How to make a beautiful pedicure at home

Free for an hour from the cares and make time for a home pedicure. On the feet there are many active points which govern the health of the internal organs. Foot care will help to tone up the body and prepare for the season of open shoes.

Pedicure is performed in the same sequence as the manicure, but in the technique there are minor differences. The reason is that the skin of the feet daily subject to high loads and coarse. If heels are cracked, they should first be cured using medicines or traditional methods.

If the skin is all right, then you can begin the procedure. To start tidy nails. They cut straight, sharp corners lightly treated with a nail file. This form will not disturb the growth of the nail plate and prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t make the nails too short, so as not to damage the pad of the finger.

Rasparte feet to easily remove dead skin from heels. For the bath ideal a decoction of oak bark. Raw material can be collected yourself or purchased in a drugstore. A handful of oak bark pour a liter of water, boil for 20 minutes. Add the cooked broth to the water tank and asprivate foot 15 minutes. For Wellness baths are suitable Linden flowers or marigold.

After the skin is softened, apply foot scrub. If you want to stop a rough impact, use a regular pumice stone by moving in one direction from the outer edge to the inner. A more gentle effect coffee, honey scrub, or sea salt. Do not peel too often, it can damage the skin and promote cracking.

The cuticle is pushed to the edge of the nail plate with a special spatula or wooden sticks, you can leave it or remove with tongs.

Apply the cream with a cooling effect and massage your feet for 5 minutes. Add in cream mint essential oil or tea tree. The massage will soothe the skin, enhance blood circulation and relax your feet. If you are not going to cover the nail varnish, wear socks (not synthetic). For a few minutes, raise your legs so that they were above the level of the heart: this technique can quickly relieve fatigue and will serve as a prevention of varicose veins.

To cover the nail in two layers of decorative varnish (wait until the first coat is completely dry, then apply a second) or you can use a therapeutic, restorative or whitening of the coating.

Perfect legs will give your gait ease, and you – confidence in its irresistibility.