How to hula-Hoop: learn to use a hula Hoop. How to roll a Hoop, to remove the sides and belly – will it help?

In childhood the vast majority of girls learn to spin the Hoop.

Remember? This activity was a great pastime in the yard, and also part of the compulsory programme at the lessons of physical culture.

In adulthood, the complex of exercises with a hula-Hoop turn those ladies who see the flaws in her figure.

Today we will learn how to hula-Hoop to make a figure slim and beautiful.

How to hula-Hoop: the advantages and the benefits of exercise

Workout with hula-hoops have several advantages:

• the wrap is easy to use and easy to store and transport;

• the exercises do not require special training;

• classes can be combined with other exercises;

• the rotation of the Hoop allows you to quickly adjust the shape.

Exercises with a Hoop of great benefit, if you perform them correctly!

1. Training with hula-Hoop allows you to use different muscle groups. Not all equipment is able to simultaneously affect the back, buttocks, thighs, abdominals and calves.

2. The areas of the body during class come in contact with the hula Hoop, receive increased blood circulation. This makes it possible to burn fat and not just «split» them. Oxygen is intensively supplied to the hips and waist that gives the body extra energy.

3. This kind of cardio training lowers blood pressure and serves as an excellent prevention of heart attacks and strokes. Hula Hoop has a calming and relaxing effect, increases resistance to stress.

4. Completing a set of exercises, you are doing a kind of massage. This has a positive effect on the intestines, and it improves peristalsis.

5. You can come up with interesting exercises for the children, bring fun task of all family members.

6. Exercising with hula-hoops, many notice the emotional lifting of the spirit. The rotation of the Hoop brings a lot of fun and causes a lot of positive emotions. External changes in the body increase a person’s confidence in themselves.

7. As a result of lessons with weight wrap body becomes more flexible.

8. Rotational motion with hula-hoops improve the overall tone of the body.


Before you learn how to roll a Hoop, to remove the sides and belly, you need to make sure there are no contraindications. Hoop exercise for weight loss cannot be performed in the following cases:

• pregnancy and the first time after the birth;

• the period of menstruation;

• diseases of the joints and pelvic organs, kidneys, liver, ovaries;

• recovery from leg injuries, head and spine.

Select the Hoop

Not enough to know how to roll a Hoop, to remove the sides and belly. It is still important to choose the right sports equipment. Every kind of hula-Hoop brings different results. There are three kinds of the sports projectile:

• regular gym;


• weighted.

With the usual gymnastic Hoop we know each other from school. This model is hollow inside, made of metal or plastic. Sports equipment is great for newbies starting to do fitness on their own. Gymnastic Hoop allows you to develop the skills of rotation and can be used at the initial stage of training.

Massage hula Hoop with a larger cross-sectional area is equipped with a lot of balls, providing a massaging effect on the body. Experts believe that this kind of the hula-Hoop does not need to use for beginners. The model is characterized by the weight in the first workout can leave all over her body multiple bruising. Massage Hoop choose experienced fitness enthusiasts who managed to thoroughly master a set of exercises with gymnastic hula Hoop.

Wrap with heavier weighs 0.5 to 2 kg. It is believed that such a hula-Hoop gives the best results in losing weight. Its effectiveness is attributed to the increased load on the muscles. With this wrap you can easily put the whole body in tone.

Specialists when buying a Hoop should consider your height. When you attach a shell to itself, it needs to reach your lower ribs.

How to hula-Hoop: technique of rotation and means

At first glance, exercise with hula-hoops may seem easy and boring. In fact, training with a Hoop require good coordination and developed motor skills of the muscles. Physical exercises will be very effective, if to use the simulator correctly.

First you need to do the workout. It allows you to warm up the body before exercise. Put feet shoulder width apart. Head over to raise the Hoop. Committed bends: back and forth from one side to the other. Now pull the shell in front of him, making smooth turns from side to side.

