How to lose weight in the face and remove puffy cheeks?

Figure flaws with the right approach it is possible to fix or hide clothing. Another thing is the bulkiness of them and does not help any makeup, especially if we are talking about the plumpness of the cheeks. Remove double chin, reduce a curvy shape will help you not only specially designed exercises, but some of the principles of nutrition. We talk about them.

Changing the shape of the face

To change the shape of the face, that is, to tighten sagging skin or Vice versa to remove chubby cheeks should adhere to the basic principles that relate to weight loss in General:

  • In addition to the correct diet and exercise for the body, you need to add special exercises for the muscles of the face.
  • The head should be kept straight, to sleep better on the folded diaper, as the baby.
  • Refrain from eating oily fish and meat, fatty broth from fish, poultry and meat, and also completely exclude sweets, starchy foods, carbonated, tea and coffee.
  • Cereals, vegetables, fruits and seafood are the main food, add lean meats and fish, milk and dairy products.
  • Of course not salted, smoked, spicy and sour. Meals should be small portions, but often, every 2-3 hours.
  • Calculate your daily amount of water, your weight, divide by the number 20. Here’s how much you need to drink, water should not be boiled.

These rules should become part of your life, they do not need to comply with from time to time. Add physical activity and exercise for persons.


Before class clean the face, moisten it with a nourishing cream, stand in front of a mirror to see the correctness of the exercises and begin.

  • Stretching lip, clearly and loudly spoken vowels.
  • Attach the head back, then grab the lower lip of the top by pulling forward the chin.
  • Turn the head in different directions, with well-mouth open and tongue out as much as possible language.
  • Combine the teeth and force of the muscles attach down lower lip.
  • Cheeks need to inflate and pull, alternately perform this exercise on each cheek.
  • Straining the neck muscles by the tension of the corners of the mouth, dropping them down.
  • Holding the pencil in his teeth, describe in the air the letters and numbers.

The regularity of these exercises in the morning and at night, will allow in short time to save not only from the plumpness of the cheeks, but also the excess sagging chin.

In parallel you can use masks that toniziruyut the skin.

Follow the simple recommendations in a month or two you notice visible results, the main thing – the regularity and persistence.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna