How to get rid of traces after acne, the sooner we start, the sooner you’ll succeed! Remove spots and scars on face after pimples

No matter what age, there is no acne, blemishes remain after them equally, but not identically vanish.

How to get rid of traces after acne quickly, proven folk remedies and effective treatments.

Someone is lucky more, someone less.

It is now about skin problems, in particular, on the acne and the marks after them.

In adolescence, rarely someone will bypass the problem of acne, but if she stayed, and after puberty pimples are not formed, in most cases the skin will recover itself. But there are problems more complicated.

As they grow older, the skin loses its ability to recover, and pimples in adulthood leave deep scars and spots. How to get rid of traces after acne, and is it possible to achieve clean skin, let’s see.

How to get rid of traces after acne, depending on the species

Basically acne is caused by hormone disorders, acne, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bacterial infection, vitamin deficiencies and disruption of the immune system. Regardless of what caused the pimples, get rid of traces after them equally.

Types of marks (scars) after acne:

• normotroficheskie – no seals, but through the thin skin with visible blood vessels;

• atrophic – a shallow trough, no different from the color of the skin;

• keloid scars are slightly raised due to intensive formation of connective tissue in the damaged area so that the bumps are formed;

• hypertrophic scars – are thick pinkish color, shaped similar to keloid scars, but their nature is tissue scar, and over time they may disappear on their own.

A folk remedy to help get rid of spots on face after pimples

In some cases, the treatment of acne and their consequences can be carried out at home. Doing this is useful if acne was not too much, with only minor blemishes.

How to get rid of traces after acne: simple folk remedies.

Mask salicylic acid

Half a teaspoon of salicylic acid dissolved in teaspoon boiling water and stir until dissolved. Add half a teaspoon of honey and lubricate the problem areas point. Hold 20 minutes, rinse. To do the mask from scars every day before going to sleep.

Healing clay from spots on the face

Brightens and stimulates the skin renewal mask is made of white or blue clay, mixed with the natural red dry wine. The wine is of poor quality, in packages with the addition of alcohol, will not help. The desired natural product.

Excellent effect gives the mask of green clay with water, adding a drop of rosemary essential oil. Keep the mask for problematic skin for 10-15 minutes.

To prepare a fresh mask before each application, the composition cannot be stored. To apply if a point a day. If on the entire face once a week.

Oil get rid of scars after acne

Extra Virgin olive oil, a better – grape seed oil – a unique tool for massage. By daily massaging these oils scars on the face you can achieve good results in the regeneration, hydration, skin nourishment. Blood circulation is improved, and the skin is renewed faster.

How to get rid of traces after acne by using cucumber

Pigmentation spots after acne and other lesions removed with the help of funds from the cucumber. Mask, toner or lotion when used regularly, brightens skin and remove spots. A useful «bonus» cucumber medium – pores.

Parsley to brighten and restore

50 grams parsley chop and pour 50 ml of boiling water. Infuse for half an hour. In the received infusion to moisten gauze, gently squeeze and apply on clean face. You can keep to dry gauze.

Effectively still wiping the face with a frozen infusion twice a day. Parsley refreshes the skin, removes stains, making it an even tone and gives elasticity.

If scars and scars after acne on the skin for more than two months, and if they are large, the folk remedies are ineffective. Will have to seek the assistance of the dermatologist. Your doctor may prescribe ointments and gels topical application, and from old scars and scarring will save only the hardware procedure.

Spots on face after pimples how to get rid of with pharmacy means local application

After healing of pimples on the skin are barely visible as traces of deep keloid scars. Pharmacy the tools mentioned below don’t work on deep old scars but fresh and small traces may be removed. To choose the right tool, consult a dermatologist. He’ll tell you how to get rid of traces and scars after acne, and will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

The process of getting rid of scars lasts sometimes for years, especially if they are not treated. But even when fading fresh scars, do not expect instant results!

What are the tools, how to get rid of traces after acne


The active ingredient of the cream is azelaic acid, depressing the synthesis of melanin. In combination with glycolic acid and arbutin is a substance copes with traces after acne.


