How to paint eyes: to work, to a party, out in the light. Rules and tricks to beautiful to put make-up eyes

Eye makeup is a true art.

If you know how to paint eyes, you can look your best in any situation.

And with the help of simple makeup you can try on dozens of different images.

How to paint eyes: a review of cosmetics

To create the eye makeup you will need a few basic cosmetics: eyeshadow base, eyeliner, eye shadow, kajal ink. Shade, shade is often sold in the form of a cream that evens century, hides small blood vessels and generally gives a light masking effect. However, the main challenge is funds to create on century perfect coverage, where the shadows stay long, not showering, not going to fold, and give all of his pigment.

Eyeliner comes in several forms:

• simple or automatic pencil;

• marker (liner);

• liquid or gel eyeliner;

• shadow-eyeliner.

Beginners in the art of makeup is best to use pencils. They are soft, easy to apply and just as easy to wash off, allow for a smooth line on the upper or lower eyelid and are generally very easy to use. The lack of funds that the pencil easily smeared, printed on the century, flows in the heat.

In that sense pen (or liner) is preferred. Work is also easy and convenient, you can hold the arrow perfectly smooth, giving it the desired thickness. The liner is of good quality does not leave marks on the upper eyelid, does not crumble during the day and looks perfect. One thing: lack of funds for long, and if the pen to close tightly, it will dry quickly.

Liquid and gel eyeliner is applied with a special brush that allows you to perform a perfect clear line of classic arrows. This makeup often created for a evening out in the light, as it looks too bright. To work with a brush difficult for her to adapt, so this method properly painted eyes suitable for experienced ladies. However, some manufacturers supply the liquid cosmetic product is not a brush, and a special stick. Learn how to draw them forever much easier.

To do the liner and can be baked eye shadow, using a small flat brush. The makeup is softer, without the sharp lines. The shadows are applied both dry and wet. In the latter case, the line would be brighter.

However, in most cases, eyeshadow used in the form of a liner, and to cover the upper eyelid when you create a full eye makeup. They can be mother of pearl (with more or less shimmer) or matte. It is convenient to use ready-made palettes with well-selected shades of colors. No need to wrestle with how to paint eyes, what colors to combine. Cream and liquid shadows are sold in the form of «odnushek».

To sum up the mucosa of the lower eyelid is a dark cial a special soft pencil, not irritating. With him, the look becomes very expressive. However for owners of small eyes this product is dangerous and visually to further narrow slit eyelids.

With regard to mascaras for eyelashes, it is one of the most popular cosmetic products, which is the beginning any makeup beginner. There are many options for carcass: average, some mascara, creating volume, separating, water resistant, skin care and even a colorless one for styling. What to buy depends on the individual characteristics and condition of the eyelashes.

How to paint eyes: select the image

To create a harmonious way it is necessary to consider two main points: individual color type (that is, the combination of hair color, iris, eyebrows and skin tone) and purpose of makeup.

Blondes be very careful to use black color for summing up my eyes: he’s too harsh and can make the image vulgar. How to paint eyes? Preference should be given to softer brown-gray shades. Shadow must help iris, that is, to enhance natural color. Makeup artists suggest to use cold shades of grey, blue, greenish color.

Bright brunettes can bolder use of black eyeliners and colored to give preference to those hues that blend with hair color and eyes. Warm brown, peach, ochre, emerald tones will create a gorgeous makeup.

For redheads , there are no bans: nature bright, they can use literally any eyeliner, eye shadow, and especially not to think, how to paint eyes. However, they need to be more careful with brown pencils and pink shades: these pigments can create the impression of a tearful or sore eyes. But podwodna thick black line will not make the image vulgar: red beauty only can afford it day and evening.

Important advice from professional make-up artists: shade doesn’t have to exactly repeat the color of the iris. This will make a glance featureless. A small amount of contrast, «wrong», on the contrary, will attract attention.

