How to dye lipstick, gloss and lacquer. The secrets of proper application to the lips, red lipstick (photos)

Chubby or clearly defined lips is so sexy!

Good lip makeup needed to create a complete image.

But for every time of day, age and if it needs to be different.

That is why it is important to know how to paint lips.

How to paint lips: choose makeup

Long gone are the days when a purse girl lay duty pink lipstick. Along with the lack of quality cosmetics has gone retro-ease of make-up. Now you need at least to understand the types of products for lips, not to throw money to the wind and correctly to put on some lipstick or gloss.

The actual trend of the season, matte lipstick. She looks noble, natural, and lasts a long time. However, if the lips dry, the product may dry them even more. This applies to persistent lipsticks: they are also very tender dry lips, so wearing the product must be very rare or actively protect the skin with a moisturizing balm.

Another popular option – lacquer lipstickor nail Polish for the lips. The formula includes the best quality makeup lip: density, saturated pigments, the stability of the lipstick and amazing lightness, Shine of lip gloss. While lacquer lipstick devoid of stickiness and frivolous shimmer labial gloss, which allows the use of their women of all ages.

The actual lip gloss is a light summer option for young girls and young women. The ladies at the age they are not suitable because they do not allow to clearly define the lip contour. Besides sequins – a taboo in the age make-up that requires understated elegance. That is why after 30 years it is not recommended to use a pearl lipstick.

When choosing a lipstick it is important to consider the composition, paying attention to the presence of natural oils to soothe and nourish delicate skin of the lips. Ideally, if conditioning agents are combined with saturation, applying a dense, sweet flavor and lack of stickiness. Ideal for daily use, that definitely will not harm and will look harmonious.

Among the cosmetic innovations of recent years – lipstick pencil. They are comfortable applying, but the low density of the coating. Product closer to the glosses for ease and balms – uhodom qualities, although in some brands the saturation of the pigment is quite high.

How to paint lips: prepare the skin

Glitter lips are ease of application, and therefore does not require any pre-training. With lipsticks it is much more difficult to pigment went smoothly, and the coating remained stable, the skin should be prepared for applying the product.

If you belong to the rare type of women who regularly take care of the sponges, then: step can be skipped. It is the scrubbing and mitigation, and scrub must be specifically designed for delicate dermis. Its composition is more delicate, did not cause a problem with possible contact with the mucosa.

Wash scrub, it is necessary to apply a nourishing balm, allow it to run for fifteen minutes and then blot with a clean cloth. The point is to give relief maximum smoothness. Lipstick will emphasize any unevenness, peeling, cracking and chapped areas, that is why the preparation stage is not less important than the correct application of the product.

The right technique of staining the lips

There are two basic ways of applying lipstick:

• traditional when the product is applied with a brush, applicator or directly from the solid stick;

• original when lipstick is driven fingers into the skin of the lips.

In order to properly wear some lipstick in a classic way, you need a base for lip makeup (concealer, tinted moisturizer, normal base), powder, pencil. Stages of work the following:

• you need to pre-moisturize the lips, and the excess of cream or balm to get wet;

• apply Foundation;

• to outline the lip contour with a pencil;

• to fill the space formed inside of the contour with the lipstick;

• wet the first layer, a little makeup for it;

• apply a second, final layer of lipstick.

What is the meaning of such careful consideration? In creating a perfectly smooth surface and prolong its durability. Thus, the step of applying the base should only be ignored if the resistance is not important. For example, to run to the nearest store and without primer, but below is a look at a party or at the Institute, the base is important. It smoothes out wrinkles, balances peeling mask, will improve the stability of makeup.

Instead of database, you can use Foundation, but we need to understand its creamy texture – not the best option. If you overdo it with the number, very the product fill wrinkles, folds at lips and the loop is just a dribble. Very ugly! So apply Foundation or concealer need minimal doses, carefully implanted in the skin and not forgetting to wet the remnants with a dry cloth.

The delineation of the lip pencil is also not that simple as it might seem. Traced a crooked line is a disaster. It will have to be washed, inevitably smearing the tone, powder, removing the primer. So you need to remember two rules and one technique of working with this product.

Rule one: the color of the pencil should ideally match the color of the lipstick or slightly darker. You can use a colorless pencil that will not allow the lipstick to spread.

The second rule is the correction of the lip contour to go beyond natural boundaries by not more than a millimeter.

It is important to rememberthat the human face is characterized by asymmetry: the left and right sides are different. Therefore, it is necessary to visually align the lip, otherwise the asymmetry will become obvious.

Skill quick stroke outline, then right to paint lipstick comes with experience, although experienced fighters need to be cautious. Beginners can also try the following technique: first set point, then small strokes to connect them in a circuit. In General, the delineation of a start on the upper lips, moving from the Central bend to the edge. Lower lip draws as well.

Stylists recommend to fill in the outline with the pencil first, making a light vertical strokes, and the pencil Foundation to apply the pigment. Thanks to this technique, the lipstick will stay for hours and will outlast even eating dinner.

The second recommendation concerned the use of special brushes, which allow you to neatly and properly painted lips. The point is that thanks to tightly Packed and flexible bristles on the brush is typed in the optimum amount of product, and the application result is not only accurate, but very high quality. The brush allows the pigment to fill the tiniest creases, to achieve a perfectly smooth, dense, without much of gloss.

As for technology driving the lipstick, it allows you to get on the lips a completely natural effect. Such an option will appreciate the fans of natural style makeup. Trace the lip contour with a pencil in this case is not necessary. The product is typed in the pad of his middle finger and a soft hammered movements is driven into the skin of the lips. The image obtained at the same time innocent and sexy, which is very attractive to men.

How to dye a red lip

Red lipstick is a special story in the life of any woman. Few were able to avoid temptation and not buy her at least once in your life, but not all were able to make friends with this bold beauty. And all because they picked the wrong tone and did not know how to paint her lips with red lipstick.

There are so many shades of red that despite the seeming simplicity to choose a suitable pigment is not so simple. If the tone is picked up incorrectly, it can give a person a nasty, unhealthy tint, to make the teeth yellow. So be sure to consider the undertone of the skin and use the testers. Women with a pink undertone skin, grey or blue eyes need a «cool» lipstick, painted in blue.

If skin has a warm tint, and the iris is brown, that required a ton of product. But keep in mind that if the lipstick gives how it can jelteti teeth, while cold colors, on the contrary, will make the enamel white.

To properly paint a red lip will only fit pencil technique. Blurry AA method driving in this case can not be used, because you need to create a perfectly smooth contour. That is why the color of the pencil should be given special attention. Pair of pencil-lipstick should perfectly match the color.

Flame-red pigment on the lips is a bold accent, so the rest of the makeup should be extremely cautious. It is not necessary to draw attention to the eyes. However, support for the red color definitely need: it can be a piece of clothing, nail Polish of the same color shoes. Will result in complete and stylish.

But the flaws on the face or in the chest area means a ban on the use of the product. Even if it is correct to paint her lips with red lipstick, it will accentuate pimples, acne, inflamed areas. So for dramatic looks I need to wait for the perfect condition of the skin. Of course, it is not necessary to use the product and when the condition of the lips requires urgent rehabilitation. The red pigment will emphasize peeling, cracking, the image will be sloppy and ridiculous.

Nothing complicated, how to paint lipstick, no. Cosmetics of good quality, little training – and the perfect make-up becomes habitual and pleasant.