brown-eyed woman with peach skin can create a unique look that attracts the eyes of men. Mahogany, classic Bordeaux, old Burgundians will give appearance women elegant nobility, gentle romance and sacred sensuality.

Darkie stylists suggest to combine wood tones with cognac or coffee color. But we should not do the strands are too wide and frequent. A rare weave or method of the hidden painting is the best option for hair coloring in this case.

Creamy skin and brown eyes perfectly blended with the brown hair, or a combination of dark shades with honey or brandy. Clear, geometrically correct transitions and «Ombre» will look great in such tandem.

Natural plum tone in the hair will give the female form a bit of boldness and freshness. It is important to know that despite the fact that the eyes will become very expressive, pale skin will seem painful.

After you have decided what color of hair for brown eyes, try to figure out what shades it is not recommended to use a brown-eyed ladies. Stylists are not advised to dye your hair a brown-eyed ladies in mustard, grey or blond shades, considering that these colors will only fit in grey and blue eyes. But paint can be used as small inclusions.

Bright eyes enable you to take bold decisions when coloring hair. Brown-eyed beauties can safely experiment with color and length of hair, shape the hair. Choosing hair color for brown eyes, the woman needs to remember is that the best shade she was awarded the nature. And the closer will be the selected color to the natural, the more organic will be the resulting image!