In the «Dermatix» contains silicone compound, the silicone, which heals old scars, softening the affected area and breaking down excess collagen.


Unusual liquid, but comfortable enough, the ointment contains the composition, in addition to various active agents, silicone and vitamins. Applied ointment with a brush, it creates a protective layer under which the «work» of essential drugs. Due to such protection treatment «Skargarden» is much more effective.


Cream based on hyaluronic acid, promotes tissue regeneration, as well as special biotechnology products and plant extracts. Works for those who are looking for how to get rid of acne scars, but requires a long course.


The gel works on the basis of heparin and onion extract and allantoin. Copes even with deep scars after operations and deep keloid scars. Perhaps the only significant disadvantage is the high price.

Salicylic-zinc pasta

When tired spots on face after pimples how to get rid of grease trouble spots salicylic-zinc pasta. It is a proven tool eliminates bluish and red spots acne.

Many manufacturers «care» cosmetics released a special series of products based on salicylic acid. Often the combination includes a gel cleanser, mask, scrub, lotion and cream. This, for example, Proactiv or Stopproblem salicylic complex removes oiliness, exfoliates dead particles, and eliminates traces of acne.


Means for gentle cleansing for shallow scars. Under the influence «of Ramasola» is an intensive peeling of the skin and its renewal. If you plan to use the tool, in order to avoid cracks in the skin, lubricate it will have moisturizing «Videlina».

Creams-exfoliants from spots after acne

Regular use of scrubs and creams-exfoliants will help to smooth the skin, remove wrinkles, pigment spots. But to use an exfoliant with AHA acids only in autumn and winter, less sun and use sunscreen.

How to get rid of acne scars: medical and cosmetic procedures

Scientists around the world are constantly looking for effective and less traumatic ways to remove scars after acne. Today medicine provides public access effective hardware procedures. These services are still expensive, but most of them, if used properly, long-lasting effect.

Chemical peels

Applied to the skin of a weak solution of salicylic, lactic, or pyruvic acid, which have a mild exfoliating action. The faster produce collagen, the skin flattens and tones.

Mechanical exfoliation

Typically, the mechanical peeling is used

• dermabrasion – removing the top layer of skin rapidly rotating small brushes. Will really help to get rid of traces after acne, but dermabrasion is a traumatic and painful;

• microdermabrasion – a skin of aluminum oxide, removes dead skin cells. Less traumatic exfoliation with abrasive media, is held by the dentist during several procedures.

The laser resurfacing

During the procedure, the laser beam vaporizes layers of damaged skin. However, «sealed» vessels, the procedure is bloodless. A session of laser resurfacing lasts about an hour, requires anesthesia. Usually the desired results are achieved over several treatments at intervals of a month and a half.


A method of physical therapy, which uses pulsed high frequency alternating current of small magnitude with high voltage. Darsonvalization is to get rid of scars from acne, only a health care provider. Vacuum electrodes sprinkle talcum powder and is carried out on problematic skin. Current include only after the establishment of the electrode on the right place. Scars can be removed by using spark-charge allocation of nitrogen oxides and ozone.

The session lasts up to 15 minutes they spend in a day. Usually, removing scars necessary from 10 to 15 sessions.

After the procedure, necessarily applied moisturizer because skin tends to dry.

Collagen injections

In some cases of traces after acne can deliver collagen injection. Unfortunately, the effect is often temporary, so after five or six months the procedure will need repeating.


It is in full operation, which is carried out excision of the scar. Helps in very severe cases, is today innovation is not cheap. Should not be done on keloid scars.

In addition to the above procedures, to enhance the regeneration of the skin and accelerate the synthesis of collagen is also used mesotherapy, infrared therapy, freezing with liquid nitrogen, termomatika and compresses. Good work cabin also fruit peelings.

One important to not to look after how to get rid of scars after acne, do not squeeze acne and not self-medicate with acne and other pimples.