How to get rid of unwanted hair? Varieties of hair removal and hair removal, advantages of different methods of hair removal

More BC, women removed body hair.

The procedure was carried out for hygienic reasons and to prevent the accumulation of parasites.

Today smooth and silky skin is every woman’s dream and a tribute to modern fashion.

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair, allowing them to be removed temporarily or for a long period.

Unwanted hair: where and from whom?

«Vegetation» on the body rarely gives men the discomfort is rather a matter of pride and a sign of brutality. Women stereotypes are not so favorable, and the prevailing standards of beauty they require a perfectly smooth skin. Special attention is paid to areas such as:

• legs;

• armpit;

• bikini area;

• hands.

Often the increased production of testosterone and genetic factors are forced to remove the hair on the upper lip, around the nipples or stomach.

Dense «vegetation» on the woman’s body is not dangerous for health but may cause serious psychological disorders. The blame for the idea that the hair of the true beauties should grow only on the head. Fortunately, today fashionistas a huge selection of methods for the disposal of «lack» on the body.

How to get rid of unwanted hair: the razor, a cream or epilator?

Depending on the principle of the procedure and its result are two ways of hair removal is epilation and depilation. One method involves pulling hair from the root, that allows you to forget about the problem for 2-4 weeks. The process of hair removal leads to the removal of the visible part of hair, so the effect is achieved in 1-3 days. Consider the most popular methods of how to get rid of unwanted hair at home.


Favorite tool for hair removal among men is often used by the fairer sex. Shave in demand due to the following properties:

• instantly removes hair;

• does not require prior training;

• the machine does not occupy much space;

• the procedure can be done almost anywhere and at a convenient time.

Such way of removal of «vegetation» can cause irritation, so is not suitable for sensitive skin. Prolonged use of the razor leads to increased hair growth, which become hard and dark and break through the skin as a unattractive stubble.

How to shave?

1. Wet skin, apply soap or special foam.

2. To hold the machine in the direction of hair growth, rinse the razor.

3. Repeat the steps until you get the desired result.

4. Wash the skin with water, dried.

After the procedure, the body should be applied an emollient or dye (after shave lotion, cream, cosmetic oil).

Depilatory cream

Effective and easy to use tool for hair removal. The cream is suitable for the most sensitive skin and is even used for hair removal on the face and in the bikini area. Chemicals in the product contribute to the destruction of the exterior of the hair shaft, dissolving its Foundation. Due to this after exposure to the hair can be removed easily.

How to use cream?

1. To clean the treated skin area to dry.

2. Apply a thin layer of cream, leave for the time specified in the instructions to the tool (3 to 15 minutes).

3. To remove hair with a special spatula in the direction opposite to hair growth.

4. Wash off the depilatory.

With prolonged use, the hair becomes thinner and lighter, and the intensity of growth gradually decreases. There are cream drawbacks – its composition often causes allergies, and use in intimate areas contributes to the darkening of the skin.

Depilatory cream is a great alternative to shaving, which allows you to quickly and painlessly remove hair. The wrong makeup application can cause skin burns, so you need to follow the recommendations indicated in the instruction to a product.


One of the most painful ways to get rid of «vegetation» on the body. The principle of operation is the loss of hair together with root. This procedure is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, skin diseases and injuries, varicose veins (in the process of hair removal can injure the blood vessels that nourish the hairs).

As a result of prolonged use of the device has slowed the growth of hair and reduction of their number. The reason is that when pulling out the follicle often injured, resulting in his recovery impossible. Women using the epilator for several years noted that over time the number of procedures is reduced from 1 times a week to 3-4 times a year.

The first mechanical hair removal is the most painful, but with each subsequent procedure, the skin becomes less vulnerable and a few months later, the device does not cause discomfort. To prevent discomfort in several ways.

  • The day before hair removal to treat the body scrub.
  • To use painkillers for external use (e.g., Lidocaine).
  • Before the procedure is to steam the body in hot water.
  • During epilation to stretch the treated area of the skin to speed up the process.
  • Not to neglect the special attachments supplied with the appliance.

Mechanical hair removal – a reliable method of removing unwanted «vegetation.» The procedure usually takes a long time, and once it’s finished, irritated skin needs a rest (1 to 3 days), so plan this kind of elimination of hair in advance.

How to get rid of unwanted hair: waxing or sugaring?

The oldest methods of hair removal is popular among women until now. Hair removal with wax (waxing) is carried out on all parts of the body and is suitable for those with low threshold of sensitivity. During the procedure, the skin applied the hot waxis applied on top of special paper or fabric strip, which is removed with a quick movement together with hair.

For best effect the necessary preliminary preparation. The day before hair removal body scrub is processed, and immediately before the procedure on the skin apply toner with fruit acids. Such measures allow to avoid ingrown hairs. To achieve a perfectly smooth skin is possible only with hairs 4-5 mm, short length wax lacking.

Sugaring – hair removal with sugar paste. This hair removal is as painful as waxing. After a few sessions the hair becomes finer and a lot less discomfort. Before sugaring required the same preparation as for waxing. Ways to use the products too similar.

So how to get rid of unwanted hair, which way to choose? Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The sugar paste penetrates deeper than wax, so you can remove shorter hairs. Sugaring is considered to be more gentle procedure because it removes hair in several approaches. At the same time, it is time consuming and requires more passes through the area of the skin than waxing.

Both procedures can be performed at home, however, a session of hair removal on the particularly sensitive areas (bikini area, face) is recommended by a specialist. Professionally made hair removal less painful, takes less time, provides long-lasting results and eliminates the chance of occurrence of ingrown hairs after the procedure.

How to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all?

Today it is possible to remove «vegetation» forever. Radical anti-hair is expensive and the result depends more on the professionalism of the specialist. Therefore, the procedures are not so popular, and many women still «suffer» more. The positive side of modern cosmetic methods is the possibility of getting rid of hair for a very long period.

Laser hair removal – virtually painless and effective procedure. A week later after the session is destroyed by a laser beam of the hair leaving the skin. To achieve sustainable results, you need about 6 treatments every month. Perfectly smooth skin is supported by regular laser hair removal once a year.

Photoepilation is one of the youngest methods of removal of «vegetation.» During the procedure, there is a flash, which kills the follicle. After some time (1 to 20 days), the skin becomes smooth. To destroy all hair requires 3-4 sessions, but already after the first treatment, they become thin and almost invisible. The drawback of this method is that IPL is ineffective on light or gray hair.

Enzyme hair removal is the process by which chemicals disrupt the structure of keratin and the hair follicles die and subsequently overgrown. Method is considered the most quick, safe and painless. Is only a specialist, not suitable for use on the face.

For many centuries the beautiful half of mankind has accumulated experience that allows us today to choose the most suitable way of removing the «vegetation» on the body. The question of how to get rid of unwanted hair, must be addressed individually based on personal preferences and peculiarities of the organism.