Exercise the «Slim waist»

This exercise with proper and regular implementation reduces waist circumference. Take the starting position: become feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly shinem. Of the foot when performing the rotation should be a little diluted on the outside. Drop a hula Hoop at waist level and try to ask him the rotation. Supported shell smooth, rhythmic movements, straining press and slightly retracting the stomach.

Continuously rotate the Hoop so you need 3 to 5 minutes. The exercise should be in several approaches, by combining with other methods of rotation.

Exercise «the rotation of the planets»

Classes with hula-hoops can vary another very effective exercise. To run feet you need to put slightly narrower than shoulder width and hands on head. After a few rotations to the right, you should start to slowly turn to the right around its axis. Such circles must be performed at least ten. Then the same thing again in the opposite direction.

Exercise Strela

The position of the «Arrow» will help you to quickly remove belly fat. Rise up on your toes and begin to rapidly spin the Hoop. My hands must be pulled as high up as possible, palms together. This exercise is quite difficult. Therefore, to achieve the result it is enough to run for 10 minutes a day.

Rotation walking

When you learn to keep the Hoop on the waist for a long time, you can learn the following exercise. So to rotate the projectile need at a fast pace, making stepping movements in all directions. Aerobic exercise allows you to not only burn fat in problem areas of the waist, but also to improve the activity of the heart muscle.

Rotation of breathing

The hands start behind the head and begin to rotate the hula-Hoop, making a smooth movement in the side. During exercise you need to breathe out and for a few seconds to hold your breath, the maximum plunging stomach.

These exercises not only reveal the secret of how to roll a Hoop, to remove the sides and belly, but allow you to do the exercise with a Hoop interesting and diverse.

The basic rules of rotation:

1. During the lessons follow the correct starting body position. Back during the rotation wrap should be perfectly flat, and legs together. Apart from them, the effect of exercise «clears», and not concentrate on the sides and waist.

2. So your hands won’t hurt, it is better to pull to the side, up or hook behind the head to the castle.

3. Do not connect to exercises the chest and the pelvis should move only the abdomen.

4. Newcomers preferred to perform the movement in one direction – clockwise.

How to hula-Hoop: tips professionals

To classes with the Hoop went in your favor, it is useful to take the advice of professionals:

1. For training choose a time between meals. Exercise is best done at least 2 hours after eating and 1 hour before a meal. In this condition, playing with a Hoop will save you from fats, not from glucose, which was obtained by the body from food.

2. After exercise it is useful to drink a glass of pure non-carbonated water.

3. Full workout should last at least 30 minutes. How to tell the experts in the first 20 minutes of class with a Hoop in the human body is growing rapidly and the glucose consumption. Then our body starts to spend the reserve of energy, getting it from fat reserves.

4. For a start, practice about 10 minutes, gradually increasing the time of training. After a few weeks of rotations of the hula-Hoop will bring maximum results.

5. During employment with a Hoop strive to put feet closer to each other. Initially you will be comfortable to put the feet slightly wider than shoulders and toes to breed in hand. After mastering the exercises try to bring them closer together, that will reduce muscle tension. In a rack energy will be spent very active, your body will become fit.

6. Rotating the Hoop, just keep breathing. Before class it is recommended to ventilate the room. Fresh air and deep breathing without delay will saturate the body with oxygen.

7. Spin the hula Hoop in smooth, quiet and uniform motion in a small diameter, so as not to injure the back. No need to talk the whole body. During training you should be moderately tense.

8. Before spinning the hula-Hoop experts advise to do some stretching.

9. On the body after the first lesson may appear bruised. To avoid their possible appearance, wearing a thick sports jacket or a wide belt.

10. It is very important to do exercises regularly. If you have absolutely no time, do at least a few rotations of the Hoop. This will help to maintain the results of past lessons.

11. Exercise to your favorite music. Atmosphere will enhance a positive attitude for a great result.

Now you know how to hula-Hoop to clean the sides and belly. To quickly bring the figure in order through training with the hula Hoop turns out even those who do not help the diet.