How to make tattoo at home: is this possible and what do I need? Ways to make tattoo at home

If you consider yourself a personality, a tattoo is a great way to Express yourself and stand out from the crowd.

However, not everyone wants to fill his drawings on the body for life, there are fans and so-called temporary tattoos.

Advantages and disadvantages of such drawings quite a lot, and we will talk about them below.

How to make tattoo at home.

The answer is simple – of course! All you need is a few instruments, a little effort and a drop of patience. Temporary drawings can also be viewed as a preparatory stage before the application of a permanent tattoo, to determine the most appropriate place for it, the size, type and method. Also, the tattoo may help to hide any lack of the skin. Well, of course I walk with it and understand, so if you need it really or you can do without a tattoo?

If you get a good draw, then do you tattoo at home, using improvised means. Thus, it is possible to draw an ordinary gel pen original drawing on parchment paper. Then paint their own picture transferred to the skin where it will stay for 1-4 days.

However, temporary tattoos also have its drawbacks:

  • the picture may just not happen and the interest is quickly lost;
  • if the pattern is made not too qualitatively, the tattoo will «bleed» under the influence of moisture and sunlight;
  • if you have allergies or any skin diseases, a tattoo is strictly prohibited.

Next, let’s see what are the available tools you can make tattoo at home.

What you need to do a tattoo at home

So what do we need to prepare before you get a tattoo at home? If you’re good at drawing or you have an artist friend, in this case, you will need to purchase henna. It can be bought in powder form from which it is possible to cook, or already cooked pasta, it is often packaged in cone-shaped pastry bag.

Attention! Henna is sold in bags, the main purpose of which is hair – not good! Why buy ready made pasta, if you want to eventually get a good result.

If you don’t have full confidence that you will succeed to put the right picture on the skin, buy a stencil, which will help you easily cope with paint. To lubricate the skin, the most experienced craftsmen prefer to use essential oils, besides their invigorating aroma will make the process of tattooing more enjoyable.

If you want to figure on the skin preserved as long as possible, 2 days before the procedure you need to clean the desired area with a scrub. Experienced masters are also requested to remove hair from place, which will be applied the tattoo, it will be much easier to make more accurate and smooth image.

How to make tattoo at home: methods

So we went to one of the most important steps, namely, to method of tattooing.

Henna (mehndi)

Amazing sacred patterns painted on the body in Ancient India, the concept has survived to the present day.

To make the procedure as safe as possible and even slightly enjoyable, better suited to natural Iranian henna is finely ground. It should be applied on clean dry skin, using a thin brush.

You can also use a stencil or tracing paper. The resulting figure will be a fiery red or Burgundy, which will not lose color after contact with moisture. Mendy will remain on the skin for about 20 days, which gives the ability to change images and create new colorful drawings.

How to do mehndi?

Take the henna powder with lemon juice and dilute it a small amount of sugar. This is necessary in order to give the composition viscosity, and it is better to keep on the skin. It is also recommended to add a little essential oil – this will give the picture more substance. Place the paste of henna in a plastic bottle with a tip in the form of a cone. Wipe the desired area of skin with alcohol for additional drying.

If you do know how to draw well – try to put the picture yourself, if not, take a ready-made stencil or label the contour of a thin felt-tip pen water-based and drawing over the top of henna.

At the end of the process always need to apply to drawing a certain amount of eucalyptus oil. This will make the color tattoo more intense and will enable it to better absorb into the skin. The first few hours not to wet or to touch the treated area of the skin, as freshly baked tattoo can fade. To figure on the skin as long as possible, before each contact with water to lubricate it with vegetable oil as it has the ability to repel moisture.

A press-on tattoo

The pattern is applied on the skin through special paper. The principle of such a tattoo is very similar to the stickers in my childhood we were caught with chewing gum. Of course, this type of pattern will not long persist in the skin, however, sometimes a couple of days is sufficient, whether the relevant real tattoo on the body.

How is translated tattoo?

Before the procedure, thoroughly moisten with water the desired area of the skin. Then gently peel off the protective film from the pattern and firmly stick it on your skin face down. You need to remember that the picture will be located on the skin in the mirror position, so it must be deployed in the direction shown. After gluing, wait 15-20 seconds, then slowly peel it from the skin.

You need to give the figure some time to dry. Below the drawing was more stable, it is recommended to sprinkle it with a thin layer of hairspray. That tattoo was held as long as possible, it should be applied to areas of the skin that rarely come into contact with water. Otherwise, the picture will start to crack in the first day after application.

Aromatherapy body

For applying this kind of tattoo will need a special gun, spray paint, water-based. Aromatherapy has similarities with body art, the only difference is in the area of application, which have aarattu much less. The resulting image has high detail and exceptional quality, however is not more than 7-8 days.

How is aromatherapy?

First you need to prepare the airbrush: flush and fill needs paint. You also need to prepare a stencil pattern or create it yourself, pre-drawing and cutting out paper. Before spraying the paint, you need to thoroughly degrease the desired area of the skin. This will suit medical alcohol.

Then through a special hypoallergenic glue, attach the stencil to the desired area of skin and cover it with paint, from time to time by pressing and releasing the trigger gun. Then the stencil you want to remove. If in the picture there are any irregularities, they should immediately adjust. If you want you can make a tattoo of brightness and beauty, decorating it with glitter or colored rhinestones.

Glittery tattoo

This kind of tattoo can be done with glue and fine glitter. A drawing that consists of iridescent glitter has a pretty spectacular view. If the pattern apply to the place which is practically not in contact with water, it will remain on the skin for up to 14 days. Also this pattern can be perfectly combined with other types of temporary tattoos.

How to do glittery tattoo?

Glittery tattoos are often made by ready-made stencils. This gives them a distinct advantage: for the sequin won’t need detailed drawing, they just fill the already prepared pattern. Before you apply the tattoo you need to thoroughly degrease the desired area of the skin, so as with its level of dryness will depend on the resistance pattern. Then tightly stick on the skin a ready-made stencil.

Apply to stencil a number of special glue and remove it while the adhesive is wet. Then by hand hammered movements to put on the glitter glue desired colors. Leave the stencil in this state for a couple of minutes, then use a wide flat brush remove the excess glitter and to fix the tattoo by means of special spray for fixation.

Crystal tattoo

This type of temporary tattoos is more suitable for women. Made it through sticking to the skin of the stones in the form of a pattern. The glue for such a tattoo is absolutely harmless, does not cause allergic reactions and irritation. Assuming careful handling to keep such a tattoo can up to 6-7 days.

How to make a crystal tattoo?

To make a crystal tattoo in two ways: independently or through a prepared stencil. Of course, ready to make patterns much faster, but to keep such a figure will not last long. Self-stick every stone is labour intensive, but in the end, you get a much higher quality picture that will stay much longer.

To make a tattoo, to begin, draw the sketch using a thin marker. After that, the sketch lines attach with glue stones. It will all depend on your desire and imagination, they can be any color and shape. After the procedure the area of skin stones can not be wet for days.

To do a tattoo on the skin or not – here everyone decides for himself. But if you do decide to start, try to make a temporary tattoo, the benefit options to date, more than enough.