How to get rid of warts at home that is safer. What if to cut off the papilloma home?

Everyone dreams to have a perfect skin condition.

Papillomas do not look aesthetically pleasing.

Their shape, color, vary, appear absolutely growths in any part of the body.

Is there a way to safely get rid of them and how to do it properly we will try to find out in this article.

How to get rid of warts at home: drugs and devices

To get rid of warts can be products that are sold in every pharmacy. Many drugs greatly affect tissues, and often damage even healthy skin. That is why, before use, be sure to read the instructions and do everything according to it. Before starting treatment, it is recommended to contact the medical facility for advice. Other diseases can have strong resemblance with papillomas, respectively, and treatment is needed more.

Previously the skin is well softened with warm water, dead tissue sloughed off from the surface of the warts. If the medicinal product contains chemical ingredients, healthy skin around the warts need to glue the plaster or just put a fat cream. If the medicine still gets on healthy skin, a person should immediately rinse with water.

At the pharmacy, a large selection of drugs to combat disease, most effective and widely used are the following:

1. Verrucate — due to the content of phenols in the product, is the destruction of papillomas. For application to the skin using the applicator. It should be used with caution, careful not to touch healthy skin, for a visible result just one treatment.

2. Dermabet of the chemical substance. To get rid of the problems you need to apply it to the wart for one week as a result of its color should be dark.

3. Solkoderm — includes acid and nitrate of copper, the independent use is fraught with serious consequences. Cannot be used on the face, groin, under the arms, due to the fact that the healthy tissue can be damaged, leaving numerous scars. The duration of treatment may be up to one month.

4. Superchatel — many believe that once the medication is called that means that it includes the celandine, but it is not. The effect of the drug is achieved by burning acids. As with other drugs, it must be applied carefully. Within three days you need to apply one drop directly to the papilloma.

5. Patches. There are several types — slipad, orgochor. Main active ingredient — salicylic acid makes the skin slightly softened. In place of the «destruction» of the patch is applied no more than a day. The procedure is carried out until until the wart will not hatch.

6. Kriofarma spray has a freezing effect. One spray will last 10 papillomas.

7. The birth — preparation of local action, a good antiviral agent. Healthy skin cells absolutely are not damaged, further replication of the virus would be impossible.

It is also possible to get rid of warts by surgery, laser treatment. But for any such procedure requires careful examination.

How to get rid of warts at home: folk remedies

Many people have a predisposition to the formation of papillomas, which is primarily due to genetic factors. Any special symptoms of the disease no, that’s why many carriers of the virus are not even aware of the problem.

To get rid of warts folk remedies is quite real, but still must follow certain preventive measures.

It should also know that HPV can eventually shrink in size and even disappear, and this does not require surgical or therapeutic intervention. But this, of course, does not mean that after the disappearance of the problems will disappear and the virus.

In addition to medication, there are many popular ways that are allowed to fight with nasty growths.

How to get rid of warts at home and not to resort to conventional medicine? For this, many methods, they are all different and primarily based on the effects of various substances.

After you start self-treatment, it is necessary to turn attention to how the skin.

Detailed recipes and method of their application, will be presented below. If your forces will not be able to get rid of the problem, and not any positive results will not be better as soon as possible to consult a dermatologist. After all, there is a small risk that HPV will eventually go into a malignancy.

How to get rid of warts at home: step-by-step instructions

Chicken egg

I’m sure many will wonder what a normal chicken egg can get rid of warts, but in fact it is the best tool which not only will stunt the growth, but it will be completely removed. It is necessary several times a day to smear problem areas with protein. After the first layer of the protein dries, immediately put the second. If you regularly lubricate papilloma, 5-7 days it will completely dry out.


Time — honoured way- the removal of warts using kerosene and walnut. Nuts should be harvested when they are only «ripe», after which they need to finely chop and place in a jar, it is best if it is glass. Top nuts need to be filled with kerosene and clean the jar in a dark place for exactly three weeks. After the allotted time runs out, the contents of the jar, strain, and grease build-up. The course of treatment will last as long as the problem is completely gone.


It turns out that you can easily remove papillomas soap. For this you need each day to cover the papilloma soapy layer until then, until it is completely dry. A few days later, the skin problem will turn red, at this stage, the treatment should be stopped. After some time education will disappear, leaving a small depression on the skin.


Can be used to treat papilloma of the external funds but also «internal». For exposure to the virus from inside, you need to drink potato juice. This is done on an empty stomach every morning and also before bed, the dose of a single use 100 ml.

Healing herbs

Homeopaths bother that during removal of papillomas, it is important to drink tea from various herbs. Useful is the collection of such ingredients as dandelion, horsetail, plantain, Melissa. Every plant takes in the same amount, after thorough grinding everything to mix. Of the total collection is separated two spoons and poured 0.5 liters of boiling water. Some time a means has to brew. The course of treatment is exactly one week to make the infusion must be strictly before meals. A day to drink 50 ml three times.

Is it possible to cauterize the papilloma and that for this purpose

Burn education is indeed possible, for this purpose, the celandine. But those who dare to such a method, should know that, despite the simplicity of the procedure, it is quite painful.

Cut the branch of the plant, she squeezed a drop of juice, she needed to cauterize the papilloma.

For more effective treatment, you need to tie a knot at the foot of a thin string. After several procedure cauterization, the root of education is thinning on top, you will need every day to slightly pull the string up until it just drops off.

On location education remains the hole, it should be moistened with juice of the plant, over time it will heal and disappear.


Proven itself a compress of garlic and flour. Of garlic, squeeze the juice and mix it with the flour until you get something like a paste. Before going to bed, apply the gel onto the wart. According to our grandmothers, and from where came this recipe for a few nights, you can completely get rid of the problem.

How to get rid of warts at home: they can be simple to cut.

On the question of whether to cut off the papilloma, there is one definite answer — no. In any case it is impossible to remove, to tear off, to cut education. It is not recommended to be treated by education alone, until you clarified the nature of the growth. After cutting, the risk of malignancy is increased in several times.

There are times when detachment is not specifically. Not always do people know what actions to take at this time, and as soon as possible, below are a few effective tips in this regard:

1. The injury should be treated with antiseptic.

2. On top of the wound need to stick the patch to avoid the ingress of dirt and dust.

3. As soon as possible visit the specialist. Need to do some tests to determine the nature of the papilloma, whether it is benign or can degenerate into malignant.

If it came off and people didn’t notice, after the fact of her disappearance is still detected, the first thing to do is to go to the doctor. If no complications have arisen, and education all healed, it is likely that the body was able to cope with the virus. According to the statistics, in 90% of cases the infection with HPV, it ends a successful cure itself.