The second point is the purpose of makeup. It’s one thing if you are going to work or school. It is quite another evening option when you need to look flashy, bright. Of great importance to create an image has and the clothes will be out.

That is why the brand need to keep is clearly not one boring black eyeliner and not just one duty palette and several tools of different shades. Excellent fluorescent image can be created using brown, silver, turquoise, grey, peach, sand lines and shades. Gorgeous evening makeup will help to create a dark brown, blue, green and even red tone.

How to paint eyes on the job

Makeup for office is both very simple and quite complex question. To find the right solution, you should know how to paint eyes on work or school. If any desire to produce a stunning effect that you would be limited to a simplified version:

• apply on the eyelids base;

• to cover the entire upper eyelid with a suitable shade of blond shades (peach, silver, crushed ice, champagne, beige, etc.). Young girls can use slightly timername, barely flickering shadows. Women after thirty from sequin is better to refuse and use a matte product;

• to tint the lashes.

All! Remains to highlight the eyebrow and a little touch of lip gloss. Get natural daytime make-up that does not require neither time nor any special skills. If you wish, you can further bring the upper eyelid soft pencil and highlight the cheekbones.

More complex option day eye makeup is the creation of haze, or the famous smoky eyes. You can use any palette, for example, sulfur.

How to paint eyes on the classic smoky technology?

1. To cover all the upper eyelid from eyebrow to eyelashes, a neutral light tone (be sure to view the undertone of the skin – pink or yellow).

2. The light gray shadow to apply on the moving part of the century.

3. Dark grey color with a special brush, apply in the crease.

4. A white shade to highlight under the brow and inner corner of the eye.

5. To blend all the color transitions.

6. To sum the lower eyelid is a dark gray shade. The line to shade.

7. To bring the upper ciliary margin with a pencil, then good feather arrow.

8. To spend dark kaalam water line on the lower eyelid.

9. On eyelashes apply any mascara: black, gray, or even blue.

10. When the first coat of mascara dries, again to tint lashes.

The essence of the smoky eye – a complete lack of clear lines. And eyeliner, and shadow transitions should be completely invisible.

How to paint eyes on the party

Evening makeup is simply obliged to be bright, stylish and stunning. How to wear mascara for a festive evening?

1. First apply to the eyelids pearl monotone shade, in harmony with the hair, eyebrows and outfit.

2. To deepen the look, you need to darken the outer corner of the eye shadow darker or even contrasting shades. It put in the crease.

3. Transitions to shade.

4. On top of shadows to draw the arrows. Welcome shiny hands black, gold, blue, dark brown, bright blue color. You can make a line of delicate or broad. As long as it was perfectly clear. Liquid or gel eyeliner color – exactly what you need.

5. Paint over the lashes, applying the mascara in two layers. If you want to achieve greater splendor, you can stick a few cilia near the outer corner of the eye.

Over a bright evening make-up with a distinct sexual runs touch of black shadows. You will also need a dark brown and any shade of light (for example, champagne or ivory) and black kajal.

How to paint eyes in this way:

• dial in the brush black eye shadow to shake the brush, so the product has not crumbled in the face. Apply all over the eyelid up to the crease lightly, patting motion;

• gain brown shadow and smudge the line on the border of the black shadow;

• display a line to the temple, to stretch the pigment in the form of the tip of the arrow;

• brown shades also to blend with a clean brush;

• gain a light shade and sum the area under the eyebrow, sure to brighten the inner corner of the century;

• small flat brush dial, black shadows and bring the lower eyelid underneath the eyelashes to the middle, good shade;

• black kaalam make a line the mucosa of the lower eyelid, too, to mid;

• to sum up the upper eyelid with a soft black pencil, drawing the skin between eyelashes to create the perfect night on the eyelids;

• apply black mascara, if you want to stick additional cilia.

Eye makeup for parties – it’s a different story. If done correctly, the admiring glances of men is guaranteed: very much effectively looks like this make-up. However you need to remember: if the emphasis is on the eyes, too much lipstick, it is that the image has not turned vulgar.