I dream to increase the breast at home? Unique ways to increase breast at home, without surgery

The female breast is chanted by poets, praised by artists of all generations, this part of the female body was and still is more likely to attract the attention of men.

Every woman dreams of beautiful Breasts, but not all nature made such a gift.

If the ass can be pumped in the gym, chest in this case is much more complicated.

Some ladies decide to go under the surgeon’s scalpel.

Many women with small Breasts want to increase chest glands in house conditions, but do not know how to do it.

To increase chest glands in house conditions: the set of measures

In the world developed a whole industry aimed at developing tools and methods to increase breast. The fact that the breast gland itself is not amenable to pumping, because it is not a muscle. With the age of the corset supporting the chest, weaken and she sags.

Beautiful breast shape and trim figure, face without wrinkles require more effort, no wonder they say that beauty demands victims. There are several methods and techniquesthat help to increase breast at home.

With the aid of breast implants you can increase to the most incredible size, however, this surgery is expensive and a health threat.

— Developed special creams, regular massaging of the user which guarantees an increase in breast size, but in some women, these means cause allergies, others achieved the effect disappears after you stop using the miracle cream.

— Our grandmothers, great-grandmothers also dreamed of a beautiful breast, and left a good legacy of the people’s methods and techniques.

— It turns out that there are some products, frequent use of which is accompanied with special exercises allows you to increase chest glands in house conditions.

Having small Breasts, you should first try all available methods, and then, if it is necessary to go under the knife.

How to enlarge breast at home: a set of exercises

The breast gland is not be lifting, but who said that you cannot strengthen the muscles around it, resulting in and the chest will become more attractive, visually increased in size.

We pull our arms forward at chest level, put your fingers lock and wrenched her hands so that the back side was looking at us. In this position, holding his hands up in the air, bend and straighten their elbows, pulling their maximum, repeating 20 – 30 times.

— Lie on the floor face down, arms bend and place palms at chest level. On the inhale slowly raise the head, lift the chest off the floor and the maximum SAG in the back. Exhale take the starting position. Repeated deflections from 10 to 30 times, do 3 sets.

— Copes with the formation of a corset for the chest and the classic push-UPS. If age does not allow you to do this exercise from the floor, nacrite to do push-UPS from the wall, then go to the chair, the main thing is to keep an even body. Whenever possible, do for 5 to 20 times. 2 – 3 approach.

Young women can do a backbend, gently, slowly bending at the waist, taking your hands to the floor, trying to stay in this position for as long as possible. Ladies of older age, but also wish to strengthen the muscles around the breast, for true beauty is timeless, it is enough to do a backbend against the wall.

Experience the Japanese way of Yoshimaru, which increased their Breasts themselves in size 4, can serve as an inspiring example for many. After all, it takes just a quarter of an hour a day.

The uniqueness of the method way like all normal women, because it’s based on the charging and pumping fat from the extremities and stomach to his chest. The advantage of this complex is that each exercise can be performed separately, in a convenient location and suitable time. Most importantly, go through the entire set of exercises for the day.

1. Keep the hands bent at the elbows at chest level, her hands folded boats like prayer. On account of 1 – 8 with a force push hand-in-hand, take a breath, plunging the stomach, focus on the tension of the chest muscles. On the exhale, pressure is removed. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times. Now her hands have to your right breast and repeat the exercise moved her clasped hands to the left again and do the whole complex pressure.

2. Raise a bent arm up in a circular motion heat the entire surface. Hand position does not change, the thumb and index finger wrap forearm and slowly press out from it fat, from the elbow to the chest hold 30 — 50 times and the same from top to bottom. Then change hands.

3. Preparing to sleep, lying in bed, intensely RUB the top of the abdomen, grazing the skin to feel warm, and then thumb and index fingers grab the cushion of fat at waist level on the right and move it to the chest. In this way complete the entire surface of the abdomen from right to left and back several times, but no more than five minutes.

4. It turns out that our body is the point, clicking on which you can activate the release of female hormones responsible for the condition of the breast. Put your hands on the thigh part of the legs, with fingertips just barely touching the knee, octoberthe thumbs and squeeze them surface feet. Felt pain on the inner side of the thigh at a distance of 10 – 12 cm from the knee? This is our point. It can be massaged, sitting at work, in transport, in General anywhere.

