Current hairstyles for thin hair how to add volume? Actionable recommendations: how to make hairstyle for thin hair

Girls and women with naturally thin hair often complain that can not find any normal hair. In fact, for owners of thin hair is an impressive selection of hairstyles. But their advantage in this case is the knowledge of his own hair, which simplifies the task of selection and adjusts for a certain result. It’s time to move away from the stereotypes.

Creating the illusion of volume together with hairstyles for thinning hair, photos examples

Before you create any intricate hairstyles to hide hair thinness, you need to master a few simple ways to give hair density.

Here are the main ones:

1. Need to learn how to style strands. The hair looked bigger in the future, the hairstyle must make the blow-drying, lifting hair from the roots. When laying it is advisable not to use products that weigh hair down, as volume will be over. The maximum you can take special light styling products for this hair type.

2. The hair was always with the volume, it is important to choose the means to care for them. These include shampoos, conditioners, masks, marked «volume».

3. To make thin hair visual volume by using staining. For this you need to pick up several shades, the roots painted in a darker tone, but ends in light. If your hair is thin, the staining along the entire length in a dark color will make this problem even more noticeable, and then flowing hair will have to forget. The best options of coloring thin hair is a weave, Balaj or the effect of natural fading. The last option are able to visually increase the volume up to two times.

4. The right under hairstyle is the key to future success. If you have time to prepare, on the eve before the creation of hairstyles, you need to conduct the preparatory procedure. More natural will look hair, if it was at night and braided a few braids at the base of the hair, and the main mass of hair was tied in a ponytail at the nape. Before the construction of the hair strands need to carefully comb.

5. In the case of short haircuts to a future styling and hairstyle you can use a small ripple at the roots. You can also use a round hairbrush that helps to lift hair at the roots. After such accessories any hairstyle can look advantageous.

6. Choosing the right haircut is another important factor for thin hair. It is best suited for such type ragged haircut or hairstyle with feathers. Great length too, should not give preference to, the shorter the haircut, the less noticeable fineness of the hair.

Creating bundles: a great option hairstyles for thin hair

By itself, the bundle is a universal hairstyle that can be casual and festive. Various options for its execution, there are many. But its main plus is that to afford it can girls with absolutely any type of hair. In the case of thin hair will help to hide behind the beam, this drawback is a small bouffant or special cosmetic bagel. Several varieties of hairstyles for thin hair in the form of beams:

1. The standard beam with the use of elastics and hairpins. Suitable for short and for long hair. But more than length, it is stronger than the conspiracy thin hair. To create this hairstyle you need to collect hair in a ponytail with elastics, then this tail to twist in the harness or braid her hair and wrap them around the circle. Result for reliability, you can fix it with hairpins. If knocked carelessly curls or stick the short ends, then depending on the role they can be hidden by using invisible or, conversely, to leave.

2. The beam with the «donut» is another simple and affordable way to give your hair extra visual density. Ready «bagels» are completely different shapes and sizes, you can even create them yourself. Similarly, it is necessary to tie the tail on top, as in the previous embodiment, then the ends of the tail are fixed in the fixture and the «donut» begins to twist with the hair towards the base of the hairs. So get a bunch, will only distribute evenly through the hair donut. And those bagels that are covered with artificial hair that will be able to disguise the gaps.

3. A bundle of French-style or shell is also suited to thin hair. From any casual shell easy to make a holiday version by adding just a flower or other decoration. Hair should be thrown on one side, to fix them in this position and then vertically to spin inward to the center of the back of his head. For thin hair are appropriate for any varieties of shells, before they are created on top of it is advisable to do a little tease for volume.

Hairstyles for thin hair: photo masking in KOs

Some skeptical girls will say a categorical «no» to any kind of KOs. Do, braided on a thin hair, they only accentuate this disadvantage. But there is one trick that will help almost any kinds of braids to look decent even on thin hair. The fashionable trend with the pulling strands. It should be noted that ordinary Russian braids are not the best option. Particularly beneficial look of the weave on the type of fish tail, inverted French braids, mermaid braid.

An example of such hairstyles for thin hair – step by step instructions:

1. Hair should be well combed, and separated from them top a small section.

2. She will begin the weaving. Divide it into three parts and begin to weave a normal braid inside-out – two covers will be enough.

3. Now to the average strands need to add hair with one hand and put it through the top of the respective strands. Similarly, to deal with the other party.

4. Too tight braiding is not necessary to do initially, then it will be easier to fluff up the curls.

5. You need to weave braid until the end of the hair and the remaining hair is better to pick a bundle.

6. It now remains gently, starting from the bottom, stretch weave braids to the side. It is important to observe a measure, so that the hair remains neat, reliable and do not lose shape.

In the same way, we can proceed with braided «fishtail». Looks very impressive voluminous tail with that long weave.

Types of hairstyles for fine hair with bouffant

Not everyone thinks the quality is good and harmless and the actual procedure. They are partly right, but proper care of hair harm Stripping is not, and the very purpose of such manipulations has changed. Fleece is no longer the main center of attention, and are the hidden helpers in the struggle to visual hair density. Fleece is compatible with these hairstyles:

• tails of different shapes;

• locks;

• beams at the back of the head;

• Babette;

• retro styling;

• different variations of «Malinki» with a raised top and the other.

For each fit one of two types of fleece – throughout the length of the strands or from the inside.