5. The latest recommendation from Miyoko, learn to sleep only on your back and present yourself a beauty with a magnificent bust.

Quite simple and available at any age exercise in their regular performing can work wonders, including to increase chest glands in house conditions.

To increase chest glands in house conditions.

For the growth of breast cancer required estrogen, which in nature is rich in hop cones. Regular intake of decoction of this wonder plant will help to enlarge the Breasts for a size. However, with caution and only after consultation with a gynecologist you can take women who have had failures in the menstrual cycle.

It is best to do the infusion in a thermos, Bay 1 tbsp. l. hop Cup of boiling water at night, morning squeeze and the resulting broth is divided into 4 – 5 pieces that you should drink half an hour before a meal.

Be prepared for the fact that the tincture is very bitter, so you need to drink slowly, small SIPS.

The month drink of the month – a break.

Attention! Further, the use of broth is possible only with the permission of the doctor!

Linden infusion is not saturated with estrogen, but are much safer hop cones, he has a rejuvenating effect, which was known to the ladies of high society of the last century, and drank this composition for preserving youth.

A pinch of powdered lime blossom at night, pour a glass of boiling water, to put beside the bed in the morning to drink on an empty stomach, 20 to 30 minutes before meals. Month to drink, 60 days to take a break. According to user reviews, Linden is able to increase your breast size.

To enlarge the Breasts, and in parallel, and to improve metabolism, will help the soybeans. In special shops for vegetarians and diabetics can you buy soy products in different designs, it can be meat, milk, cheese, and more. Make soy a regular product in your menu, and saturate the body with natural hormones, identical to women’s, is able to increase the breast at home. In six months you will notice that your Breasts have grown half a size.

To support the Breasts in good shape will help and greens, which must be present in the daily diet. Young leeks, a mixture of dill, parsley and cilantro added to any dish will not only make a unique taste to it, but also will contribute to the development of female hormones that feed breast cancer.

To increase breast in home massage and creams

Many women with skepticism relate to the purchased assets that promise breast enhancement, but the famous Jacques Courtin has developed a cream to restore the shape and firmness of the breast and called it a natural bra. However, he stressed that the funds for the care of the breast glands must be nourishing and moisturizing, but in any case not cellulite, because the latter is aimed at reducing fat, which is unacceptable for the chest.

However, you are worried about the shape of their Breasts during pregnancy and breast-feeding strictly prohibited to use any means to strengthen the breast to rubbing hormones were not included in the body of the child.

Estrogen rich many oils of plants such as geranium, primrose, patchouli. In any pharmacy purchased a small bottle of essential oil, which is literally a couple of drops added to any vegetable oil and apply it on the area around the breast.

Circulation around the breast will increase the blue clay used as a mask for the area around the chest, with the regular use of which within 2 months of breast cups will become more elastic and swollen about half size.

Manual self-massage will increase the efficiency of the use of creams. When performing massage techniques remember that the chest holds the muscle extending from the second rib to the clavicle.

Attention! All movements are performed gently, definitely around the breast, but in any case not massage the Breasts.

1. The intense heat of the hands rubbing one another, apply it on skin around breast cream, put palms on the ulnar edge of the brush support breast cancer. Do slowly stroking and rubbing action from the chest to the chin, increasing the force of impact. Run 20 — 30 times.

2. Taking a shower, you can make a strong pressure of the cool water and the same lines to make water massage for 3 to 4 minutes.

3. If you are interested in acupressure, in this case, it is best to consult a specialist. Shiatsu massage requires a professional approach to determine the right point, otherwise, can only harm.

How to enlarge breast at home: tricks

The easiest way to visually enlarge breast at home is the ability to change the bra with the help of a double push up. Tight pads, nice fit body and is able to increase the visual perception of the chest size by 2.

— Want to have beautiful Breasts, forget about the Topless sunbathing, because the sun dries the skin, reduces its elasticity.

— Daily rinsing the breast with a cold shower forced to shrink and the muscles that hold the Breasts, which will also benefit from increasing the tone and elasticity of the skin.

— Dream of beautiful Breasts, then learn first to walk with a perfectly straight back, because slouching contributes to the sagging of the breast.

Be sure to constantly smile, because regardless of the size of your Breasts, the eyes will reflect the inner world of your soul.